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There is a particular notion that has been all the buzz around here. 
Since Tacony introduced their innovative new seam ripper we haven’t been able to keep it on the shelves!

This seam ripper doubles as a thread remover. 
After you’ve used the sharp point to take the seam apart, 
you can use the specially formulated plastic “honey-comb” end to grab the bits of broken thread, 
removing them from your fabric.

Seam Fix is available in the new mini (3-1/4″) size or the standard (5.3″) size.
The mini comes in pink, purple & yellow. The standard comes in pink, aqua and dark grey.

Check out this video to see this tool in action… 

Visit your local quilt shop to pick up a Seam-Fix and give it a try.

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Have you tried out the Seam-Fix yet?
What do you think about it?

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23 thoughts on “All the Buzzz

  1. I have one and I love it. The only improvement they could make would be to make it so the cap would fit on the other end of the seam ripper. It doesn’t now, and I am forever losing the cap.

  2. I love my Seam-Fix. In fact I lost the honey comb end and had to go buy another one. I didn’t know there was a mini version…I need that for traveling!

  3. I am always surprised when the design of the tool doesn’t include a way to keep the parts firmly together when in use (ex: the cap/cover fits on the other end to prevent loss while in use). This needs to be an immediate ‘fix’! Great idea and even greater with the ‘fix’!!!!

  4. I’ve had mine for about nine months and LOVE it! When I can’t find it and have to use my conventional one, I’m sad. 🙁

    I love “erasing” thread. Since I have arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s nearly impossible to pick ripped thread up and out of fabric. This makes it SO EASY!

    Just this morning I had to rip out reverse applique thread and this made it a breeze!

    From having this, I’ve learned that other silicone items will do the same thing as this will in a pinch. But this is the best, of course.

  5. I commented before reading the others…

    Yes, this definitely needs an improvement so you can keep the two parts together.

    The end of the seam ripper will “erase”, but not as good as the cap.

    The cap *wants* to fit on the ripper, but it can’t.

  6. I’ve seen this tool on a number of blogs, but have not seen one yet. I’m even more excited to find one now that I see it comes in purple. 🙂

  7. I have the seam fix. It works just like my old one does. When I rip seams, I cut one inch sections of thread at a time. I am able to pull one-inch sections of thread all at once instead of literally ripping seams and having to “erase” it with the opposite end of seam fix. I needed another seam ripper for my other sewing box and I bought this one.

  8. I have 4 of them, I have not seen the mini one but would move to have one. I use them a lot, I confess, I am a frog (rippit rippit)

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