This and That for June

First up…Moda Honeycombs…I LOVE them! I recently purchased my first package, and I was immediately impressed. I love the large size (makes for projects coming together more quickly), and I love the plastic template which comes with each set. The template has holes at the quarter-inch intersections at each corner making it easy to mark and sew these hexagons with no fuss!

Next…have you seen Baby Jane?! I fell in love with this line after first seeing some pictures on-line a few months ago. I can hardly wait to start sewing with this bundle (Baby Jane precuts are in shops now)!

I love the reds, aquas, yellows, and greys, and I love the text prints in this collection!

Of course I needed to match up some of the colors with the Moda Bella solids…the yellows look absolutely wonderful with Mustard (9900 213).

The aquas are lovely with Aqua (9900 34). (This is the aqua I use most often and always have on hand).

And the reds look perfect with Betty’s Red (9900 123).

Did I mention this collection has wonderful text prints? Not only are several of these text prints perfect for low-volume stash building, but they also will make terrific quilt backings!

Since it’s June I’ve been doing a bit of organizing. I usually organize at the beginning of the year and then again at the beginning of summer. I’ve been creating some kits from my pre-cut stash–matching the fabrics to patterns and getting them cut and ready to sew.  This week I cut up a Simply Color jelly roll that had been sitting on my cutting table for a few months! I’m hoping to get this quilt top put together soon! Leave a comment if you have any June organizing tips to share!

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5 thoughts on “This and That for June

  1. I put my project into plastic boxes or bags – the pattern, fabric, etc so I can grab and go when I am ready to start. Some bags/boxes are in various stages of completion.. This way everything is together in one place and makes for easy clean up.

  2. I like your idea of getting quilt kits cut out. There are days the I am in the mood to just cut. :0) That would be a great time to make kits. Then I can just sit down to sew when the time permits. I also recently organized my fabric. It gives me a chance to get reacquainted with what I have and make plans on how to use it. :0)

  3. I recognize the pieces for that quilt top. I’m hoping to make the same pattern this summer with a jelly roll of California Girl that I bought last year. Yours looks like it will be really fun!

  4. I buy the 50cent kraft brown gift bags from Hobby Lobby and put my kits in them. I can put a label on the side and put them on a shelf and see what’s in them very easily. The handles also make it easy to hang them on a hook. Once I start on the quilt it goes in a square plastic “scrapbook” type box and stays stacked on my sewing table (with several friends) until it’s finished.

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