Seasonal Silhouettes with Edyta Sitar + a GIVEAWAY

We absolutely love Edyta’s newest book, Seasonal Silhouettes. 
It is a collection of 12 inspirational quilt blocks that feature raw-edge applique.  
We will be giving away this book & some goodies at the end, so stayed tuned for how to WIN!

Take a closer look at Edyta’s new book by watching this video…

We asked Edyta what notions she enjoyed using most 
and this is what she told us… 

Aurifil Threads – there are two sets that I really enjoy, one is my “Quilters Essentials” wt50 – it truly is a staple for many projects, the other is my 10 spool “Over the Rainbow” wt50 thread set – since it is a small spool set, it’s easy to carry when you travel and you can rely on the fact that you have a rainbow of thread colors no matter where you go.

Needles – for machine I recently discovered “Schmetz Microtex Needles 70/10” thanks to my friends and I really enjoy them. For hand stitching I use “Foxglove Cottage Embroidery/Redwork Needle Size 10” I like them because of the bigger eye that makes them easy to thread but still nice and thin to slip through the fabric easily, perfect for binding.

Scissors – my favorite ones are the “Gingher 5in Sewing Shear” these are a nice pair of medium size scissors that work great for any quilting activities.

One Lucky Winner Will Get the Following Goodies… 
A. Sensational Silhouettes book
B. a full set of “Seasonal Silhouettes” laser cut blocks 
C. Edyta’s Favorite Notions

1. Follow our blog*. 
2. Leave a comment telling us your favorite season. 

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403 thoughts on “Seasonal Silhouettes with Edyta Sitar + a GIVEAWAY

  1. I’m already a follower and a fan of Edyta’s. Love her beautiful patterns and fabrics! My favorite season is fall when it’s cool, crisp, and filled with colorful leaves. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  2. I’ve been a follower also. My favorite season is spring – I look forward to the trees and flowers blooming after a long winter.

  3. My favorite season is autumn or fall. What is the right way to call it? Anyway, I love it with the changing leaves. I love Halloween since my daughter gets to dress up and I love handing out candy and watching Harry Potter. I also love Thanksgiving since that’s become the holiday I cook for.

  4. My fav season is Fall! Love the cooler temps and the changing foliage, going from green to dark oranges, yellows to browns! Decorating with pumpkins, gourds and such. Love it ALL!!
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  5. I am a follower. I just purchased my first Laundry Basket pattern and can’t wait to get started. I love her work…I would be over the moon to win this give-a-way. Thanks so much for a chance.

    My favorite season is Fall.

  6. I am already a GFC follower and wow to your giveaway!! I love Spring – new starts, fresh beginnings, plants coming awake after a sleepy cold winter and birds signing a happy tune. Ahhh… spring

  7. I’m already a follower. I LOVE all things Moda, it would be my dream job, to work for this fabric icon. Edyta Sitar is so creative her quilts have that heirloom feel, I’d love my quilts to have. Fall is my favorite season by far, I love everything about it, cool crisp air, crunchy leaves, the smell of cinnamon and apple pie, trick or treating. The list could go on forever. Thanks so much to Moda and Edyta, I’ve learned so much and found great quilting notions on both blogs. ;-> Toni Anne

  8. My favorite season is Autumn because I love the richness of the colors–the reds, yellows, and oranges of the turning leaves.

  9. My most loved season is Fall- the colors are vibrant, deep, and can be used to create beautiful hand-made gifts and décor items.
    The season of Fall touches all the senses and makes for some beautiful memories and moments.

  10. My favorite season has to be fall 🙂 After the long, incredibly hot and humid Houston summers, fall brings such welcome dry, cool air (and the International Quilt Festival – yay!) Love it!

  11. Well that’s easy…I already follow! LOVE your blog!! My favourite season is Fall…love how it cools down and the rains come so I can justify spending more time in the Sewing Room…guilt free!! :o))
    Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful give away!!

  12. I am already a follower of your wonderful blog! Autumn/Fall is my favorite season – I love those intense “autumnal earth” colors that mother nature paints across the landscape.

  13. Spring is my favorite season. It is like a reawakening of evderthing. Wounderful to watch it all turn green outside and come back to life…Thank you for the ehcnac eto enter your giveasway. The book looks fabulous. Those seasonal blocks of hers are just amazeing.

  14. My favorite season is Fall… I love wearing sweatshirts, drinking apple cider, raking leave (crazy, huh?) and of course, hometown football games. Fall time gets me outside enjoying the outdoors when I am not quilting :0)! Cheers!

  15. I follow you in Google Reader & I’m hoping you’ll be moving to Bloglovin on July 1. I love SUMMER! It is such a short season in northern Wisconsin & I enjoy every day of it! Great giveaway – thanks for the chance.

  16. My favorite season is Spring. I love when the weather warms yet it’s not too hot or cold. Plus the burst of color from blooms everywhere, and longer days makes for happy days to be out doors.

  17. I am already a follower through Google. I would be honored to win such a fantastic book. What a gift to treasure forever along with all the other goodies. WOW – thank you for the chance to win. Everthing a quilter would need and hope to win. I love summer. The longer days and the taste of homegrown vegetables. So darn good.

    Sandi Timmons

  18. I already follow your blog (And love it!) and my favorite season has to be fall. There is just something about the smell and the leaves changing colors that I adore.

  19. I just became a follower. My favorite season is Spring. I love it when all the flowers and trees start blooming. I think it is the most beautiful time of the year.

  20. Love the blog! My favorite season is fall. I relish in the cooler weather after a hot summer, the colors and well orange is one of my favorite colors!

  21. I have been a follower forever…love your blog! And learn so much! Edyta has such talent…all her books are outstanding. I think my favorite season is the one that I am in at the time…each brings such beauty and specialties…even winter in Iowa. I treasure each day and what it brings. Have a special day!

  22. I’m a follower…and I love FALL, because it is getting cooler and the change of colors. Thanks for the great giveaways.

  23. I have been a follower for a while now! Always love to keep up with what’s going on! My favorite season is fall! Love the changing of the colors here in Colorado! Always a beautiful site!!

  24. I’m a follower now! Thanks for a chance to win. Spring is my favorite time of year. it’s a time for the new. New color, new sunshine, new time to do new things.

  25. Thank you for such beautiful work Edyta. My favorite season has always been fall. The colors, the smells, a hint of cool in the air.

  26. Such an easy question 🙂 my favorite season is Fall, it finally cools down outside, the color changes are wonderful and the fall holidays are my favorites.

  27. My favorite season is fall. I absolutely LOVE the colors of the season… so warm and calming. 🙂

    Love the peek into Edyta’s book. Wonderful designs as always!

  28. I’m a follower 🙂 My absolute favorite season is Summer. I love the sunshine and green grass and trees. We have about 7 months of winter so summer is always welcome!

  29. Hi There!

    I am now a follower of the blog!

    My favorite season is winter! In the winter I can spend a full day sewing without feeling guilty that I am missing beautiful weather outside. I mean, I do spend days sewing in the summer, too, but I feel guilt about it in the summer!

    Thank you for the chance to win this amazing prize!


  30. Definitely autumn–love the temperatures, the changing leaves, the slow down from a hectic summer and the anticipation of the holidays!

  31. I’m already a follower and I would LOVE to win this giveaway!

    Here in Southern California the seasons aren’t well defined, but I do have to say that my favorite season is Spring.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  32. I follow and my favorite season is fall, it is so beautiful with all the colors and just the right temp. Thanks for the giveaway!
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  33. I already follow and I agree with Edyta on the Thread and the scissors. These are a few on my favorites too, I do hope I win . Spring is my favorite season when everything is poping up new and renewed again! Lovely flowers rain showers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Good morning from SW Washington USA, where we enjoy four full seasons, all perfect. Personal favorite, mid-autumn, when the falling leaves of the Cottonwood trees smell like heaven.

    Sharyn Woerz

  35. I’m a follower. My favorite season is Summer. I love soaking up the summer sun on the beach, the ice cold sweet tea and the smell of chicken cooking on the grill. Thank for the wonderful giveaway.

  36. My favorite season is fall – the leaves are changing into wonderful yellows, oranges and reds. The cooler days call for sweatshirts and the hot days of summer are over. I would love summer more if I had air conditioning in my house!

  37. I’m a follower! My favorite season is Autumn. I just love the colors of the changing leaves. Thanks so much for a wonderful giveaway and the chance to win

  38. My favorite season here is Fall as the colors are stunning and it means the beginning of the rainy season. When it rains there is nothing more wonderful and relaxing than watching the rain come down while quilting the hours away. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. I already follow the blog. Although I hate the heat of summer I love decorating the house and exterior with red, white, and blue during July. I especially love the cowboy boot for this month also!

  40. I’m already a follower here and my favorite season is autumn. Even here on the coast the air seems to bring something special that feels like promises of new life.
    Edyta’s designs are beautiful. I hope to try those machine needles she likes.

  41. Favorite season is Autumn. Love how the temps are perfect, the colors are so rich and beautiful. Craft fairs, pumpkins, mums, sweaters, leaves, comfort food and a everything slows down just a little. LOVE IT!

  42. Since I live in New England where in October the leaves turn glorious orange, red, and yellow, my favorite season is fall. I am always drawn to autumn themed quilts and fabrics, whether pieced or appliqued.

  43. My favorite season is Spring, when the earth comes back “alive” after Winter here in PA. I love the fresh greens and flowers that bloom in the Spring!

  44. So excited to find this site/blog! I love to applique, and these designs are so unique and beautiful! My favorite season is spring – new and beautiful sprouting colors1

  45. I’m a follower and I’m so glad I am! These blocks are wonderful! I love Fall when all the summer’s bounty has been stored, the leaves are falling and the crisp air!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  46. I love fall! Even in Texas, where we do’t get a lot of color, the weather gets cool and we can open the window and turn off the ac……it just feels great!
    Thanks for the great site and the chance to win!

  47. My favorite season is the fall…I love the reprieve from summer heat, college football, Halloween, thanksgiving and the changing colors. I’m already a blg follower 🙂

  48. I love everything from Edyta! Thank you for the chance to win some wonderful goodies. Fall….I love the changing colors and the theme in general. I can never get enough of fall projects!

  49. I follow your blog. I learn a lot from it. I love Spring. It seems like to me that is when everything comes to life. Nancy P.

  50. I follow your blog ~ My favorite season is summer because I follow my Granddaughters in all their activities and have a wonderful time with them and their Mom and Dad. Thank you for the chance to win these awesome goodies.

  51. I am a huge fan of Edyts’s and her beautiful designs. My favorite season is fall when the air is crisp, nature shows off gorgeous colors, and the smell of apple cider warms the heart.

  52. My favorite season is Spring. Here in the California Central Valley, all of the fruit trees come into bloom and the valley is alive with color. The weather begins to warm up and the air is fresh.

  53. I use to love the Fall season, it’s beautiful colors and fresh air. However as I get older, I am beginning to favor Spring. It renews my spirit and encourages me to look forward to the new beginnings in life. Thanks for the opportunity to win such wonderful prizes!

  54. I’m already a follower. Without a doubt, fall is my favorite season. The colors here in Virginia are AMAZING, and the cool breeze feels fabulous after a long, hot summer!

  55. Love all of your work! Can’t say I have a favorite season….they all have something wonderful about them. The newness of spring, the warm summer, colorful fall and hokidays of winter! Your patterns capture them all beautifully. Would love to win the giveaway! Keep the beauty coming!

  56. My favorite season is Spring! It is amazing I have followed by email for a long time and I guess never joined GFC. I am glad for the reminder. Her book is beautiful!

  57. I am now a follower but I have been a fan for a long time. I have already completed some of your other projects. My favorite season is fall but I love the pattern with the skates. Thanks for the chance to win that amazing prize.

  58. I am a new follower and very excited about Edytas new book-would love to win it but know it will be in my quilt library no matter what!!
    Fall is my favorite season-love all the colors related to Fall!

  59. My favorite season is Spring…all the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes along the highways in Texas! Just beautiful!!!!

  60. I live in Florida, so my favorite season is winter. The winter is very mild. I love all of the Laundry Basket designs. I am currently working on Spring Bouquet. I love how each block looks when I finish them.
    Thank you for your designs!

  61. I follow by e-mail. Does that count?

    My favoutite season is Spring – so much promise seen in the burgeoning plants and flowers.

  62. I am now following with my google account. LOVE Edyta Sitar! Saw her recently at a guild meeting, she is so funny! Would love to win this, thanks for the opportunity. My favourite season is whatever the current one is…

  63. What a beautiful book and wonderful prizes!!! My favorite season is autumn. I love the cooler weather and the colorful leaves, mums and pumpkins, plus my birthday is in October.
    I have now become an official follower, but I have been reading your blog for quite some time.

  64. I have been following the blog for quite some time and really learn so much. Thank you.

    My favorite season is Autumn after a really long and hot spring and summer in Tucson.

  65. Oh I already follow your blog and certainly glad to…My favorite season is is not to hot or cold….I don’t mind the rain because it makes the pretty flowers and trees and grass even richer in color.
    The book looks wonderful and would really enjoy winning it. Thanks for a wonderful give a way.

  66. A devoted follower who loves Edyta’s fabrics and patterns already. Spring, with all it’s wonder and new growth, is my favorite season. Thank you for this most generous offer. Judy C in NC

  67. I have always loved winter. Something about the overcast weather makes me think of sitting in front of a fireplace and reading a good book.

  68. My favorite season is Fall and Spring is a close second. I am also a follower of your blog and receive email updates as well. Thank you for the chance to win some wonderful prize and experience a new method of art!

    Paige Gonzalez

  69. I’ve followed via email for months, but ok, I did the Google thing too. 😉 I love fall and I absolutely hate summer.

  70. I already follow you–get your blog in my email! My favorite season is fall–the rich colors, the changing light, the smell and crunch of falling leaves, the taste of apple cider.

  71. Love the book – What a great idea for a calendar wallhanging! My favorite season is Autumn. Living in Buffalo, Ny it means the last chance for sun before the SNOW! Judy R from Buffalo

  72. Fall is my favorite season. I live in a place where there is lots of color in the landscape and it’s fabulous!

  73. It’s so difficult to choose just one season, as I love them all. But, if I had to choose, I guess it would be Spring, a time for renewal and new birth. I’m already a blog follower and look forward to reading it. Thanks for the giveaway, some of my favorites, also!

  74. I’m a follower who loves Fall – but I have to say that living in Atlanta I really miss the colorful leaves of New England where most of my family lives!

  75. I already follow this great blog. My favorite season is the fall. The colors, the food, the weather, the smells…what’s NOT to like?!?! Hope I win-thanks for the op!

  76. Already a follower. And I am drooling. I love Edyta Sitar and I love applique. I hope my name is a winner. Thanks for the opportunity.

  77. Lovely patterns and a lovely lady. Had the privilege of meeting her in Paducah. I’ve always chosen fabrics in the fall colors, they’re my favorite.

  78. I am a follower plus I get your blog in my email. I don’t want to miss a thing. I love Edyta’s designs. I actually did the quilt from her Hop To It book. Thanks for a chance to win some awesome stuff.
    Spring is my favorite time of the year because I so look forward to seeing color again.

  79. My favorite season is fall. I love the cool, crisp air that turns warm during the day. The smells of fall are wonderful, but the colors are fantastic!

  80. I am a follower who loves Summer the best! I also love all things Edyta! It is my desire to one day produce quilts that look just like Edyta’s quilts.


  81. I love them all of course, but summer is my favorite. Love the HEAT here in So Cal – warm breezes, everything in bloom. Long days. Yep. Summer.
    – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  82. I love each and every season, so it is hard to pick just one. I am grateful for the smallest changes that nature provides each day. Maybe, if I had to pick, though, it would be spring. I love the smell and feel of the earth as I set in new seeds and flowers. I love the baby rabbits even though they are eating away all the seedlings, and the feel of the sun, which is not too hot yet.

  83. I am already a follower!! Yay!! This is a wonderful giveaway – love those seasonal silouettes!! Thanks for the chance!!

  84. I love fall. Lets see football season, baking season, changing leaves, lots of orange color, the kids in school and my birthday. 🙂

  85. Fall, hands down. The crispness of the air after muggy southern days. New school tools always meant new crayon box. Now my adult crayon box is fabric and other fibers. But the fall sort of rejuvenates the call for lap quilts, then bed quilts, as if I need a reason to quilt!

  86. Where I live we enjoy all the seasons and I love them for different reasons and activities. Spring would have to be my most favorite… when everything is blooming, days are longer and warmer, the wonderful sounds of birds and frogs chirping… am I missing anything? hehehe

  87. Been a fan of Edyta’s ever since i took her Broken Star class last year. My favorite season is summer with sunny days, good times w family, picnics, and events by the water.

  88. I love the spring when the colorful flowers start to bloom, but I also like the fall with the changing colors of the leaves.

  89. I’m already a follower. The fall is my favorite, because here in AZ the summer is hot, that it nice to have the cool down.

  90. Summer is my favorite time of year. I love hot weather, and all the colors that summer brings. I also love fresh veggies from the garden.

  91. My favorite season is Fall. I seem to come alive with the cooler days and longer nights. Think I just followed your blog again. May be a duplicate.

  92. I’m now following on GFC also.
    My favorite Season is Fall. I love the cooler weather and the gorgeous leaves changing colors.

  93. how awesome, I already follow your blog… I love each season as they are all different , but I think Spring is my favourite….
    Fantastic blocks…. they look beautiful….

  94. Fall is my favorite season: The colors are pretty, the air is clear, it’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold. — soparkaveataoldotcom

  95. I have been following Edyta since the beginning. She is a lovely person and fantastic teacher.
    Each season has it’s own beauty and advantages. From the coldest day of winter when I can curl up with a book while wrapped in a quilt, to the hottest day of summer with ice tea and a new quilt book or magazine.

  96. Hard for me to choose between spring, fall and winter. I’m not a warm weather person so summer is my least favorite. Fall because I love the crisp, cool air after a hot and humid southeastern summer. I love the changing leaves. Winter because I love to feed the birds and watch them in my yard. I love the holidays. And finally, Spring because nature comes alive again!

  97. I love Fall. In New Mexico, the days are warm and the nights are crisp and oh my. the aspens are golden, the hot air balloons are prolific, and the green chile is roasting. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. The book is fantastic, I would love to own it!

  98. I love Edyta’s beautiful work! I think I like the fall season the best. The leaves, the pumpkins, the cool weather…. Thank you for the chance to win.

  99. I am already a follower, and my most favorite season of all is definitely FALL! The colors are so rich and saturated, the air so crisp and the promise of the holidays are right around the corner. It’s fabulous!

  100. Fall is my favorite season. I have found that I have more fall and Halloween projects that I have made than any other. I have joined as a follower.

  101. I’m a newbie to this blog and an an eager learner. My favourite season is spring because of it’s promise of new possibilities. I try to approach every day like it’s the first day of spring and that anything is possible.

  102. I love Fall! Especially the beginning. I live in the desert and I love how crisp the mornings are before it starts to heat up.

    I’m a new follower.

  103. I am a follower and my favorite season is Autumn. I love the cooler Fall air and the beautiful colors of the sugar Maples in my yard. We go apple picking and grow/buy pumpkins.

  104. I follow this blog.
    My favorite season is winter. It’s not too cold here in Central California but nice weather to stay inside and quilt. Too cold to garden.

  105. I follow your blog by email, and now Google! My favorite season is definitely Fall – warm days, crisp nights, beautiful colors, etc. Thanks for the peek into Edyta’s favorite notions!

  106. Edyta’s work is beautiful, just like her. Have always loved Autumn and Spring for the obvious reasons, but when Autumn arrives I think I love it a little more that is until Spring arrives then I think I love it a little more. Thank you for a very generous giveaway.

  107. I like somethings about each of the seasons, especially that they change, but my favorite is fall. I love the cooler weather and the colorful leaves and even the cleaning up of the gardens.

  108. It’s gotta be Fall. The sights, sounds, smells and feel of Autumn. Those reds, oranges, and gold colors are beautiful. The sounds of leaves crunching and Geese flying south immediately come to mind. Pumpkin bread, Apple nut cake, and bonfires are the smells of the season. The woolen sweaters tug at you and those quilts make the season feel complete. Yep— It’s gotta be Fall.

  109. I am a follower! Yikes, my favorite season!!! I love each of them for the uniqueness and beauty that the season offers. I love winter for the snow and the quiet, a season of renewal.

  110. I follow your blog, and my favorite season is summer for beach & picnic, to grow my crops, travelling, and especially I love working with warm fingers when sewing/quilting 🙂

  111. I love Spring! All the flowers and trees come to life and the colors of nature burst forth…..everything smells so sweet!

  112. I am a follower of your fabulous, fun blog. I have a hard time choosing between Spring and Fall, both have such a crisp clean feeling in the air that I love.

  113. I follow.. I think I’ll have to say spring, spending time outside after being cooped up all summer, getting my hands dirty on the ground and sewing all those cute sundresses 🙂

  114. I love all four seasons, but my fave is autumn – those rich colors, the smell of burning leaves, cozy sweaters, pumpkin pie. I’ll take autumn any day!

  115. Autumn in Minnesota can’t be beat! The days are cooler with less humidity, the insects have left town, and the trees turn all those beautiful colors that have inspired many a quilt!

  116. I’m already a follower! My favorite season is anything but summer! It’s so dang-blasted hot here I dread it! My dogs hate it, the chickens hate it, the garden hates it, you get the drift! LOL!

  117. I love Fall. It brings cooler weather, Halloween, beautiful fall colors, and of course Thanksgiving. It’s such a wonderful season full of family, friends and good food. Thanks for the chance to win. Live Moda…

  118. I’m a big fan of Edyta! Just completed Spring Bouquet! Never thought I would ever have a beautiful project like that. Edyta makes it all so doable. Favorite season would be fall, love to wrap up in warm clothing and quilts and the colors of fall are amazing!

  119. I am a happy follower. My favorite time of year is Autumn. Everything is so crisp and clear. The colors pop every where. Thanks for the great giveaway. Hugs

  120. I follow the blog on! I love summer because it’s hot and I’m always cold. Plus – you can eat ice cream at any moment, and have it be ok.

  121. I am a follower and my favorite season is Spring. I love to see all the colors as the flowers start to bloom and the grass turns green.

  122. My favorite season is spring and then summer. I love seeing all of nature coming to life in the spring. Thank you for this great giveaway.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  123. I just became a follower, tho I’ve read your blog for a long, long time.
    My favorite season is spring- actually, the time period the screen can be put in the front door, and the door left open.
    Thanks for letting us know about Edyta’s most recent book. I’ve long wanted to make small quilts for each month, so I think I’ve just found the pattern to use!

  124. Autumn is my favorite season by far. I love the fruit that comes into season, the crispness in the air and the colors of the trees. Your color palate reminds me of fall! I’m already a loyal follower!

  125. Wow, these are BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen her work before, but have a new favorite! My favorite season is definitely spring, everything is renewed and so many flowers are blooming, just wonderful

  126. I love winter. I love taking in a breath of ice cold air and seeing how peaceful everything looks with a fresh coat of fluffy white snow or thin layer of glistening ice.

  127. I love winter…the fresh fluffy white snow that covers everything and makes everything seem so peaceful and serene. And taking in a deep breath of ice cold air in the mornings. Even seeing a glistening layer of ice is sometimes nice 🙂

  128. My favorite season is summer! More daylight, warm temperatures, lots of fresh garden produce – a slower pace – love, love, SUMMER!

  129. i am from utah and we have 4 seasons and it’s really hard to pick just one!! there is something about every season that i love… if i HAD to pick… i’d pick the fall

  130. WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new book by Edyta! Oh my gosh she is so talented. My favorite season is fall and my favorite block from the book is Sept. Baskets and flowers are two of my favorite things.
    I tried to follow but when clicking on the join box I get a blank page. Bummer! Thanks for the chance to win anyway. God Bless, Opal

  131. I am already a follower and my favorite season in Spring when Mother Nature throws off her wintery snowy blanket and brings her beauty once again for us to see and enjoy!

  132. My favorite season is Fall. I love the changing colors and the crispness in the air. I’m a follower already. Thanks for the chance to win.

  133. I am a follower. I love summer because it’s pretty much the only time we get some nice weather. Although I love the colors of fall.

  134. Yes I am an Edyta fan and yes I follow your blog. But Mr Moda I have for a long time and I love your stuff but I never win but I will try again….
    Spring is my favorite time…the colors are bright and beautiful. Have a wonderful day

  135. My favourite season would have to be spring, when it’s not too hot, not too cold and everything old is new again! Just gotta love new beginnings!
    sugary hugs :O)

  136. I’m a follower, too 🙂 Please count me in! I love Autumn – a final KABLOOEY of flowers and colors, chilly nights and snuggly warm quilts – Yep, absolutely my favorite season! Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.

  137. My favorite time of year is Fall. I loved how you showed the seasons on Alex and Ricky’s computer show….The Quilt Show. Thank you and I hope I can get in on a swap sometime.

  138. I enjoy both spring and fall, a time when I can shut off the air or heat and just enjoy the weather, birds chirping and nice weather! Thanks!

  139. I follow your blog. My favourite season is autumn. Sunny days, cool nights and mornings, beautiful leaves. Unfortunately it only lasts about 6 weeks where I live.

  140. Every season has it’s own special aspects–I don’t want to give any of them up! Can’t imagine trying to escape winter by moving to AZ for the duration! Gotta enjoy them all!

  141. Hello everyone,
    When I first starting quilting (in 2010)one of the first professional quilters I was introduced to was Edyta Sitar via “The Quilt” I instantly something gelled and I remain a faithful fan.

    I love her style and love many of the same products that she uses. Now that I am a confident beginner quilter I am now ready and prepared to begin one of Edtya beautiful projects. I loved to win these amazing prizes. Julie Beard, Adelaide, South Australia.

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