Gracie Goes Glamping….and a Giveaway!!

Hi!  I’m Nancy from Pink Sand Beach Designs.  

Summer is quickly approaching, it’s time to start looking for those outdoor vacation ideas!

I LOVE Mary Jane‘s idea of “Glamping” or Glamorous Camping.  I have 3 daughters so roughing it is not our idea of camping.  We are totally on board for Glamping!
This is Gracie, my oldest daughter’s new puppy.
She is ready to go Glamping with our Little Glam Bag, Barbados Bag and Tuscany Tote using Moda’s Glamping Fabrics!  

At the end she is giving away a few items so make sure to check that out!

Let’s Go Glamping!!!

Gracie loves Glamping with Little Glam Bag, Barbados Bag and Tuscany Tote.  Each has room for all of her Glamping essentials!

Your local store can order the patterns from United Notions.  From left to right…
Little Glam Bag, Barbados Bag and Tuscany Tote

Plus, make sure to pick up all your Glamping Fabric from United Notions or your local quilt shop!

Gracie loves her Little Glam Bags made in the Glamping Honey Bee Fabric.  
It is the perfect place for her to put her sunglasses, nail polish, hair spray, bows and lip gloss.  Of course she can’t go anywhere without her doggie treats!!

Little Glam Bag is the perfect size for all of those small items and cosmetics.  
It’s easy access for when you are on the go or traveling.  Plus you can easily add a colorful zipper to add a touch of style!

When she is on the go she loves wearing her Barbados Bag.  
Barbados is great because there are so many secret pockets.  She has room for her cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, iPad (because who doesn’t need their iPad when camping!) and of course her secret stash of treats.  
With zipper pockets she is always sure that everything is in the right spot!

Barbados Bag has long straps and swivel hooks so it’s great when walking around the campsite.  It’s easy to make and really makes a statement!

Plus you can get these swivel hooks in 3 different colors!!
Your store can order our purse Swivel Hooks and D Ring sets in Silver, Antique Gold and Black.  They can get them directly from United Notions!

Gracie makes sure that she also has her Tuscany Tote close by.  
She needs this larger tote to put the rest of her Glamping essentials.  What Glamping Girl isn’t complete without a tote like this!

The great thing about Tuscany is that it has either 8, 12 or even 16 pockets inside!  It’s the best way to stay organized and look fabulous at the same time.  
Gracie loves that there is a place for every Glamping need!

Gracie’s Glamping Giveaway!

Gracie is giving away some goodies for you so that you can go Glamping too!  

You can enter to win:

All 3 patterns, a set of swivel hooks in your color choice plus a fat quarter set of the Glamping Fabric!!

To enter do these two things:

1) Like our Facebook Page and comment on the Glamping Facebook Post

2) Comment to this blog post

The winner will be chosen by Gracie 1 week from today and announced on our Facebook Page!  Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed going Glamping with Gracie!!  Come visit my website Pink Sand Beach Designs for more creative ideas and patterns!!

Nancy Green

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214 thoughts on “Gracie Goes Glamping….and a Giveaway!!

  1. I don’t do facebook, but I think this is such a fun fabric line and just adore the patterns. Findings for bags/purses/totes are so hard to find so I am happy to see these .

  2. Oh, Gracie, you must be the best puppy ever! All those amazing pictures of you, and not a single one of the side most dogs prefer to show the camera. And the play bow with the shades on! Wow! Too adorable. Boomer and Dancer said you can come Glamping with us anytime!

  3. Oh my gosh!! I have a tri-color Cavalier, too. I miss those little puppy days! My Duffer Sam is 9 years old and my best buddy. Gracie will definitely be the hottest pup on the block with those bags and the fabric! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  4. What a wonderful collection of Glamping accessories. I really think that professional hardware makes a bag look so polished! Thanks for the chance to win (commented/liked on Facebook, too).

  5. Quilting, fabric and very cute furry friends, are on the top of my favorites list. What could be better? Great bags and fabric choice, very professional model. Thanks for the generous giveaway and brightening my morning with Gracie. ;-> Toni Anne

  6. I have been eyeballing both the bag and the fabrics, and here they both are in a give-away! Thanks! Love Gracie, by the way.

  7. What a beautiful collection of Glamping accessories.Gracie is adorable.I don’t do facebook.Thanks for the giveaway!!

  8. I love the Glamping fabric,even though my idea of camping is an inexpensive hotel! But I could use some new bags for the trip!

  9. Liked your facebook page and commented over their. I love those bags. They look great. You can;t ever have too many and you always need tons of different sized ones for everything. I really like that line of fabrics.

  10. Just posted on the Facebook page! I would love Glamping! I want to make a quilt for my mom for her camper! I think it would be right at home and she’ll need some fabulous bags too! Thanks for the chance to win! (FB Heather Tomastik Braun)


  11. Gracie is so cute and she definitely puts you in the mood for glamping. I am so ready to go glamping myself now. I would definitely need to win your giveway. Thank you so much for the chance to win. Your tutorial was very fun and I enjoy your blog very much.

    Sandi Timmons

  12. We love to camp. I have to daughters and a son and getting dirty is our game. I’m going to have to get this fabric to make some camping quilts or bags for our things. I hope I win!

  13. Gracie – you most know, I love, love, love GLAMPING and you have set the bar quite high now for me to meet the standard! Your GLAMP well my dear young girl – I hope to see you out in the woods some day soon! <3

  14. I saw the Barbados bag on another blog and it was exactly what I have been looking for. I like this style of bag but they rarely have zipper closures or enough pockets. The blogger told me where she got it, but the shop was out of the pattern. 🙁 It would be perfect if I won this! Thanks a bunch!

  15. I have to say the same thing I said on Facebook: I love the bags, and Glamping is a great fabric for them. Now, where can we get a pattern/tutorial for Gracie? She is a little doll!

  16. Gracie, I have been waiting to go “Glamping” for sew long….with the Barbados Bag in tow. You look “Marvelous” in those shades!

  17. I love all the cute bag designs! You can coordinate everything with the fun fabric, too. What a great idea to use Gracie to promote the line!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I went to facebook and ‘liked’. I made a comment about how we have the exact same Cavalier tri-color, but ours is a male names Hunter. Love the bags and fabric. THanks

  19. When Glamping at the beach, Gracie will need to include a brush in her Tuscany Tote to keep her beautiful coat looking good.

  20. Gracie is adorable! What fun fabric and love all the bags. They are a great set.

    Thank you for an awesome and generous giveaway and a chance to win.


  21. I love all your ‘glamping’ ideas and fabrics but I think the coolest is this post! I loved it and enjoyed reading it so much. Very creative and interesting and Gracie is the cutest!

  22. Thanks for this opportunity ~ I just love the bags and this line of fabric~and Gracie ~ You are adorabele also! All Gracie needs now is a vintage travel trailer!!!

  23. Glamping is my way of camping! With these bag patterns and glamping fabric I would be styling around the glampsite:)Thanks, your puppy is too cute:)

  24. So cute! I would love to make these bags! However, I’ll have to make them for ME because my 75 lb Alaskan Malamute most likely won’t care! She’s not much of a girly-girl dog and would prefer to “rough it”…..while I’m more about glamping myself!

  25. Love the term Clamping!
    When I was growing up we did the camping thing, then moved to a small motorhome and since I have beem married it has been hotels:) When I am on vacation I do not cook or clean:) ha ha!!!
    Sweet puppy too:)

  26. Your little puppy, Gracie, is just so cute and very well behaved, obviouslly! SHe’s also got really good taste in bags! Love these patterns. They do look perfect for Glamping or everyday use! And, loving this fabric. Thanks for the giveaway. Liking on FB.

  27. Hi Gracie! You’re TOO cute! My little boy dog Kip ‘likes’ you, LOL! I LOVE the fabric and the bags and totes are just what I need for vacation this year! Thanks for the great photos!

  28. Adore the bags! The fabric line is sooo cute on the bags and Gracie, well, she’s a star for sure! Thank you for the chance to win!

  29. Gracie better keep those sunglasses close by. I think she’s turned in to a star! 🙂

    Such cute fabrics and wonderful bags! Thanks for the chance tow in!
    Sandy A

  30. Gracie is such a cute puppy! The giveaway is awesome! My use would be more for everyday! Would love to win and make these beautiful bags! Thank you!

  31. These bags are all adorable, and so is Gracie! I have some Pot Holders that are made with the Glamping fabric. I bought them to use in our camper. Love them!

  32. Really like all the bags, glamping is also fun. I need the fabric and patterns. CUTE, CUTE dog. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. What a precious puppy! i can totally identify with her preference for glamping–it’s so me! Roughing it is running out of hot water at my hotel…

  34. I would prefer easier camping at a 5-star resort. Besides, Glamping is a wonderful word to say. Glamorous Camping = Glamping
    This should be added as a new word in the dictionary. Your bags are very cute with an adorable model. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I’ve liked you on Facebook for a while now. Love all of these bags and the Glamping fabric – and I love the idea of glamping – I’m not a camper either, but would go glamping.

  36. Gracie is so cute…and the glamping fabic is a fav…And love all the bags…want to make one of each… I’ve liked you of facebook…

  37. Love the bag designs and fabrics used to make them. I am so into bag making right now.. I just need to find more recipients of all my endeavors.

  38. Glamping, what a fun idea, yes I would love to make those bags for a summer of glamping. I have a cute Havanese who needs me to carry his water bottle and treats in Glamping fabric.

  39. Wonderful fabric to work into wonderful quilts. I love the new blocks and all the patterns. Gracie is so precious. Thanks for sharing her.

    Sharon Green

  40. Glamping is great fun for our family. Penny, our 6 lb chihuahua, is a fan as well. She gets to sniff and sniff without getting into trouble. One idea for the new fabric would to make her a super cute vest. New fabric is generally tried out on her, mostly cause she is tiny, easy to sew for, and never criticizes my style.

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