STRANDED: The Diamond Dunn

Here are the first words from some of those stranded on this mysterious island… 

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If you were stuck on this island,
 what items would you need to survive?? 

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13 thoughts on “STRANDED: The Diamond Dunn

  1. Oliso Iron, Aurifil thread, and Wonder Clips! All of which I do not own but hey we are on a mysterious island and maybe I will own these notions one day! Great post! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s must have notions! I would need some sweet tea! lol

  2. I,too,would need Aurifil thread! I would also need my Golden Threads quilting paper & my fine point bent end tweezers. Other than that, this mystery island sounds wonderful!

  3. Aurifil, seam ripper, thread snips, and one of those sticky tape lint rollers. It’s great for getting those last little bits of thread off a quilt, or a sarong.

  4. I get nervous when snow is coming, if I don’t have a whole bolt of Pellon 987F fusible fleece. I also need a bunch of colorful zippers for making pouches and purses. Third, any kind of precut fabric would keep me happy and inpired to try out all kinds of new things.

  5. I would love an Oliso iron, aurifill thread, and Clover binding clips—I don’t own any of these but they are all on my wish list for making things easier, nicer and much more pleasant!

  6. Love the new Clover binding clips, so I’d bring those, my DMC thread, seam ripper, and my tootsie rolls! Can’t sew for extended periods of time without them!

  7. I love my little set of clippers, those tiny scissor like things to snip threads (no fingers). diet COKE or ice tea but definately coffee!! When do we go???? 🙂

  8. Along with the usual items I need M & M s!! One of my favorite notions is my seam ripper. I actually have 6 of them cos I am always losing them.

  9. I wish this was really happening and I was really going! I would bring quilting magazines for inspiration, comfy pajamas which I would never change out of, and audiobooks.

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