152 thoughts on “STRANDED: Paco & Gnomey GIVEAWAY!

  1. I would probably take my giant seam ripper (protection from wild things) and some Aurifil thread because that is some useful thread. I could use it to trap food and to make a clothesline and even to floss my teeth. Ha ha.

  2. I am not quite as resourceful as Gene (comment above) so the first thing I would do is stick close to him. Then I would design lots of blocks using my 12 1/2″ graph paper. I would use my Fons & Porter pencil because it doesn’t rub off the paper onto my hand. And since Gene is so clever he will have me back home to electricity and my sewing machine in no time, where I can sew with my Juki and seam ripper!

  3. I would have to have my Fiskars rotary cutter and mat, so I could whip out quilt pieces and Dorothy Lamour-style sarongs with equal, wild abandon. Tee hee!

  4. I would want my rotary cutter and mat, my seam ripper and one of those needle threaders would be nice. I’m 40-something and can relate to Joanna! I’m always calling my children to help me thread my needles—I could really use one of those threaders!

  5. Buna,

    Simpatic blog, nu poti spune ca nu-s frumoase : pantofiori, gentute, pantalonasi, bluzite – adevarate bijuterii. Atat de multe lucruri frumoase si la super preturi. Mare pacat ca promovarea pe internet se realizeaza foarte greu.

    Meritam mai mult!!!

    Te pupix dulce.

  6. Pretty common thinking here. I would need my rotary cutter and rotating mat, a needle threader, and of course my cat who thinks I can’t sew without her lying on the fabric.
    rmk815 at gmail dot com

  7. Oh heavens….I would have to have my sewline pencil for sure!! Just to write all those messages in a bottle…and my seam ripper to scare the animals off; so I could cut twigs with my rotary cutter to build a fire…do you thing the blades could be used to light a fire???hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. I love my Fiskars razor point scissors. Now I am thinking it could help me shave off some wood shavings to start a fire but I might just die any ways because I don’t know that I would sacrifice my scissors. I love them!!

  9. I’d need my rotary cutter (got to cut my fruit somehow), lots of thread (to catch some fish), and some Clover binding clips to bind my quilts (and to hang up my clothes to dry).

  10. I can’t get through a quilting project without my blue painter’s tape (to mark straight lines for quilting, to tape down edges for basting, etc., etc. SO many uses!) I could definitely use that needle threader for my handwork, or the marking pencil for free motion quilting.

  11. Seam Ripper for sure…protection from anything and a good tool…just skip the Cabana boy and give me my own cabana to sew in…Irish fair skin types need shade!!!

  12. I don’t know how these wonderful ladies narrow it down to just 3! I would certainly need my Aurifil thread, and my rotary cutter and mat, and my seam ripper, and my disappearing fabric pen, and my…..

  13. I would definitely want my 6″ Quilter-Ninja Throwing Star Square (good for fending off natives when not squaring up half-square triangles!) and my paper scissors because you never know when you might need to create a shelter and no one wants to ruin their good fabric scissors! I’d miss my cats, but they’d be there at home, guarding my stash until I return.

  14. Well, if I was stranded I would definitely have some hand applique. I would have something I consider a notion and that is toothpicks. Sometimes they are the best thing to get that fabric to turn under. If you haven’t tried using one for you applique I highly recommend them.

  15. I think my favorite notion is my sewline pencil–not the fancy one you’re giving away, but I’ve rigged it to click either white or grey and I use it a lot. The number two spot would be a ruler & rotary cutter. Even though it’s not a favorite, my seam ripper is certainly a necessity; I find myself using it way too much 🙂 Thanks for such a fun series & giveaway!

  16. I love my rotary cutter (with a fresh blade) and my seam ripper. I especially LOVE Fig Tree patterns and fabrics! Would love to win!

  17. I would have to have a needle and thread!I would like to have a cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. If the island supplies the sewing machine, I’ll supply the snips, 24′ by 6′ ruler and Niagara fabric sizing. And cabin boy, I like tea and lots of it.

  19. I, obviously, don’t know enough about notions! These posts are giving me some great ideas!
    I’d have to have that great Aurifil thread, my favorite rotary cutter, and an iron.

  20. My rotary cutters (medium and small) have become my very best friends! Close behind though is my Size 11 wooden knitting needle that I keep handy to push out crisp points and corners!

  21. well… must have a rotary cutter and mat, a fasturn kit for any tube turning, and a sewing gauge.
    may need to make Paco something to cover up with after he burns all that skin that’s showing!!
    and Gnomey may need a pillow to take a rest after working so hard!

  22. If I were stranded on an island I would take notions for handwork — needles, thimble, small scissors, etc. But let’s be honest here — the thing we would really need is a laptop so we could order fabric to be shipped to us poor stranded souls!

  23. I would need my Clover leather thimble to protect my finger tips while binding or appliqueing, Aurifil thread (the big cone!) because I love it for piecing and any hand stitching I need to do, and I love my Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors–they are the best for cutting shapes for applique.

  24. A HUGE pile of newest charm packs, my apple green Clover needle threader and those tiny glass headed applique pins are what sets my sewing heart aflutter.Plue Paco with a raspberry lemonade to cool off with!

  25. I also love the Little House pins. I just bought more to add to my collection and I ordered extras to give to a couple of friends. Now, they are converts too.

  26. Since putting Ecolux Lights on my sewing machine and my long arm I almost feel like I am being bathed by nice warm island sunlight! They are such a relief to these post 50 eyes!

  27. I would need my thimblepads (because who would think to bring bandaids) and my spring-loaded scissors from klein cutlery (because they are so easy to use)and aurifil thread, of course….if there’s room, i’d need my vanilla coke zero!!

  28. I would need my gingher snips, my seam ripper and the needle threader. Don’t want to be squinting in the sun and get too many wrinkles.

  29. I would want my English Paper Piecing “kit” – this would give me plenty to do and a lot of different tools to make things! Thread, needles, scissors, light weight glue…

  30. I would need my small rotating cutting mat that I keep right beside my machine & my Gingher rotary cutter. Like Joanna said, I would also need “good” chocolate. If it’s not good chocolate it’s just a waste of calories to eat it.

  31. I don’t know how I would survive without my rotary cutter and board. Aurifil thread would be as important as food, but I assume I could pick food off the trees so Aurifil thread would be more important. My favorite Clover seam ripper is a must. I will probably be distracted so I might have to unsew a seam or two or five. A solar powered Rowenta steam iron would be necessary to help my blocks behave.

  32. I would definitely need my clover seam ripper, my rotary cutter with a supply of blades.Aurifil thread is my new favorite thread.

  33. The needle threader would help me survive if I gave it to my daughter. Aside from the fact that I need one to thread a needle, if I gave her one, she could thread them for me!

  34. So many clever responses, but simple girl here. I would have to have my Kai scissors, my Little House pins and my 6″ square up ruler.

  35. Fabric, rotary cutter/mat, and Aurifil thread. I would also like to have my IPod so that I could listen to some good music, and “dark” chocolate for a snack.

  36. My rotary cutter,mat and rulers would have to go, but so would my sewing machine! Wouldn’t hurt if a cabana boy was there to cater to my every need wither!!!!!

  37. Love Becky’s comments about the Cabana boys!!! My notions would be a camera, so I can see my layout mistakes, a seam ripper, to fix the layout mistakes, and a needlethreader so I can fix my layout mistakes!!!

  38. Not sure if my previous post made it thru. I keep getting a virus alert from this site.

    I would have to take my MODA fabrics collection, KAI scissors and needle and thread. What else would a girl need?

    Thanks for the drawing.
    Chris Beresford

  39. Since there won’t be electricity on the island, I would need Paco & Gnomey to be a notion as I like a little bit of music/talking in the background to complete the ‘retreat’ experience. I would want needles so I could hand sew/applique.

  40. I am pretty new at quilting so I would have to go with my seam ripper, my scissors, and auriful thread. Thanks for the fun and the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  41. I would need my seam ripper and lint roller~ I’d be ‘stranded’ if I couldn’t rip out a booboo, and then cleaning up the mess with a lint roller would get me back to sewing faster. I would also need Gnomey to keep track of them for me, if Paco is plying me with tropical beverages. 😉

  42. I would bring my seam ripper, needle threader and aurifil thread! Paco and Gnomey have to be there with me to help me out in my quilty experience!

    please send all replies to:

    pojeda50 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  43. Like many others, I would need and want my seam ripper. I need to check out the one with a light, sounds awesome. Next would come my rotary cutter and mat and then my flat head pins. I love all the gadgets though.

  44. My rotary cutter so I could use the blade as a mirror fto signal for the rescue team. Hexies and threaded needles. I’m good to go until rescue which hopefully won’t be very long as I am not an outdoors kinda girl.

  45. So Im with Joanna about her
    Little House of Pins; bought
    them from her last year. Love
    Plus my seam ripper.
    And dark chocolate (lots)
    plus Diet Coke.

  46. I would need my seam ripper for sure, my left hand scissors, and my creative grids ruler. With that coffee and vanilla creamer either hot or iced. I am too old for a cabana boy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. I love my Clover black gold needles, flat pins, and small scissors that fit into the Atkinson design Classmate pattern.

  48. Since there most likely would not be any electricity I would bring my EPP and embroidery kits and get some serious hand work done. My Clover seam ripper, Wonder Clips, and other notions would be in there so I would be all set. Oh….and some dark chocolate wouldn’t hurt! Thank you!

  49. I would use my rotary cutter and my scissors to reflect the light of the sun off the metal in a plane flew over. And some needles. And hopefully some thread. While I waited to get rescued, I would sew together some clothes with the leaves and grass with my needles (using thin grass for thread when I ran out). And lastly, my seam ripper, in case I had to (yuck) kill and rip apart a small animal to eat it (also see above-scissors and rotary cutter). (Horrible, but realistic!) Hopefully I would get rescued really fast.

  50. I would be lost without my Rowenta iron, my Gingher scissors and my old fashioned yard stick. I am rather old school, but these are the essentials to me.

  51. My Clover needle threader, Aurifil thread in lots of colors, and my rotary cutter and mat would have to be with me on the island. I plan to bring a large supply of Dove dark chocolate with almonds as well! Who can sew with out chocolate? Hopefully there will be several large bins of fabric washed onto to shore for all of us to share!

  52. I would need the seam ripper and some silk pins. Superior Masterpiece Thread and sharps and a thimble. I would be all set to hand stitch

  53. I’d take my lanyard and scissors that goes around my neck, some hexies and needle and thread, and lounge in a hammock (if they have one!)

  54. The mat and rotary cutter could help with dinner and food service (and be washed for after dinner cutting). The machines and fabric would help me make some really pretty sarongs for my fellow inhabitants, so I think they would give me food and chocolate as payment.

  55. Hmmm only three? My perfect scissors, Rowenta steam generator and sharp rotary blades for starters. And anything else I can stow away. =)

  56. I’m with Joanna regarding chocolate being a must! Also, I’d take my rotary cutter with which I could build a little hut and cut down some fruit to eat, all the while dreaming of my next quilting project!

  57. Mostly I am stunned at Paco. Not sure what I can say about him exactly. Let’s just say he is a bit lees clothed than the Paco I had imagined!

    thanks ladies!


  58. I’d have to defend myself with my seam ripper, but I might be willing to sacrifice my Gingher scissors to cut down coconuts and build a shelter.

  59. I would take my clover seam ripper. I could cut the palm leaves in a straight line to make a cute little hula skirt !!!! LOL just kidding! 🙂

  60. I would have to take my seam ripper since it is my ‘faithful friend’ that is in constant use. (I actually keep an extra in my purse for taking off tags after a purchase, etc.),
    I would also need my needles, thread, scissors and fabric scraps for hand sewing

  61. I wouldn’t need a seam ripper, I’d have to have at least 6 of them cos I keep loosing them. Another favorite notion is a small Fiskers scissors. I love it to trim threads. I’d also like the cabana boy to bring the good chocolate and someone to massage my neck and fan me with palm leaves. I don’t need much!!

  62. You ladies crack me up and I wouldn’t mind being stranded with any of you….loL! Mainly, I would need 1. Wonder Clips…love them, 2. My six and half inch ruler (that half inch comes in handy!), 3. My rotary cutter and mat…what did we ever do without them??? A nice week or two of uninterrupted sewing could help me finish the two quilts I’m working on….loL!

  63. I have a small Gingher scissor for clipping threads and my Clover white-handle ripper is a multi-purpose tool for me. Those two items are always within reach.

  64. Those pictures were way too funny. I cannot live without my clover threader. If I could afford it I would get one for every room I stitch in.

  65. I would take my Clover metal open-back adjustable thimble for hours and hours of quilting because it looks like Paco and Gnomey would be waiting on me hand and foot.

  66. I would need my Gingher Scissors for self defense and to flash the sun off for SOS signals, my seam ripper to eat fruit and catch fish, and my dreamworld sewing table it has many uses including making it easier for me to sew. I will be 49 in a few weeks and could really use a needle threader! Love all patterns. If I have power and a machine on the island I would then have everything I needed to sew and I love gnomes, we would have a blast!

  67. I would have to bring clover needle threader, my pin cushion (all primed and ready to go with needles and pins) and current favorite gadget is my binding tool (I would rent it out for the cost of a fat 1/4), that should see me sorted until dinner time.

  68. Wow, all the above comments are a riot! Me and my Olfa rotary cutter, mat and 16″ square ruler and I am on my way. Thanks for the giveaway. Ahoy mate. Smiles, Emilou 😉

  69. My Gingher thread snips are my latest love. My mini screw driver for changing feet and needles. I have a love/hate relationship with my seam ripper but I wouldn’t want to be stranded without it.

  70. I couldn’t survive without All of my sewing notions because I couldn’t survive if i couldn’t sew things. I do have a favorite thimble. Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway. Love Joanna 🙂 and all things fig tree. janita

  71. Seeing as Everyone has already taken a rotary cutter and cutting mat I am going to take something else so I can share and swap I would take my boxes of DMC Stranded Cotton & my embroidery scissors and needles. I hope Gene is good at hunting and gathering – seems he will have a whole lot of us girls to look after 🙂

  72. If I were stranded on the island, I would definitely need my little notebook and a pencil, in addition to my Clover seam ripper, Gingher scissors and lots of pretty Aurefil thread. Not only do I need it to make sure I measure right, but I would want to write down all the pearls of wisdom that I would glean from the many brilliant quilters with me. Besides, it will help start a nice bonfire in the evenings to sit around and chat by while we sing “kum-ba-ya” and toast marshmallows to go with all that great chocolate!

  73. oooh. good sharp pins…

    a really steamy… iron. what did you think i was gonna say? *smh and grinning*

    rotary cutter and rulers…

    iced tea. lots and lots of iced tea. I don’t eat when I sew–too afraid to muss the fabric…. but i do go thru a LOT of unsweetened iced tea.


  74. So, I’m thinking “survival”…so I’d need thread (prob hand quilting thread for strength), large sharp scissors and a bolt of canvas…think I could mcgiver anyrhing with that stuff!!

  75. I’ve only been quilting for a year, so I would HAVE to have my Clover seam ripper, sharp scissors and a good lamp. Plus sunscreen! That’s it – I’d be content.

  76. I would take my Gingher scissors, my neutral Aurifil thread and my Little House pins. I love handwork so would have plenty of projects to keep me busy.


  77. I would need my quick trim ruler, my wonder clips and my seam ripper. I had never heard of the sew line pencil until these posts. Must investigate. Thanks for sharing.

  78. #1. I would need my snips. Love having them handy to clip blocks and threads.
    #2. My Olfa cutter. Not sure how all the women of the past got along with out one!
    #3. And endless suply of fabric.

    And I would also need good dark chocolate and good coffee!

  79. I would need some good quality sewing needles , some sharp scissors and some fabric so even without all the modern conveniences I could hand sew and be happy 🙂

  80. The patterns would keep me going with my sewing habit. The needle threader would make it easier on my eyes. And the pencil would make it so I could journal about all of it!

  81. I old need my rotary cutter for slicing fabric and coconuts. My rotating mat can be used as a plate for fruit and my seam ripper. Thanks for the fun.

  82. I have too many “favorites”! Rotary cutter, mat and ruler, of course…but Gingher scissors and snips, seam ripper, and enough charm packs to keep me busy between naps and the chocolate breaks!

  83. A new project would keep my mind off the fact that I was stranded. Chocolate is the food of the Gods and could sustain me until help arrived.

  84. I would take my seam ripper, to spear fish with. I would also take my photo guide to sewing, so I could learn how to sew banana and coconut tree leaves together to make a hut. And I would take my favorite Nancy Ziemann seam gauge, so that the raft I constructed would have perfect seams, and not fall apart on me while I was escaping the island.

  85. Clover needle threader, my seam ripper, and steam a seam lite. Then the cabana boy needs to bring me diet pepsi, tea,chocolate.

  86. Hey Paco & Gnomey: I would have to coose my reader glasses as the first indispensable notion. I can’t do a thing without them. Next would be my Martelli rotary cutter because it makes fabric cutting so easy.

  87. My Kai scissors to help with breaking coconuts and spearing fish (closedvof course so as not to damage cutting edges.) Lots of Aurifil thread to sew and visit Gene for netting lessons! A iron with an Iron Shoe so I can press effortlessly. Lastly, a endless supply of Hersey Kisses served by my darling husband.

  88. I would take all the above mentioned notions and a lawn chair and umbrella! Yes and chocolate but I would add the Warther’s caramels!

  89. My favorite notion is my seam ripper. It has saved my sanity many times over and unlike my pointy scissors that I sometimes use to open a seam, my ripper never mistakenly grabs my fabric and cuts it! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  90. I would bring my rotary cutter, mat and the multiple tool thingy that Alex Anderson makes — stiletto, wooden press, seam ripper!

  91. Of course, I’d need my rotary cutter and mat, but would also want a needle threader, and I can’t quilt without my Grip & Stitch disks – can’t leave home without them!

  92. I would have to have a seam ripper. I’m such a perfectionist that a seam ripper is a must. I like gadgets and have many, yet my seam ripper and I have been best buds for a long, long time. I don’t have a fancy seam ripper – just a very utilitary one.

  93. The more the merrier when it comes to faves for sewing, but the tops of my list would have to be my Olfa rotary cutter and my portable cutting/ironing Omnigrid. They work all over the house, so they’d be perfect in remote locations:-)
    Cathryn Kasper

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