Ready for Spring?  … and a Giveaway!

Hi! I’m Nancy, the designer from Pink Sand Beach Designs patterns.

 Today I’m sharing two bags made in the new Spring House fabrics by Stephanie Ryan. 
There’s a giveaway at the end of this post too!

Tuscany Tote and Barbados Bag

Oh my, these were so fun to make and look great for spring. 
Tuscany Tote is a perfect size tote with lots of pockets and easy to sew.

Barbados Bag is my favorite cross body bag and easily fits my IPAD inside!

Your local store can order the patterns from United Notions here … 
On the left Barbados Bag , on the right Tuscany Tote 

Tuscany Tote is so fun and easy to sew!  
Easy to make in an afternoon using four of your favorite fabrics.
Of course, the big floral print seems just the right choice for a spring bag!
 What do you think?

Tuscany Tote has16 pockets inside! 
Yes, that’s a lot of pockets! 
You can make it with 8, 12 or 16 pockets to carry everything from your cell phone, sun glasses, lip gloss, day planner, and all those items we like to carry with us. 
There’s even enough room to carry an IPAD or laptop! 
Take a look inside …

Barbados Bag is a fun to sew cross body bag!
All the features we girls want: 
Lots of pockets, easy to sew zippers and optional swivel hooks.  
You can make it using four of your favorite fabrics and use fat quarters!
An added bonus is the two front pockets.  This zipper pocket is where I keep my cell phone secure.  Isn’t that easy to get to?

The second pocket is a hidden pocket!
I use this pocket to keep my keys so I can get to them quickly. 
This pocket is right behind the zippered pocket.
 And YES, its easy to sew!

Two more pockets in back!
I use these to put all those little slips of paper you get at the cash register and I keep my business cards here for easy access.  
When we went to Hawaii, I kept my airline ticket here!

Optional Swivel Hooks!
The pattern shows you how to easily attach the swivel hooks and D-Rings on the bag. 
You can also make Barbados Bag without the hardware if you want. 
What do you think of our casted silver swivel hooks?  

Your store can order our purse swivel hooks and D ring sets in silver, antique gold and black.  They can get them directly from United Notions!


I’m giving away some goodies for you! You can enter to win:

 Two patterns along with a set of swivel hooks in your color choice!

To enter do these two things: 

1 ) Like our Facebook page … Pink Sand Beach Designs Facebook
2 ) Comment to this post 

The Winner will be chosen at random in 1 week from today!

It’s been fun sharing with you today!  Come visit my website Pink Sand Beach Designs
Nancy Green

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  1. Love both bags…too difficult to choose which I’d like to make first! So many possibilities, just with changing up the fabrics. Can’t wait to start one!

  2. I liked you on Facebook. That bag is so much fun! Definitely one I’d want for summer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. The bag and tote are gorgeous! (The sewing job looks fabulous also.) And what can I say about the “Spring House” fabric line? Everytime I see it, I’m lifted by it’s beauty.

  4. I liked you on FB and I love your bags! I actually started sewing making bags and it’s still one of my fave things to do!

  5. Love your bag patterns! They are made for the way we really carry out things! I always carry a cross body bag – it’s safer and my hands are free for shopping or helping a child across the street. And I must have outer pockets for cell phone, keys, etc. I’d love to win these patterns and the cool swivel rings!

  6. I liked you on Facebook. I love the designs. I’m always looking for purse and tote patterns with lots of pockets to organize everything that I carry.

  7. Love, love, love the bags. Liked you on facebook. Would love to win. I figure you can never have too many pockets. grandmas9(at)msn(dot)com.

  8. I liked your site on Facebook and I really liked the patterns. I think Barbados is my favorite! I’ll be trying one soon. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. I am totally, totally torn which bag I love the most. The fabric is a toss-up. I love the big larger bag, but I also really like the crossover! I need these patterns!!!

  10. Liked you on FB! Love both tote and Barbados Bag….I can see making both…but not with out the pattern!
    Thank for the chance to win!

  11. I liked you on FB and love these bags! How about a third pattern combining the features of both? Love all those pockets, the size of the first with the zip closing, zip and hidden pocket of the second!

  12. I’ve been a handbag snob since I was a teenager (I’m now 62) and I love, love these two bags. Not only do i need and want, I have to have these patterns. Can’t wait to make a summery, beachy bag to get me out of the winter dulldrums!
    Thanks Moda for inspiring me.

  13. I love the bags. They look great and very “springish ” looking fabrics for sure. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  14. Love the bags! And swivel hooks! I’d love to win a pattern and pair of hooks, but which?? Lol! Love the fabrics she used for the samples too.

  15. Hi, Like both bags, and my favorite is the Barbados. I love the cross body bags, especially when shopping or travelling so my hands are free and I don’t accidentally put my purse down and forget it!!! Senior moments can creep up on a person!!!

  16. how right you are–I am very ready for Spring. I dont kow if I could finish a bag in one afternoon,like you, but I I think I might give it a try!

  17. I personally do not do FaceBook, but I really do like you a lot. Love this bag and hopefully will be considered for the giveaway – anyhow – I do subscribe to blog email alerts. Should count for something. Thanks a bunch from Judy C in NC

  18. Love the Barbados bag especially since it’s a crossover. We’re taking a couple trips this summer and that bag will be perfect for passport and tickets! Going to make it!

  19. The bags and hardware are both great – I’d love to win the patterns and swivel hooks! Liked your FB page – thanks for the opportunity!

  20. I really like your patterns, my favorites are The Tahoe Tote and the Carmel Swing Bag. They both are great patterns, especially for beginners. I also like a lot that you put pictures in your patterns. Thanks.

  21. Glad I got to meet you, and I really love both of these patterns. Next stop, your website to check out more goodies.
    Thank you, for the giveaway and thank you Moda Cutting Table for introducing us.!!

  22. Well- thought out designs for both bags. Perfect for traveling. I love the pockets on the crossbody bag – exactly what’s needed when traveling. And the pockets inside the tote – awesome!

  23. I love your patterns. The how-to photographs inside the pattern make it so easy. I travel with my Barbados Bag. It is my favorite.

  24. I have to make this bag in this fabric! I LOVE Stephanie Ryans new line, gorgeous! And your pattern is the bomb – totally functional while being fabulous at the same time! Two thumbs up! Click on my name to go to my email link – thanks bunches for the nice giveaway! I ‘liked’ your FB page too!

  25. Love Barbados Bag and Tuscany Tote. How cute are those pattern names! Both look really useful and fun; also love the darling Spring fabric. Thanks for sharing and would love to make them.

  26. Beautiful bags, with great design, and I love them in these fabrics! I’m such a bag lady….love making purses and would enjoy these patterns!

  27. Great patterns! Really like these! Thank you for this great giveaway! I did like you on facebook!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  28. Absolutely love the Tuscany Tote and Barbados Bags! I have been looking for a pattern for a bag just like the Barbados Bag but couldn’t find one with all the pockets like this one. Love! I also liked you on FB. Thank you!

  29. I love both patterns, but especially the Tuscany Tote. Pink Sand Beach – doesn’t that just make you smile? Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. How sweet can these bags be! And so useful at the same time, would certainly love to make both of them, please add my name to your draw! Thanks and have a great day!

  31. I love your bags, especially the Barbados bag. I’ve been looking for a bag to carry my iPad and this one looks perfect. Thank you for a chance to win!

  32. I love the Barbados bag the best. Looks like it is fun to make AND use 🙂 I have a friend who loves these type patterns too. I will be sending her to your site to see.

  33. Love the style of these bags! I love the option to add pockets, so all those pockets are great!

    Thanks for sharing and hope to get lucky and win! 🙂

    Thanks for this giveaway. 🙂

  34. I just saw the Barbados Bag pattern at a quilt shop this weekend in Silver Bay, MN. Can’t wait to try and make a denim one with some silver accent stitching like my other purse.

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