Zig Zag Ruler

This darling quilt is so simple to make with the new ZIG-ZAG ruler from The Cotton Cottage Press. It is available in Regular 5″ & Mini 2.75″ 
You can find this template at your local quilt shop. If they don’t have it, they can order directly from United Notions
Since I have a tiny bit of an obsession with the fresh new fabric line, Spring House, from Stephanie Ryan I decided to use it for this project. 

This quilt could not be easier. 

I started out making a table runner and ended up turning it into a quilt. 

Here is the table runner… 
Finished Size: 16″ x 42″

Below is the free pattern I used from the designers of this template…

Zig-Zag™ Ruler
¾ yd. Red fabric
¾yd. White fabric
½ yd. Backing fabric
Batting – 18”x 44”

Print fabric –
Cut 5 – 2½”w strips (3 are for binding)
Cut 4 – 2¾”w strips

Solid fabric
Cut 3 -2½”w strips
Cut 4 – 2¾”w strips Left and Right block
Cut 3 – 3½”w strips(border)

Using the 2¾” solid strips and the 2½” print strips make 2 of the following strip sets. Press the seams toward the print fabric strips.
(From these 2 strip sets use the Zig-Zag™Ruler
in the Zig position and cut 8 Zig’s.)


Using the 2¾”w print strips and the 2½”w solid strips make 2 of the following strips sets.
Press the seams toward the print fabric strips.
(From these 2 strips sets use the
Zig-Zag™ Ruler in the Zag (upside down)
position and cut 8 Zag’s.)
Make 4 Left and Right blocks (shown below). 

Sew them into one long row. 
Press the seams between each block open.
For the border cut 2 of the 3½”w solid strips the length of the runner. 
Sew these to the sides and press the seams
toward the border strips.
Cut the last 3½”w solid strip into 2 strips the width of the runner. 
Sew these to the ends and press as before.

Layer the backing, batting and runner together. 
Baste and quilt as desired.


I follow the same method but just kept on going! 
I made 4 rows of these blocks and sewed them all together & finished them off with a small inner boarder and a larger outer boarder. 

Won’t this be the perfect picnic quilt for Spring?! 🙂 

I can’t wait to try all kinds of different things with this ruler! 
Chevron Quilt it NEXT on the list. 🙂 
In your experience do you enjoy using templates? 
Will you give the Zig-Zag ruler a shot?

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7 thoughts on “Zig Zag Ruler

  1. Thanks for the instructions and the explanations. I’m not sure if I’m visualizing this correctly, but after the zigs and zags are cut out, it looks like there are a number of same-sized triangles left over?
    The “Spring House” line is beautiful and very appropriate for this pattern… nice work!

  2. This looks like fun! I will have to try it with some of my jellyrolls. I wonder how it looks scrappy…..hmmm I always have left over fabric cuz I buy extra in case of miscuts.
    Thanks for the good explanation/photo.

  3. What an interesting tool. I’d definitely want to see what I could do with it. Love the table runner a lot. Thank you for the pattern and info on this template

  4. What a smart idea for more fun designs that we can create. I do use certain templates, but this one is a sure shot as it looks so easy. I’m sure one of my daughters would love a runner (or bigger!) our of this great fabric line. Thanks!

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