Bella Bias Bindings

Did you know that Moda carries pre-made bias bindings available by the yard? These bindings come in several wonderful colors including Robins Egg Blue, Leaf, Silver, Christmas Red, Orange, Black, Chartreuse, and Navy! 
Since these ready to use bindings are bias and can be sold/purchased by the yard, they are perfect to use when you have a project to bind with curved edges but don’t want to take the extra time to make bias binding. Of course, bias bindings can also be used on straight-edge quilts, and the convenience of these bindings in such traditional colors makes them a must-have!

Lately I’ve found myself using more and more solid bindings on my quilts. I recently attended a quilt retreat where I saw many quilts of many different styles, and it was interesting to see the trend toward using solids for bindings. I’m also currently binding two of my quilts using Bella solids. Bella Aqua (9900 34) goes perfectly with the aqua in Bonnie & Camille’s Marmalade collection.

And Bella Gray (9900 83) works wonderfully with Sweetwater’s latest release, Notebook. (The Bella Gray also looks terrific with Eric & Julie Comstock’s latest collection, 2Wenty Thr3e).

With so many gorgeous Bella solids in every color of the rainbow…

You are sure to find the perfect one to bind your latest quilt!

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12 thoughts on “Bella Bias Bindings

  1. This is great! Now if only my LQS would sell them! It’s hard to get them to pick up Bella Solid jelly rolls! They carry . . . . white! And that’s it! *sigh*

  2. WOW…This is the first time I have heard about pre-made bias binding! I will be looking for it at my LQS. Fingers crossed one of them carries it.

  3. If you do a search for “bias binding Moda”, you can find it online. I also found bb in Moda Marbles. You will pay for the convenience, however. The Bell bb was $1.69 at Pink Chalk, but I found Marbles bb and Moda “solids” bb at Fabric Depot for $1.12 per yard. Lots and lots of colors available.

  4. Aren’t we moving backwards in time to the old bias binding tape that never quite matched? As quilters, have we really degenerated to the point where we can’t even make our own binding?

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