Sew, What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Making New Year’s resolutions can be dreary, and that’s because many of them don’t sound like much fun—like losing weight, saving money, or giving up something that’s bad for you. But the idea of making sewing resolutions is exciting—what could be better than thinking of a way to make your time with needle, thread, and fabric more stimulating, efficient, or creative? 

Moda designers are no different than the rest of us when it comes to resolutions, and they have big plans for improving their sewing time in 2013. Here are some of their New Year’s sewing resolutions:

1. Julie ComstockTo do more sewing for others. It’s my favorite kind of sewing and I’m hoping with this outlook I’ll find myself completing more projects, more often.

2. Sandy Klop I’m going to try very hard to record every quilt I make or finish in 2013!

3. Mary Jane Butters suggests that a great resolution is “Teach a child to sew” and she’s going to do just that. She’s oiled her kid-sized machine in anticipation of quality time with her 6-year-old granddaughter.

4. Lucie Summers: To sew an award-winning quilt.

5. Pat SloanI promise—Scout’s honor—to finish ONE UFO a month…really! My stack of tops alone is more than 12, and I have projects too.

6. Joanna FigueroaI plan on sewing more with my 8-year-old daughter this year. Its just too easy for me to sew for deadlines and work projects but I want to sew more just for us. She has her own machine so I am looking forward to sewing together, side by side. We’ll see how that works out! 

7. Camille Roskelley (here with mom Bonnie): To finish up the projects I started long ago, and especially to help my boys finish up the quilts they started last summer. In fact, I think we’ll start on that tomorrow. 

8. Brigitte Heitland: To also start sewing clothing from my own fabrics.

9. Vanessa ChristensenTo finally outfit my sewing space. I’m buying a wall full of shelves. I know it’s not actually sewing, but I need to organize my space so I can sew more properly.

10. Anne Sutton: To organize my wool stash in baskets by color so it’s easier to find what I need.

11. Me and My Sister designers 

Mary: To try this “chain sewing” thing again….I no longer want to be a thread waster!!!!

Barb: To finish an “apple core” quilt top that I have been working on for MANY years now. I still love these fabrics from Moda’s original collection by Robyn Pandolph called Folk Art Wedding. I am going to make a point to finish this one before 2014! 

So, how about YOU? What’s your sewing resolution for the coming year? 

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10 thoughts on “Sew, What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

  1. I see so many seamstresses/quilters want to sew “for others”. I guess I’m selfish, I want to sew “for me”, which means garments and home decor. I’m bad.

  2. I have a few UFO’s I really need to finish. Then I want to start my charity sewing again, especially for AAQI. I’ve gotten pretty slack about that!

    Happy 2013!

  3. I loved all the comments from your “Stars”. I want to start on the Farmer’s Wife quilt this year. I just love working on my quilts for others (it is such a joy and brings such a good feeling inside).

  4. First on the list a walker tote for my sweet father-in-law so he can carry his phone from room to room and his TV remote! After that I have a few projects lined up so it should be a fun year with fabric for me.

  5. Mine is the same as Pat Sloan’s: to finish up a UFO at least once a month. I have so many tops just needed to be quilted and bound. 2013 here I come!

  6. I don’t like resolutions so I set goals. Two years ago my goal was to sew everyday for that year and I did. Last year I had a few different goals and didn’t really accomplish them so this year it’s back to sewing everyday! And I want to make at least two Christmas Quilts and 2 tree skirts!

  7. I’d like to try to finish up everything that I’ve already started in 2012 (AND BEFORE). Also to do more work for Victorias quilts (who give comfort quilts to chemo patients).My early quilt-room spring-cleaning (brought on by the long overdue purchase of a new machine) enabled me to sort out a whole lot of scraps I can give away to a group who make quilts for charitable causes, so you see I’ve already made a good start….(patting myself on the back…)

  8. I really want to focus on documenting my quilts — I have made so many, and rushed them to the post office with just a binding…and a promise from the recipient to get a picture in the mail or on facebook, but I really want a professional quality picture before I release them this year. Which means I have signed up for a photography class to get ‘er done!

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