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Welcome to 2013
  Moda Fabrics is a household name, but unless you are a shop owner you
probably do not know of United Notions. Between these two companies
alone there are almost
40,000 items.
Yes 40,000 that is not a typo.
How do we cover all these items in one blog? 
– Assemble a variety of people that handle the day to day happenings
– Invite  a few passionate moda-aholic bloggers
( there is no need for a self help group for moda-aholics. the only cure is to buy more moda)
– Add a professional writer
– Get the resident geek involved 
 – Invite guest bloggers
So with that being said, I wanted to introduce you to the columnists that will be sharing their expertise, wisdom, tidbits, techniques and new products throughout 2013. Let’s see how many of the 40,000 items we cover over the next year.
Sarah Castaneda
Notions Marketing

Sarah is a second generation quilter growing up in her mom’s quilt shop. Sarah is newly married and enjoying all the joys of setting up a household and incorporating her love of all things handmade throughout.  Sarah will be bringing you information about hot notions, tutorials and videos on those must have items.

Debbie Outlaw
Book and Pattern Buyer
Outlaw is an accomplished quilter and an even more accomplished grandmother. She will be sharing the hot trends in the book and pattern world. Don’t be surprised if she mentions projects for the grand kids, not that she is parital or anything. Outlaw will also introduce us to some pattern designers as they share their projects and techniques giving
 us all more projects to add to the the endless to do list.
Lissa Alexander
Director of Marketing 
aka ModaLissa
 I have the best job in the world and I can wait to share parts of it with you.  If there is something you want to learn more about, please let me know and I will do my best to make your wish come true.

Sherri McConnell  
Sherri blogs at A quilting life. 
Isn’t that the greatest name for a blog? 
Don’t we all want to live the quilting life?
 Sherri will be introducing a few quilt alongs and challenges throughout the year as well as inspiring us all by combining Bella Solids along with Moda’s fashion prints. Stay tuned for her regular blog posts to be inspired on mixing and matching designers collections and her great style featuring various moda precuts.
Angela Yosten
Web Developer
 Angela was raised by talented parents, one who ran a quilt shop and one is an airplane engineer giving her in the rare talent of being able to speak GEEK and QUILT. Angela will share tips and shortcuts on using the moda website. Don’t be surprised if she throws in some
“crafty” projects along the way.
Linzee McCray
Writer Extraordinaire
Linzee is a columnist for a range of publications including Etsy, Quilt Sampler, Uppercase, Quilt Magic, and Stitch, so don’t be surprised when you recognize her name in some of your favorite publications. Linzee will be talking with the moda designers and share what is 
going on in their lives. 
Lisa Calle 

Moda Bake Shop
Lisa blogs at Vintage Modern Quilts, is a member of the Dallas Modern Quilt guild and runs the Moda Bake Shop. Lisa is also a wife and mother to Ben, her adorable 1 year old. The old adage, “If you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know” is probably a good description for Lisa. She will drop in over at the Cutting Table blog to share what is happening over at the 

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  1. It is so great to meet the Women behind the scenes! Thanks for combining your talents to create such a wonderful site for experienced and newbie quilters (LIKE ME!). I am sooo on the way to being a moda-aholic! 😉

  2. Lissa – I just looked through my new Schnibbles times two book and Carrie mentions that you encouraged her in this process. I am wondering if you know which fabric she used on the Plan C small quilt – I absolutely love it and wonder if it is still available. Thank you!

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