As quilters we long to preserve sweet memories through our quilts.
We create quilts and other projects as keepsakes 
to be handed down for generations. 

StoryPatches are a great complement to our quilts, 
because they allow our future generations to 
know and remember the story behind us and our creation.
StoryPatches are QR, or quick response, codes you can link to any website or video. 
Sew or iron one on to your project and then anyone can use their smartphone to 
scan it and hear what you want them to know about it. 
StoryPatches allow you to add a photo, video or audio message to any quilt or other fabric project.

Sing a lullaby to a child or grandchild and connect it to their
baby blanket.

Use a StoryPatch as your quilt tag, and record yourself telling the story of that quilt.

Show a group of quilters how you mastered that certain technique.

Make a t-shirt quilt and add photos of yourself taken when you wore the shirts.
Watch this video to learn more about this innovative new product…

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6 thoughts on “StoryPatches

  1. Every time I create a new piece I feel that I am adding one more link to my legacy behind me. This will actually give it a “live” space and time for my creations to my children and their children. Thank you.

  2. I’ve got mixed feelings about this new thingy lol. I saw them at the quilt show in Houston, only one vendor had them. (I should have bought some then) But what happens in 20 years, is it going to be like the VCR or the DVD, will reading it be obsolete? It’s a very reasonable price point so I guess we should just have fun with it.

  3. I agree Debbie but just like the VHS or DVD’s there will be a way to preserve this memory onto the next. Just have fun with it is definately worth something! 😉

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