On the 7th Day of Christmas

Here at United Notions we consider this awesome little seam ripper to be 
the Secret Weapon of quilters, sewers and embroiderers!

When “our machine” makes a mistake and forces us to “un-sew” its 
wayward stitches we just grab our Go-Go Gadget Seam Ripper! 

You see, this is not just ANY seam ripper. 
This bad boy has a super sharp blade, 4X magnifier, rotating arm, 
ergonomic handle and an LED light. 
Now if only it would feed us chocolate while we sew!
This gadget is the perfect stocking stuffer! Especially retailing at only $9.99!!

More Specs:

Durable LED lasts 100,000 hours

Precisely engineered optical grade lens spreads light evenly
1.25″ lens
4x magnifier
Ergonomic handle
Rotating arm
Sharp metal blade
Includes plastic safety cover
3 micro cell batteries (included)
5.5″ x 0.75″ x 1.5″ (Length x Height x Width)

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151 thoughts on “On the 7th Day of Christmas

  1. WOW! What an amazing tool! I would love to find one under the tree on Christmas morning, because I would be the envy of all my stitching friends! Not likely though, I have never seen these in Australian quilting/fabric stores!

  2. This would be great, I’ve just started to need glasses for close up stuff. Because it’s so new I forget a lot of the time or misplace them. This would be so helpful. This getting old stuff really stinks. ;->

  3. I want Santa to leave this in my stocking because Oh My does my machine ever make mistakes. I think sometimes it just gets mad at me for being gone all day.
    This little gem would certainly help to clean up the messes it makes when it is angry with me.

  4. Holy Light Bulb!!! This little Quilters Gadget gives a whole new meaning to “RipIt RipIt RipIt”. I’d be tempted to ‘Stitch a Crooked Seam’ just to ‘UseIt UseIt UseIt’. Great GiveAway…thanks for the opportunity!
    CollectInTexas Gal Sue

  5. My current seam ripper??? It’s the one I bought (make that my parents bought) for me for my 7 th grade Home Ec class! And believe me……it has seen LOTS of use! Thanks for the chance to win. Oh, forgot to mention……7th grade was 1977.

  6. the old eyes aren’t what they used to be, so the magnifyer sounds like a blessing to be sure you know, for when that machine is naughty and makes a boo boo.

  7. This is so unique. I would love to see this amazing lighted seam ripper in my stocking. This would be another tool to add to my box cutter. Can’t wait to have it and start ripping out seams. Thank you for such a valuable gift.

    Sandi T.

  8. I would love this! I could undo all my frantic sewing (done in my basement sewing room) in the family room, surrounded by family, despite the poor lighting!

  9. I would love for Santa to leave this amplified-vision seam ripper in my stocking because I sometimes poke holes in my fabric when I have to rip a sewn seam.

  10. Dear Santa,
    I know that you will remember my red and white project. I threw it in the UFO cabinet when I realized I had sewn the wrong fabric to the Bazillion half square triangles. Please, Santa, bring me a lighted seam ripper. I NEED one!

    Trying to be good,

  11. I already follow your blog. I could really use this lighted seam ripper because I am the Queen of Ripping. I am too much of a perfectionist & am always ripping out, so this would be a perfect tool for me.

  12. I am a devout follower of the Moda Cutting Table Blog ! Love it!
    This seam ripper would really be nice for those times when I’ve quilted into the wee hours and my eyes go fuzzy. Thanks for the chance!

  13. Because I refuse to admit that I need magnifying glasses to see small things, this ripper would be a legit way to better see the stitches and not have to wear glasses.

  14. I hate to admit that I need a seam ripper with a magnifer attached…but I’d make really good use of it if I had one….just sayin’ LOL

  15. A fantastic tool that should be in my stocking because I mess up my sewing a lot and it’s unique features would be a real help for my eyes.

  16. Santa, try as I do, I still make some boo-boos when I am sewing. I could really use this unsewer, the “Lighted Seam Ripper” in my Christmas stocking. Besides, as the years creep up on me, I find I need extra light and a bit of magnification.

  17. I am as blind as a bat when it comes to un-sewing! LOL, and my glasses or readers are never close by. This seam ripper would take away the stress of picking out stitches. Santa, please bring me one for Christmas!!!!

  18. This….Is….Awesome!!! Great for my eyes. My messed up seams better watch out! This would be a wonderful addition for the holidays with all the projects being composed. 🙂

  19. These gramma’s eyes are not what they use to be. They need a little help now and then. I’m not a perfect sewer either! Oh well, I try!

  20. A lighted, magnified, ergonomic seam ripper with a rotating arm? I gave up on those cheap seam rippers years ago but this modern seam ripper just might be the push for me to give up my straight-edged blade, especially since my eyesight to tedious sewing jobs is not as good as it used to be! Happy Holidays.

  21. I have been trying to get hold of one of those for a long time but no quilting store I have visited this past years has carried these. Thank you for the opportunity to win one instead.
    The Queen of Ripping

  22. I’m a follower! As my eyes age (my, eyes, not me…!) I can use all of the help I can get. Light and magnification should do the trick! Many thanks!

  23. I would love to find this in my Christmas stocking instead of reading glasses which I can never find when I need them. When I am stitching away and need to use the seam ripper more often than I like to admit, I would not have to hunt for my glasses.

  24. What a really cool idea! As many times as my sewing machine has messed up I could really use this, the light AND magnifying glass! Please Santa! If not than this is going on my wish list.

  25. My 53 year old eyes would sure benefit from this handy dandy seam ripper. I don’t wear prescription glasses but have recently taken to wearing some off-the-shelf reading glasses when I sew. What a difference they make. This would be PERFECT for me!

  26. Oh wow, a seam ripper with a magnify glass! I need this! I just bent my seam ripper last week (ouch!) and a seam ripper is on my i-need-it list. Please pick me 🙂

  27. A tool that magnifies what you need to unsew! Perfect for me as I unsew frequently and I need to know where my hand is taking that ripper. Thank you for this great giveaway.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  28. Santa is a kind man, he feels sorry for me when I have to rip stitches out of my quilt top. He worries about my eyesight and thinks this tool is awesome! I think he is a kind and very smart man!

  29. A lighted seam ripper would be very handy when I have to undo my mistakes (which happen way to often!). Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to find out about some really great products!

  30. That is a must have tool. I broke the tip off my favorite seam ripper, plus I can’t see worth a darn anymore. This tool would solve both problems. I love following yor blog and getting the newsletter.

  31. Hhmmmm, just went to the eye doctor yesterday and found out my eyes are wprse then I thought….which is not good. Really could use this!

  32. i think i unpick more seams than i sew … argh! it only seems like i do. the lighted, magnified ripper would certainly change my attitude! thanx for the chance to win one.

  33. Dear Santa, I would love to have this great tool, you see, these over 60 eyes could really use the help when trying to follow those little mistakes.


  34. I would love to have this for my stocking as the light and magnifier would really help when try to remove those wayward stitches.

  35. Oh my goodness…my eyes are jumping with excitement…they see an end in sight for “squinting”! LOL All kidding aside, this little tool would be a given from heaven!!

  36. i’m about to turn 45 and am noticing my vision is blurring up close! plus my seam ripper is my favorite tool (and most used). thanks!!

  37. My eyes would love this seam ripper. To light and magnify makes this one amazing. This is one that needs to be in my stocking for sure. I need eye assistance…

  38. Oh, so shall we sew, so shall we rip! Santa, please leave this in my stocking because we DO have to rip from time to time! This would make that task so much easier!!

  39. This would be wonderful in my stocking! My poor old eyes and bifocals are not very good! Thanks for the chance of winning this wonderful gift.

  40. Now that I am, ahem, “older” (meaning recently retired!) I find that the stitch line requiring ripping (on an all too frequent basis) eludes me. I know it’s there somewhere, darn it! I think this tool would help me find that elusive line of stitches 🙂

  41. I have a very hard time seeing anything small like stitches and it is getting worse. I would love Santa to leave me one of these so I don’t have to take my glasses off all the time to see!

  42. Wow that is the Mercedes of seam rippers! Being a woman who is just starting to have to wear “cheater” glasses, it would be great to have both magnification and light.

  43. unfortunately I really really need this tool. I probably should just buy me one and put it in my own stocking. Would be really cool to win it though. Thanks.

  44. Holy smokes this would be a miracle tool for me!! I think there was more than once when I wished I had better lighting and better vision for ripping stitches!!

  45. This is on my Christmas wish list, so what a great gift it would be from Moda! I have had 5 eye surgeries in 18 months: 2 for cataracts, 3 for retinal detachments, and 1 for Glaucoma (tube shunt) inserted. So, I don’t see too well and my quilting lines tend to be crooked. What can be even more fun is trying to rip those stitches out. Anyhow, I think this would be an ideal gadget for me so I can continue quilting. Okay, let me get my magnifying glass out now so I can prove I’m not a robot. :o)

  46. Dear Santa, As you know today is my 54th birthday and my eyes have really gotten bad. This awesome seam ripper would help me so much.

    Thank you.

  47. What an awesome little tool! I’m totally getting that for my mum for Christmas! Can’t really justify buying one for myself though so maybe Santa would be so kind? 😉

  48. My poor old eyes could really use this! I seem to have quite a collection of seam rippers! A lighted one would surely help.
    Following your blog.

  49. Oh, my eyes definitely need this little goodie. After just having ripped out the squares for an entire table topper (changed my mind), I surely could have used this.

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