On the 1st Day of Christmas

Our Moda Bakeshop has gathered up 22 of our popular “chefs” to create this big, happy book full of projects to make for just about every imaginable occasion. Over 40 themed designs work with Moda precut fabric bundles (or any other fabrics you like) and range from easy to more challenging. 

This book will surely get you in the mood to sew and make every celebration with your family and friends even more special with delightful handmade gifts and décor.

This fabric cook book is filled with adorable projects for every season of the year! 
Like this jolly Ho! Ho! Ho! quilt that we absolutely love. 
Each project uses Moda Precuts which make it faster and easier to whip everything up.  

Featuring quilts, bags, pillows, table décor, 
you’ll find something pretty and practical to make for every event on your calendar. 
We love this wreath & set of Christmas trees and thought how fun it would be to have a “Christmas Tree Decorating Party” with your fabric loving friends! 

We are giving away a jelly roll to one lucky quilter & we encourage you to have some fun with your friends and see which of you can come up with the most creative MODA tree this Christmas. 
These trees would look adorable with multiple colors/prints and even in the ever popular, Ombré
* Winner announced tomorrow at 9am central standard time. 

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321 thoughts on “On the 1st Day of Christmas

  1. It will be great to have a gift that allows me to gift back to other people by making them some awesome things! Thanks for the chance to win I am a follower!

  2. I’am a Dutch quilting girl and please count me in for thismmost lovely giveaway. I tell everybody in the Netherlands about Moda’s most friendly Santa Claus.

  3. I follow your blog, and this book looks SO awesome, and I do not own a piece of nice green fabric. I would LOVE to make a quilt in the book with it. Thank you SO MUCH for the chance to win 🙂

  4. Oh perhaps this book would help me to start early with my sewing and quilting so that I actually have finished gifts for christmas!Lol!
    Every year I am just behind….

  5. Santa needs to leave the book and JR for me because he knows just how great that quilt would look in my granddaughter’s room – perfect!

  6. What a wonderful book and generous giveaway! I would love to be your winner, especially on December 1! I love today almost as much as Christmas because it is a magical start to a month of family, friends, and magical moments! And I am so ready to make a new Christmas project from the book and there is lots of time to do it!

  7. Dear Santa, please put me on your Nice list. There were a few little, very little, slips – not quite naughty. I will do better and I do so need this book. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  8. I would love to win this gift because the HO HO HO quilt would be a wonderful one to start 2013 projects and an early Xmas present would be sew nice.

  9. I’ve really been a good little sewist…that’s why Santa would want me to have this great prize. AND, I just have to make that HO…HO…HO quilt for my grandson!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Sharing this on my blog today!

  10. I’m hoping for a Grinch free Christmas and these goodies would help me to run up some festive cheer and make sure the Grinch gets banned!
    Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  11. I love the bright colors of Christmas . This book shows them off. It would be a great present . The projects are unique and fun. Thanks for the chance to win !

  12. I began thinking about gifts last night for my granddaughter, who is expressing an interest in learning to sew… this green would be a lovely stocking gift for her, and a great solid to pair with other fabric to help her make something for spring…

    Love the Ho, Ho, Ho quilt…

  13. I would love to have this giveaway! One of my favorite things to do for the holidays is actually make gifts for my family. This would be perfect!

  14. I’ve been eyeing this book and it looks like it’s full of great projects. And who doesn’t need (want) a beautiful jelly roll!? Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  15. I’ve got your first book and love it! I’d love to keep my collection going!! Thanks so much for this givaway!! Moda IS my favorite color!!

  16. It has been a difficult year over here and this would be a welcome gift. I loved the last book and I’m sure this one won’t dissapoint! So, Santa, leave a present under the tree, for me! I’ve been an awfully good girl, Santa Baby so hurry down the chimney tonight!

  17. I’ve been SUCH a good sewist this year, making all sorts of goodies for friends and family…and myself. I would love for Santa to fill my stocking with this book, so I could have lots of ideas for what to make next year!

  18. PERFECT!!! This a the perfect thing for me. My girls (young mothers) want me to have a project all ready for them to come to my house and work on away from the hustle and bustle of the season. I will be the best mom ever if I have this book and supplies waiting. Merry Christmas

  19. On the first day of Christmas…
    My true love (moda) gave to me, Moda’s new book!

    I would love to have this book…so ready for something new and pre-cuts are just what the quilt fairy ordered. Thanks for this offer.

  20. I love this! And that color of green is so delightful! Why do I want this??? Because my son will be leaving for college soon and I will be broke for years and won’t be able to afford to buy fabric..ohhh poor, poor me. 😉

  21. I fell in love with the HO HO HO quilt as soon as I saw it. I am a follower and will be until the end. I would like Santa to leave me the green Jelly Roll so I can get a jump start on next year and make that adorable green wreath. Thank you for the 12 Moda Days of Christmas and giving all of us a chance to win.

    Sandi T.

  22. Ho Ho Ho, Suzy would love some Christmas dough…green dough…fabric green dough…Books of Sweet Celebrations is a sewing girl’s dream…Love to have this live in my sewing room…

  23. Since i am the primary “agent of Santa” in our house – my stocking is frequently a bit floppy and empty. This would fill it nicely!!!

  24. I would love Santa to leave this in my stocking, to further my addiction to all things MODA. I absolutely love the Moda Bake Shop!

  25. I have just started making handmade things this year for Christmas, and evetually I would love to have an all handmade Christmas! This book looks amazing!

  26. Christmas is always fun to sew & craft for – I would love the green jelly roll to make something new this year! The book looks amazing, too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. I would love for Santa to leave this under my tree because I have lots of Moda pre-cuts and don’t know what to do with them! 🙂 And I have a jelly roll that the green would go perfect with!

    Thanks for the chance!
    Sandy A

  28. The book looks like such fun and the jelly roll is in a color I seldom use. It should serve as a kick in the pants for jump starting creativity!

  29. this book is already on my santa wish list! I love so many of the designers included and the sneak peaks I’ve seen are all awesome! That’s why I should win! and yes, I am a follower

  30. I’m a new quilter so I need lots of ideas and inspiration to decorate my house year round. Thanks for the great holiday gift!

  31. My stocking is soooooo empty and what quilter wouldn’t want the most fabulous gift in the world of quilting. Moda fabrics are my favorite.28

  32. I’m a member of a smocking guild but we do so much more than smocking. We are always looking for new ideas to try out at our meetings. This book looks like it is full of fun ideas.

  33. Santa needs to leave me the jelly roll and Sweet Celebrations book because I have thought a fabric tree would be cute on my mantle for the last ten years and still don’t have one. This would finally get me that tree.

  34. Santa needs a nudge from a smart little elf who knows that I’d love this lovely book in my stocking! Thanks sew much for this chance to win 🙂

  35. Would love this in my stocking because if I’m ever able to sit with my dear friend (my sewing machine), I need something like precuts and projects to help me along!

  36. I am getting more confident in my sewing and have started making projects other than quilts these days – this book looks like it would be oh so fun! And a green jelly roll!??!? Who wouldn’t love that? Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I need these really bad. I think Santa knows that I have been a good girl all year. I am a beginner quilter and I need stuff…
    Thank you

  38. I really need to win this gift as my house has been packed up since LAST summer (waiting to move) and I haven’t been able to sew or craft since then … going NUTS here!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  39. I love the ho ho ho quilt
    I want to make one for each of my 2 nephews — but, I have to start now, they only have a couple of years left to believe!

  40. Maybe this jelly roll would give me my Christmas mojo back… I’m trying, but I’m just not feeling it this year… not yet, anyway. 🙂

  41. I bought the first Moda Bake Shop book and I love it! It would be fun to win this and have my grand kids help me make the trees or the wreath. Thanks for the chance!

  42. I need this book in my stocking because I have no season special celebration quilts and I would love to make one plus green is my favorite color 🙂

  43. Oh Santa…you know I follow you happily and I would be SEW happy to find this in my stocking. You know I have been good ( most of the time)!!!!

  44. I follow your blog, and I think Santa should leave this in my stocking because I love everything Moda. Who knows? I might even make something for “Santa” if I win. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  45. I have been a good girl this year and I would be so excited to receive this awesome book and gorgeous fabric so that I could share the love and make gifts for all my family and friends for every occasion! Thank you for the chance to win!

  46. I deserve the book and jelly roll because I’ve been a very good girl this year; and the tree might attract a handsome, single Santa who would like for me to become his Mrs. Claus! 😎

  47. Dear Moda Santa!
    Please find a way to put this book in your sleigh and then into my stocking on Christmas Eve please!
    I’ve been a very good girl…
    I work hard
    I support my family
    I go the extra mile for my patients
    I get lots of praise from my patients too for going the extra mile
    I have a giving heart and just gave away a bunch of scrap to a postage stamp quilt maker, I had a Christmas giveaway and just put a bunch of my treasures to start a Canadian Travelling Stash treasure chest
    I am not well, but must continue working
    This book would help me continue to give gifts to the special people in my life and the jelly roll would help me to make another special quilt for my husband as green is his favorite colour….
    Thank you Santa….
    Take care during the stress of getting ready for your big sky trip!
    Take care, Leslie

  48. I would want to win because it is a fun book with fun quilts! It is all about the fun and warm hearts that come with Christmas and blog giveaways. Thank you for this one.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  49. I’d love to win this so that I could make that tree and that Ho Ho Ho quilt for my daughter and her new husband. Newleyweds in need of Christmas decor!

  50. I would love anything by the Moda bakers—-jelly rolls, honey buns, turnovers, candies, dessert rolls! All of it is just scrumptious to me! I’ve been very good this year!

  51. Dear Santa….I have been a very, very, very good girl this year and would love to see the book & jelly roll in my stocking!! I promise I would make many lovely things for my friends and family if you leave it for me!! PS the cookies will be in the usual spot

  52. Oh Santa! What an awesome gift this would be! I love the HO HO HO quilt and would immediately make that for my grandson. And the green? I love green! That would turn into some trees pretty quickly. Thanks for the chance!

  53. I’d love to find this jelly roll and book in my stocking so I can give these cute cute trees a try. I just love new Christmas decoration ideas.

  54. I would like Santa to leave me these presents so I can get started making some presents for other people…for next year, of course! Still am working on a few for THIS Christmas!

  55. I love moda fabrics and patterns. Bakeshop always gives me inspiration. I would love the fabric and book to make some goodies for my family. They are my favorite quilt recipients. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. I would love to find the book and jelly roll in my Christmas stocking tomorrow. One of my favorite sites is the Moda Bakeshop. Its a great place to go for inspiration because my favorite color is Moda. All things Moda.

    Plus I adore that Ho Ho Ho quilt! Its beautiful.

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  57. Oh, I so love Moda and all your patterns. I would love to own this book and green happens to be my favorite color. And I have just the right Christmas fabrics to add to it to make some of the amazing re pies in this book.

  58. I am learning to quilt and would love to find this jelly roll and recipe book in my stocking…..Yum!!!! I like to look at your blog entries and the color-filled pages. I am driving my hubby crazy while dreaming of fabric and piecing. Thanks for offering these great giveaways!

  59. Santa should leave this in my stocking because it would make me happy. He already knows that because it has been on my list since the day it came out.
    (I subscribe to the Moda blog)
    Thanks for the chance!

  60. I have tried to be a very good quilter this year. This book would help me(I only have 1 quilting book) and I’m sure that it would be well used. I’m in the planning stage of a king size Forest theme quilt for DH and the green jelly roll would fit right in with the color theme. Plus, Santa, I have never had a Jelly Roll.

    Marj in Mexico

  61. I’ve been good this year- I only have one UFO to finish and I really need some new books for the shelf in my sewing room. Getting older so trying to do more with pre-cut fabric so don’t have to bend so much.

  62. I need more stash!!!! I’ve been quilting like a madwoman in prep for christmas and I am using up my stash faster than I can replace it 😀

    Besides I love Moda fabrics 😉

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  63. Besides just loving the book and already having it on my wishlist (hint, hint Santa!) I really love the hohoho quilt and the little bib pattern looks so cute! I’m sure my baby would love to be decked out in something like that! 😀
    Happy Holidays and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  64. I make new Christmas items for my children each year. I have even started Christmas boxes for my GC and GGC. When they start their own household they’ll have tons of Christmas treasures.

  65. I saw previews of this book on an earlier blog hop and it looks wonderful! A gift from “Moda Santa” has to be the best kind and I would be thrilled to win.

  66. I would love this jelly roll and yummy looking quilt book because I’m all about food. It would keep me enthralled in sewing projects and away from the Christmas treats!!!

  67. Oh what a delight if Santa left this book for me. My boss said she would love a new Christmas Quilt but doesn’t have time to make one. The HO HO HO would be perfect and I’m sure I could find the time to make it.

  68. I’d love this in my stocking to keep me occupied in the year ahead and I have a pile of precuts that I should use up before I buy more fabric!

  69. I’m new to quilting and a book of lots of different types of projects would help me learn. I also especially love working with precuts. That is probably why I started quilting in the first place.

  70. I’ve just moved countries and opened up my boxes of fabric so I know I don’t need any more. If he could leave a whole lot of spare time in my stocking so I could do something with all that fabric, that would be great. Do you think he could?!

  71. Santa knows what a good girl I’ve been this year. I just know the book is something I could use for inspiration and from all I read, lots of goodies to make for my family too. I have 3 grandchildren I need to spoil and make stockings and other goodies for so this book would be perfect. And one of those grandchildren, my youngest one, an adorable little girl who is 9 months old needs Grandma to be happy and spoiled by Santa too. She thinks Santa should bring Grandma these goodies so she will get more from Grandma who will have more money if she’s not buying books and fabric for herself.

  72. Dear Moda Santa,
    I’ve been a very good girl this year & I know Santa comes to those who believe! I would love the Celebrations book so much so I could make our girls the Ho Ho Ho quilt. I will leave some thread on the counter for you!

  73. Dear Santa, I have been really good this year and I would love to make the tree and some of the other projects in the book.

  74. I want Santa to leave this book and the green jelly roll because he knows green is my most favorite color and I need to know how to make the quilt with the blue background.

  75. I would love to win a copy of your wonderful book and jelly roll! Would love, love, love to make the holiday Ho, Ho, Ho quilt! So cute. Thanks for the chance!

  76. I would love to win and surpirse my college daughter on her first day home – she loves sewing and new projects! thank you!

  77. Santa probably should not leave this fabulous book and jelly roll at my house because I have books and material…but, oh Santa, I would dearly love to make some of these fabulous projects for Christmas gifts for others next year!!!

  78. Dear Santa, I would love the Celebration book and the beautiful jelly roll to sew sweet gifts for Christmas. I will sew my heart out for all the wonderful people who will received them. Thank you Santa from Judith, Texas

  79. That Christmas wreath looks adorable. I would love to win your giveaway, make the wreath, and give it to someone special for Christmas. Thanks for the chance!

  80. I think it’s a sickness to never have enough fabric or crafting books… I dream them at this time of year rather than visions of sugarplums! And I really try to be a very good girl! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  81. I would like Santa to leave these goodies in my stocking because I already have several projects picked out that I want to make for a new momma I know, and for MY momma, and for my sister, and for ME! I’ve been a really good girl, and I PROMISE to leave extra cookies for you when you come to my house!

  82. I think it’s a sickness to never have enough fabric or crafting books… I dream them at this time of year rather than visions of sugarplums! And I really try to be a very good girl! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  83. Dear Moda Santa,

    I would love this jelly roll because everyone *knows* green is the new neutral! the book would be awesome to make quick gifts…

  84. I would love for Santa to bring me the recipe book. I have quite a few precut and the more ideas from the recipe book the better. I’m thinking I could a Christmas tree quilt with the jelly roll. Please Santa I’ve been good this year. 🙂

  85. The book looks amazing and the roll would brighten up a Christmas table runner that I’m currently working on! Thanks for the chance!!

  86. Dear Santa, I’d love you to leave me this gorgeous book and fabric roll because I love giving presents and I’d have heaps of sweet Christmas gifts to share made from the wonderful projects in the Celebrations book

  87. I think Santa needs to pay a visit Down Under as I have been such a good girl and buying lots of precuts, but need inspiration to get sewing!

  88. I would love to win as I already have this book and know how great it is but I would like to give it too my mum to feed her new found addiction (whoops sorry I mean LOVE) of patchworking. I would also love that green to make one of those fab trees for my kids.

  89. I would love to win as I already have this book and know how great it is but I would like to give it too my mum to feed her new found addiction (whoops sorry I mean LOVE) of patchworking. I would also love that green to make one of those fab trees for my kids.

  90. I SIMPLY LOVE THAT HO HO HO Quilt!!! Seriously Santa… I can explain…and yes I would love to win, put me right in the mood of the festivities! I will make cocoa and we can peruse the book together, TIA! B-)

  91. I would love for Santa to leave this great gift in my stocking because I still have loads of gifts to make and am fresh out of new ideas. Help, Santa, please help!

  92. I would love to win. I am teaching full time this year and my sewing time has been cut drastically so I need ideas for the little time I have!

  93. I’d like this in my stocking because I need to make something for my mother-in-law for Christmas (or her birthday, which is also in December) and she loves Christmas stuff. So I know I’d have a winner with a Christmas-themed gift.

  94. it’s not that i haven’t been good this year, or that i haven’t browsed the bake shop for the patterns i’d like to make … i have … i just like the book and the green jelly roll and would love to win them.

  95. I just adore the new book and it is already on my wishlist! The leaf green is fabulous too and also on my list of Christmas gifts. It would be so fun to win so I could check them off!

  96. I would love to win this book because I am a huge fan of all things Moda!! The designers and fabrics are always my favorites and the projects you have just shown would be so much fun to make. I thought the hohoho quilt was small and it was great to see it on a bed. How cute is that??

  97. I need Santa to leave this in my stocking because I need some really, really wonderful ideas for yummy gifts to make for Christmas giving! I am so far behind this year! Santa’s elf is going to be one busy girl and needs ALL the help she can get! Nothing says “I love you”more than a handmade gift!

  98. Santa knows I still believe in him and would love to have this in my stocking so I can make the HO! HO! Ho! quilt. I’m sure he would laugh and his belly would shake like a bowl full of jelly when he saw me sleeping under it on Christmas Eve.

  99. I would love for Santa to treat me with the goodies so that I could in turn use them to make lovely gifts for others…. awolk at rogers dot com

  100. Santa, I love that green and it would go great with my other favorite colors – purple and navy blue. Wouldn’t you like to see what I could do with this jelly roll and your new book?

    nighty night

  101. Dear Moda no Santa.
    I desperately need this book to make some last minute gifts for some of my family who are depending on me to give them “handmade” gifts. So Santa, I have been good and I am not asking for anything else please see what you can do. Thank You and Merry Christmas.

  102. I would love Santa to leave it in my stocking so I can use the Jelly Roll to make Aussie Hero Quilts (using the JRR tutorial on my blog) and the book would give me some great reading.


  103. I would love to win this giveaway because Moda has never let me down yet, and I know this will be a great book and jelly roll! Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. I am a follower and love your products! I just saw the most beautiful display at my LQS today -candy, jelly rolls, charms and layer cakes by the dozens. I would be thrilled to receive these in my stocking – just to have some new stuff!

  105. I would love for Santa to leave me a sewing room, so I don’t have to just set up shop wherever I can find a clear piece of real estate on my dining room table. 🙂

  106. I would love to find this in my Christmas stocking. It looks like a really fun book to use & who wouldn’t want a jelly roll!
    Thanks for the offer!

  107. Why should Santa leave this in my stocking? Because I think it is awesome and I have been a good boy (mostly) And besides I won’t shoot my eye out with this present!

  108. I want Santa to leave this is my stocking because I’ve been a very good girl and I’d love to make some Christmas merries with them!

  109. This would be such a blessing in my sticking since this is the first Christmas I am purposing to make every single gift on my machine. 🙂 Thank you and Merry Christmas to my favorite fabric company in the whole world!

  110. I would love to receive a nice surprise in the mail as a much welcome change from opening the letterbox to find those envelopes with windows which usually mean a bill to pay at this time of the year. It looks like there are lots of yummy things to make as gifts.

  111. Ho Ho Ho – I would love to have Santa grace me with this fabulous book (I do love that HoHoHo quilt) so that I can make my own green Christmas tree to put on the mantle. Thank you for the chance to be surprised by “Santa”. Merry Christmas!

  112. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.
    I would love to find the book in my stocking because I have been dreaming of owning the book since it first came out and a green jelly roll to top it off. It would feel like my very own Christmas miracle

  113. I would love to win that book, I’ve been eyeing it for a long time but haven’t been able to buy one yet. The jelly roll would be the icing on the cake! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  114. I’d love Santa to leave this in my stocking so that I’d know what to do with the other items I hope get left in my stocking.

  115. I believe in Moda, therefore I think I should receive. My husband just lost his job and my 11 year old daughter and I love to sew and create. This would be such a treat to wrap up and give to her for Christmas. We would both have some joy to spread around our house. Merry Christmas Moda.

  116. I would love to gift that sweet book to my 14 year old daughter who has just started sewing! I think she would love to make one of those Cristmas trees!

  117. I am using a jelly roll for the first time right now, I am making it a Christmas quilt! I have a layer cake also that I am waiting to use, I just have to find the right pattern first! Green is my favorite color! Thank you for the chance to win!

  118. I love precuts & would love to win anything related to Christmas. I go totally crazy stitching gifts at this time of year. Thanks for this opportunity.

  119. I would love to win this book – always looking for new ideas and looking through a book is so much nicer than trawling through blogs on the internet! Thanks

  120. Santa, I have been really good this year, and been super frugal
    about buying extr fabrics. I could
    really use that green to make a little tree to place on top of my roll top desk in the den. It’s
    just what’s needed to add some Christmas cheer! Thanks for the chance to win!


  121. Dear Santa, I want the Sweet Celebrations book in the Moda Bake Shop, because it offers dozens of bright, friendly projects that are perfect for my Moda precuts!

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