Web Tips: What is a Hashtag?

If you are on Twitter or Pinterest, then you have probably seen phrases or keywords that begin with a #. These symbols are referred to as hashtags when working in social media websites.

Hashtags are used to label or categorize a tweet or a pin for easy filtering or searching. You may want to use a hashtag when posting your own pin or tweet so other people can easily find what you are talking about. If you are the one searching for a specific topic, then it makes it easier to find conversations or pictures that have to do with what you are looking for.

An example for a Retail Shop using Hashtags might look something like this… New Bella Solids now available in stock! #modafabrics #bellasolids

Consumers can then search on one of these hashtags to see pictures and conversations regarding that topic.

If you want to use a hashtag that is already trending, use a site like Twubs or Hashtags.org.

Try using hashtags when searching and marketing through your social media sites.

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