Stitch This sounds as if it could be profanity,
 but as quilter’s we have our own language and would
jump at the
chance to stitch almost anything.
Join in as Martingale celebrates all things PRECUT with some wonderful Moda fabric
 giveaways and tips to sew with precuts.
Martingale - Jelly Babies (Print version + eBook bundle)
If you have never sewn with any of the Moda Precuts now is the time to give it a try.
I will never forget the first time I used a jelly roll.
I went home from work, started dinner, unrolled the jelly roll and actually started sewing. No pre-cutting, planning or fumbling through sets of templates. I couldn’t stop. I almost burned dinner!
There are so many products in the market place that
 make quilting with the moda precuts a breeze.
 There is a recipe of a few ways to slice and dice a
Layer Cake
printed on the back of every layer cake package.
A layer cake is a set of 42-10″ squares.
 Choose any of the cuts featured above or
just sew the squares together into 7 rows with 6 squares in each row
 to make a quilt top that measures 57″ x 66 1/2″.
Enjoy Martingales selection of books chock full of ideas and designs.
Martingale - Another Bite of Schnibbles (Print version + eBook bundle)
Warning: Precuts are addicting. You may stop making
dinner to dive into your next project.

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9 thoughts on “STITCH THIS

  1. Love the section on what you can cut a pre-cut into. That really puts ideas into my head. I always think that a precut means use it just like it is. BUT.. not so much. It is just a nice time saver and a pre-packaged way to get a lot of fabric selection in a nice tidy little package. LOVE this.

  2. Love the tutorial and the precut plate photo is very nice.Love these photos!

    I use charm packs and jelly rolls more than layer cake,I don´t know why.

  3. I love Moda precuts!! After reading this post, I have a better idea of how to simply use those precuts! Thanks again for posting this helpful information. 🙂

  4. I love Moda precuts. I find precuts great for getting a lot of different fabrics without having to buy larger cuts. As it says on some of the packaging though, sizes may vary slightly, and I have never had a perfectly square layer cake or charm pack, or straight jelly roll strips, or any precut cut on the grain. For accurate piecing, trimming is often necessary, which I think is an important thing to keep in mind.

  5. I am loving moda precuts. I was asking the lady at my local store today for ideas on making quilts out of charm packs. I am looking for anything more than the nine patch and disappearing nine patch.

    I’m hoping to read a book to get some ideas.

  6. Until you posted this about the layer cakes. I have bought them before but never noticed the instructions on how many ways you could cut them. Oh my goodness, nothing like eyes wide shut.

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