Quilter’s Olympics

Sadly the 2012 Olympics are over. 
But that got us thinkin’ and we decided that our fellow quilter’s are just as qualified as those Olympians to take the GOLD in something! Maybe not the pole vault but SOMETHING! 
So let’s have a little fun quilters! 
Tell us… If you were in the Quilter’s Olympics, what would YOU take the GOLD in? 
Most scandalous fabric collection in the county?
Best Display of Fat Quarter’s?
The Most UFO’s in your Quilt Guild?
Most Creative Use of Chocolate during Late Night Sewing?
Fastest “Un-sewing” Time with a Seam Ripper?
If you want to WIN… 
Be fun! Be creative! Be RUTHLESS!
 We will have a set of highly qualified judges that will determine who will take the Bronze, Silver & GOLD! 
GOLD: AccuQuilt Baby Go!
SILVER: Sewline Gift Set
BRONZE: Swatch Buddies
The winners will be selected on the morning of Friday the 17th. 
Best of Luck to you all! 

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89 thoughts on “Quilter’s Olympics

  1. I would win the gold in the best use of my 2 year old daughter’s nap time. I pretty much run from putting her down to my machine to work on whatever project I happen to be doing at the time. Quickest project: An adorable grey chevron purse in 1 hr and 20 mins. With plenty of time to start a new project!

  2. I would win the Gold Medal for zoning out into “sewing mode”. My daughter learnt to ask me for permission to do things when I was sewing because she knew I wasn’t really paying attention to anything she said and could get away with anything she wanted.


  3. My area of competition would be the amount of times (and how quickly) I jump up and down, running from my sewing machine to the guest room, where all the pieces of fabric are laid out that are to be sewn together. Then onto the ironing board hurdle. After sewing the pieces together, I hurdle over to the ironing board and give a quick press to the seams just sewn. Run back to the laid out fabric and start the process over again until the whole quilt top is sewn together. I do get a lot of exercise when I am “piecemaking”.

  4. Considering how much practice I get–uh, how much time I spend training–for it, I would definitely be a contender for the gold in fastest unsewing time with a seam ripper.

  5. I could be a contender in the “Best ways to hide your stash from your Husband” category. He thinks I need the walk-in closet for my work scrubs. Ha!

  6. I’d take the gold in unfinished projects {sadly}. Although maybe just the silver, as this summer I am completing many of them!!

  7. I think I could medal in multi-tasking….”up-down-turn around”. I often do laundry, long arm quilt, piece, and design all at the same time. My “studio” is designed so that I have to get up and move between cutting, piecing, and ironing….keeps me limber. LOL.

  8. I would win gold in the wonderful assortment of movies I watch while sewing. I put on my daughters portable DVD player and grab several movies, usually horror movies! I love to watch a good scream fest while I Have a sewing fest!

  9. I think I could take the gold for the most disorganized quilter in the world. I have so many UFO’s that I can’t find the rest of the fabrics for, that I couldn’t finish them if I wanted to, and some I really want to. I forget I have new quilting tools and will buy the same thing again. I have stuff spread all over the house and basement. I think I need an intervention!!!!

  10. I would win the gold for best use of someone elses fabrics – I get a lot of bags of scraps from other quilters (how dare they throw those out!) and I dump those lovelies out on the table and just create with what is in there. It maybe one quilt, a wall hanging, or many wonderful small projects or minis.

  11. I think that I could take the Gold! I probably have the most UFO’s. Not only piecing, but then I have my own long arm. The work is never Dane! The gold prize would be an awesome way to get things done faster.

  12. My gold medal would definitlely be for BEST SEWING MULTI-TASKER! I have so many projects I want to get finished and not enough time to do them, so I switch from one to the next so none are overdue!

  13. I would take gold in the pillowcase race. I can slice the fabric, sew it up, and get it to a great little kid in the hospital in no time. My inspiration? All the great kid’s fabric on the market!!

  14. Cute contest!!
    I would win for the most messy – disorganized – messy – creative Sewing room out there …. (And proud of it most of the times)

  15. I would win Gold in the “miniature quilt with the most pieces in each block” event. I made a mini-quilt that has 3 1/2″ blocks & each block has 100 pieces in it. The whole quilt measures 8″ x 8″. And Silver for a fabric stash that will definitely out live my life expectancy! WOWZA!

  16. I would win gold in “making a queen sized, complicated quilt for my husband in the middle of the night, while 7 months pregnant and with 2 kids under the age of 3”.

  17. I would win the gold in the most crooked and uneven lines. my quilts look like a drunk person did them, Im very new to quilting like so new that so far im teaching myself. I sat down at last month to a sewing machine that was given to me(1st one I ever used)and googled the basic steps.So far I have done 3 baby crib quilts and like I said there isnt a straight line anywhere on it LOL. I must admit Im having fun learning and I have actually singed up for a quilting class that starts soon. LOL maybe that puts me in the running for a bronze or sivler just for effort lol

  18. My gold medal would be for efficient use of fabric and space. My sewing space looks like a total disaster, but it’s set up to run like an olympic event. I can rotary cut, chain piece, iron, and quilt in record time. Thanks so much!

  19. I would definately win Gold in the “Staring-at-a-piece-of-fabric-debating-if-this-project-is-worthy-of-actually-cutting-it” category. I am great at buying fabric, but not so great at actually using it. Somehow my brain thinks it’s being put to better use folded pretty on the shelf than sewn into a quilt for all to share the prettiness. But I’m working on a 12 step program for this! 🙂
    Cute idea, Moda!


  20. Gold medal awarded to Denise for the most creative and inadvertent use of loose pet hair in her projects. Bonus points awarded for variety of colors used (culled from our 3 cats and two dogs) and for fur used on the interior of the project (usually stuck on the batting) and fur that was sewn onto the project during topstitching.

  21. I would totally take the gold in “Most bolts of fabric piled up at fabric store to decide between for a project in which I am only planning to purchase two fat quarters.” Fortunately the LQS is used to me, but I did once have over 20 bolts of fabric piled up while I tried to decide which two I liked the best together. (They took pictures!)

  22. I would surely medal for most hours awake on a quilt retreat weekend. It’s like it is the end of the world and I don’t want to waste one single second.

  23. I would take the gold medal for best use of an itty bitty sewing area. I think people would be shocked to see my big chair and small table!

  24. I’m afraid I would win the gold for the best procrastinator! I find myself switching patterns, layouts, etc…then when I finally decide on a pattern I have to change it. I seem to be incapable of using a pattern as it is written. I always change something and that takes time. Of course, I must just enjoy looking at the uncut fabric for a while. That’s an absolute must. Surprisingly sometimes I actually finish something!

  25. I think I would take the gold in my guild for the messiest and biggest stash…about the only room that doesn’t have fabric in it is my hubby’s office and the bathrooms! It is in bins in the whole basement where I am supposed to sew, in the dining room, laundry room to wash or iron, family room, grown kids’ rooms, garage (only one car will fit due to my stuff)…get the picture?

  26. I would win “most sleep-deprived quilter” since most of my quilting time starts after the kids are in bed and ends around 2 am!
    Once I’m going I just can’t stop–plus it’s soooo quiet!

  27. i’d take a gold in stashing kits, ufo’s … love the pressing of the fabrics, handling it, cutting kits, stashing them to look at. occaisionally sewing a piece of patchwork background so i can fold it over a paper towel tube on a hanger and pinning the bagged applique pieces and binding to it.
    other times, i’ll sew appliqued panels to their side pieces and finish off the top, but it goes onto a hanger. sew, i have about 30 tops in various stages, more fabric pulled and gathered with patterns, waiting for that magic day when they’re pressed and cut. i do finish, say, one a month!

  28. I’d definitely place in the stash hoarding, er collecting competition! I get so much inspiration from pinterest and blogworld that I need to buy fabrics for new projects before I’ve had the chance to begin older ones.

  29. I will compete with anyone to claim that I belong to the best and most supportive quilting mini-group anywhere. The Looseends are my my lifeline. They should win the gold for support, affection and knowing how to have a great time anywhere, anytime.

  30. I could say I could win a gold in UFOs, but I probably only have the normal number of unfinished projects!
    My most likley “gold” would be in the area of trying to make every seam, every intersection as perfect as possible. When I was learning to sew as a young person, my aunt was my most vocal critic if I failed to do my best. She worked as an extension home economist and was an expert on how to sew corretly! Now I really appreciate her scrutiny of my projects and encouragement to always to do my best!

  31. Dog Vault, or maybe that should be hurdles? Going from the cutting board to my sewing machine to my ironing board whilst having to stride over my interfering greyhound 😉

  32. I would surely win the gold for the worst case of Q.A.D.D. (Quilters Attention Deficit Disorder). I have been known in a single Saturday to start numerous projects without ever making any progress. My work surfaces are usually covered in piles of fabric I pull for a project but can’t quite commit to cutting, so I pull the next batch, and so on. Darn you Pinterest and all your beautiful inspiration!

  33. I would win the gold for my unsurpassed ability to collect rulers and fabric. I can see a new ruler or fabric and instantly determine if I have it or not. I can also make them magically appear in my sewing room without being discovered by the non sewing person in the house. I have come to the conclusion that I have the power of osmosis and when that doesn’t work I use my cloak of invisability!

  34. I would win the gold as the fastest trimmer of in-the-hoop applique. I love to use machine embroidery in my projects and am especially fond of in-the-hoop applique. What a great idea for a contest. Thank you.

  35. I would win the gold in PHD’s (projects half done) hands down. I mean well, but, my hands just can’t keep up with all the quilts rolling around in my brain. When I get an idea for a new quilt, I have to get busy on it before it gets stored way back in the back of my brain. (the older I get, the shorter my memory gets.)

  36. I would win gold in two different events! The first would be for the most fabric (Moda, of course), mats, patterns, and sewing paraphernalia crammed into a small sewing room and still organized such that I can find exactly what I want in record time.
    The second gold would be for most accurate machine piecing of a quilt block.
    Cute contest!

  37. So I won’t lose my gold medal in my sewing room, I am entering the sewing room pentathlon – sorting, stashing, trashing, donating and organizing. I’ve neglected cleaning up between projects so the mess has gotten out of hand. The sorting has already started and I plan on working at record pace to get this under control & ready for more creating.

  38. Gold for largest stash. Silver for longest quilt in progress, Silver in number of UFO’s and Bronze in someday will learn to the follow the rules!

  39. I would win gold for Procrastination……I head to the sewing room with so much enthusiasm and get there and move this and touch that and think about this and oh i’ll just look at this and oh what about that and leave hours later not having sewn a stitch……..a gold medal performance……..

  40. i’d be a Gold medalist for the doubles sewing event with my mom!
    when we get together to quilt it’s always fun. we have multiple projects going, typically musicals or old movies playing in the background, snacks and over the sound of the machines – constant quilt talk! 🙂 love it!

  41. I think I’d win the gold in most practice pieces of Free Motion Quilting. I want to see perfection before I dare quilt on a real quilt! But I’m close, real close.
    Pam L.

  42. I win a Gold finishing a top but no time to basting and quilting it.

    Silver medalist in my sewing room,after sewing with all the fabrics around and thread on the floor
    Bronze,my machine,I know when doesn´t walk fine.

  43. I think I’d win a gold medal for instilling a love of fabric and sewing in the youngest sewer. My little boy has been sewing with me since about 1-year-old and now begs to sit on my lap while I sew and help guide the fabric. He also enjoys going to the fabric store and choosing fabrics, especially since he often gets his own fat quarter to bring home. If you have any doubt, you can check out his fine sewing form here!

  44. I am in training to perfect my
    “natural ability” to read the pattern directions, study the photos and still soar with creating a different final design from the original design by the pattern designer:) They are “one-of-a-kind”, can’t be recreated designs:)

  45. Oh, well, that easy! I would definitely win the gold in procrastination. It never fails- I have the best of intentions to get a project done in plenty of time, design, cut, start piecing blocks and then, wham, I’m at the final minutes and have to race to the finish! Kind of like leisurely walking across a cow pasture and not noticing that there’s an angry bull in the corner until it’s too late! Yep, that’s pretty much how I work.

  46. I would win a silver in impulsive fabric buying. I am not completely out of control but I am pretty good.
    I would bring home the gold in ‘angry sewing’- where you’re annoyed so you take it out on your foot pedal.

  47. I would win the gold in “square footage take over”. I’m not sure how I got him to agree, but my husband helped me move my sewing stuff into our huge master bedroom. We then squeezed our king-size bed, dresser, armoire, and 2 bed side tables into what had been my sewing room with about half the square footage. Our guest bath is my “quilt locker” with quilts draped over the shower rod, plastic bins of fabric and UFO’s in the bath tub, and boxes of batting on the toilet. I can’t receive sleep-over company, but I have plenty of room to work on my quilts!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  48. I would win gold for the number of different projects I have taken on all at the same time in different crafty categories. I’m a wee bit overwhelmed these days..lol.

  49. I could win gold in using the most embellishments ever on my quilts.. probably should have stopped after a couple, but nope… just kept on going so the bling overcame the boring=)

  50. I would win a medal for enjoying my sewing room. Whether it’s being in there for one minute to sew a few seams or all day to finish a quilt top, I love to be in my sewing room!

  51. I would win gold for Quilter with the most fat quarters and most excuses about why I’m not sewing. Really, I just need some more time and a push. Great contest.

  52. I’d win the gold medal for pushing myself beyond expectations for a beginner quilter. I’m currently working (slowly) on a king sized quilt using blocks that everyone else made with 5″ squares; I’m using 2.5″. So, twice the size finished quilt, half the size fabric bits to piece. Actually, maybe the gold medal for being nuts?

  53. I believe I’d get the gold for making and giving away quilts. I think I’ve made well over 200 bed- sized quilts now. Sure, my house is full of them. I’ve probably got around 20 here. But if you do the math, you’d see that virtually all of my family, friends, and loved ones have a quilt or two, making thier lives that much sweeter and cozier!

  54. I’d take the gold medal for the huge number of projects and tutorials that I’m “gunna” make one day. I have epatterns, paper patterns, all brands of magazines, tutorials saved to my hard drive & usb drive…I need 20 lifetimes to make all those quilts, bags, cushions, clothes, soft toys that are sewn, knitted or crocheted…but I am going to make them all!

  55. Gold … definitely gold … in the IDIOT category … also known as the “failure to launch” category … meaning the time from the first big desire to make a quilt to the time I actually started making one.

    In my 20’s I became smitten with quilts. I have admired them, read about them, studied techniques, designs, fabrics … I read … I look … I read some more … I look some more … I buy books and magazines … I flag pages of useful information and quilt patterns I’d like to make.

    Almost 30 years later … last year at age 52 … I took a week of summer vacation to hole up in my house and make my very first solo quilt. My first time using a sewing machine. I’m happy to report that I have since made 5 quilts while working full time. For me that is a huge success, though not a medal winning performance by any stretch.

    I shake my head at all those wasted years of being afraid (afraid?? of what??) to actually start quilting.

    Gold medal for being an idiot. For sure.

  56. I could easily place in the top three for having the most creative way to bring more ‘un-needed’ fabric into the house and no one is the wiser. See, one simply keeps a stash of grocery bags in the car. Before arriving home one places the fabric purchases into grocery bags. When asked what’s in the bags one replies “high fiber goodies”…(no little lies here!). This worked great when I was a young girl and had a thing for shoes…I left to get married after accumulating over 250 pair…sew, if the system ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  57. Oh that’s easy. I’m the queen mother of fabric bargain hunting! I never EVER pay full price for fabric. I once found a huge box of vintage fabric scraps, yardage, and pieced blocks that spanned seven decades, at least! All that fabulousness for only $10.
    There must be a coupon, or at least free shipping, for me to even CONSIDER buying fabric. I have a nose for bargains, and I can always find what I want. For instance, did you know that Summersville is on sale for $5 a yard at Pink Castle? You didn’t, did you? That’s because you’re not the queen mother of fabric bargain hunting.
    I realize this may not win me any affection from a major fabric manufacturer, but it’s my talent nonetheless. There’s no denying.

  58. I could win the Gold for having the most fabrics stashed in a closet. They really are neat and tidy, very organized. I have the pattern, project or book along with all the fabrics needed tucked inside plastic boxes and in pretty gift bags! I love my fabric stash closet!! I have even had clear plexi-glass cut and put onto the closet shelves so that I can use them for bookshelves. My little closet is neat and tidy with eveything in its place just awaiting the special times I have to come and stitch!!!!!

  59. I loved watching the Olympics!! All the swimming, diving, jumping, running, rolling. I would win the Gold in the Overall Quilting Events. First event would be Swimming in Ideas, oh the pins and blogs and books. I have so many ideas of quilts I want to make. Second event Diving in to Deep, I have started a few projects that are way above my current level of understanding. Third event Jumping on the Bandwagon, I want to join every Swap, Quilt Along, BOM or any other fun thing I see online. Forth event, Running to the Quilt Store, I live for almost any reason to go get thread, a yard cut of fabric, batting, or even needles. Fifth and final event, Rolling in at the Deadline, I want to finish and have extra time at the end but I usually just make it in time. I would do my Quilting Country proud by do my best pinning and seaming, pressing and quilting.

  60. I’d medal for distracted sewing…and subsequent seam ripping. I have a baby, so I end up forgetting where I was in a project then facing the pieces the wrong way or closing the opening I should of left for turning…then I spend twice as much time ripping the seam out and hopefully fixing it before I get distracted again and repeating the same mistake (yah, cause that’s happened before).

  61. I would win gold in lots of unfinished project … i have an attention span of a blue tang (Dory in Finding Nemo)… wait what was i saying? … oh, quilting…. la la la… just keep swimming!

  62. I would sweep all three medals! The gold would easily be mine with no less than 50 quilts boxed and ready to be cut and made. Then I’d capture the silver with a shameless collection of fabric – great stash, outstanding bias collection and bag upon bag of “true scraps”. And finally, the bronze would fall to me with time management: I put the dog down for a nap at 9:15 am and work “like a dog” until 12:30 or so and most days I’m in my “Idea Room” by 3:30 am – cannot sleep for all the ideas running through my head (to be cut/designed and sewn). Ta da – a sweep!

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  64. I would take the gold for singing and stitching. I sing badly out of tune and the sound carries over my machine on occasion as far as my next door neighbour’s house.

  65. I would win the gold for size – there isn’t a wall hanging or lap quilt that I can’t turn into a king size quilt. I have given up on small projects and always buy enough fabric to make a king with dust skirt and shams….

  66. I would win gold in unfinished projects! I am the worst at starting things and never finishing them. In fact, I have an entire walk in closet full of nothing but unfinished projects!

  67. I will win the Olympic Gold Medal for best overdressed fat quarter quilter. I will win the Silver (with my mother) for the mother-daughter quilter team with the highest combined ages. Finally, I will win the Bronze for my pre-Olympic quilting original warm up exercise: “I cain’t sing, and I cain’t dance, but I can piece most anything!”

  68. Olympic Gold: my best shot at gold would be for my binding…my favorite part of quilting is the binding. I have bound many quilts for friends who don’t like to bind or have hand pains from hand stitching…yes I’ve bound a boat load of quilts for friends. Two years ago, my husband set up my blog and named it ‘Quilt n Queen’ and a friend added to it. It is now called Quilt n Queen of Binding. Lately I’ve been stitching a lot of 2 sided bindings and everyone loves the look…I’d say my 2-sided binding is a ‘gold’ winner. Thanks for hosting the ‘Quilting Olympics’.

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