Moda Candy

Moda Candy, each of those words individually are two of my favorite things on earth!
Put them together and what do you get? The newest precut from moda.
Moda candy are little bits of fabric available in 2 1/2″ squares.
Just the perfect size to “nibble” on. 
Carrie Nelson must be a nibbler because guess what she did?
Just like her line of schnibbles patterns 
using charm packs and layer cakes,
she has out done herself
with a new line of patterns, Little Bites.
Used with permission of LaVieEnRosie
The projects range in size from 15″ to as big as 32″ square.
Each pattern has at least 2 colorways.
Some of the patterns have different setting options.
The variety of projects is just like being a kid in a candy store trying to decide
which piece of candy to choose.Why choose just one?
Guess what, you may not have to choose because Carrie has graciously sent us
 2 sets of Little Bites to share with 2 special readers from the moda candy store.
 Keep Bella solid jelly rolls or charm packs on hand to cut background pieces for these projects  
 Tell us why
you just have got to have
a set of Carrie’s patterns to be entered in a drawing to
win 1 of each of all 8 Little Bites Patterns.
Drawing will take place Wednesday September 4th.
You can win a set of patterns here,
but I guess you need some fabrics to go with them, right?
 Hop on over to Miss Rosie’s blog to read more about these patterns
and have a chance to win
Moda Candy fabric squares!
Just think…Candy that is low-cal, non-fat and you wont have to share with the family!
Just as a heads up the patterns are brand new and have just start arriving in stores. So if you don’t win here be patient, they are worth the wait! However if you are like me and obsessed over all things moda and Miss Rosie, all the patterns use 2 moda candy packs so start hoarding these.
Have fun. 

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301 thoughts on “Moda Candy

  1. I need to win a set of patterns because I have a set of these tiny little bites from Kate Spain that I won from her blog a few months ago and I DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT TO DO WITH THESE CUTIES!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I just have to have these patterns because I have a few little Moda Candy’s sitting on my shelf begging to be used (tasted?), plus scraps from so many jelly rolls and layer cakes that I have cut into 2 1/2″ squares ready for the perfect project!!

  3. I’ve always admired and wanted one of the schnibbles patterns! Such cuteness…and it is so less daunting than making a full sized quilt! Love them!

  4. Because I already made a lot of Schnibbles projects (I have a special page on my blog ) and I love mini quilts. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I love 2 1/2″ squares but I had no idea they were called candys!
    I’ve enjoyed scnibbles so these patterns would be my next projects!

  6. Aha – so that is what Carrie has been working on! She’s been keeping everyone in suspense on her blog! I love making Schnibbles quilts and I’m sure I’ll love Little Bites too!It would be lovely to win and add these to my collection of Carrie Nelson books and patterns! Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Because I already have one set of Vintage Mondern from the Fat Quarter Shop new BOM, and I Would like some more to go with the new pattern! Warmest…

  8. I need to win these patterns – such CUTE little designs! The only thing better than a Schnibble is a Little Bite!

  9. I would love to have one of these new patterns from Carrie. She writes the best directions and these would make darling little gifts for folks at Christmas!

  10. I just have to have these beauties to help me with my Candy addiction! I got one, now I need more. And more. One with each fabric order!

  11. I’m into tiny things, but would love to win this big set of Carrie’s new patterns! So please pick me…I promise to happily use them and give them a great home!

  12. I have to have a set of these because just like gazing at all the selections of candy in the store, I’ve now seen tantalizing bits of these awesome, fun patterns and now I’m craving them!


  13. I completely agree – How could anyone pick just one? I’ve never tried one of Carrie’s patterns. I have no idea why! I’ve heard they are incredibly well written and of course they’re obviously cute. I’d love a chance to win!

  14. I need theses patterns because I am planning to have a wall decorated with mini quilts and this would be the perfect way to get started!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I am in a quilting funk lately. I don’t seem to want to do anything. It’s lasted awhile now and is starting to scare me. I think a small project like this might (hopefully) snap me out of it.

  16. I have to have them because they are just so cute I can’t resist. I love Carrie Nelson’s designs and fabric choices. They look fresh and pretty.

  17. WHY??? Because I have live with 5 boys and my husband and between cooking and cleaning, mini quilts are about all I have time for these days!!! I love mini quilts and feel such a sense of accomplishment when I can actually FINISH a project! And I LOVE Carrie’s patterns! AND Moda fabric, of course!

  18. I have to just got to win because I love all things Carrie. She’s a great designer and all around fabulous person. You couldn’t have picked a better designer to come up with ideas for your new Candy.

  19. I need to win because of my addiction to little quilts and my instant gratification fix! I’ve already got a few small bits just waiting for the perfect patterns and Ta Da here they are thanks to brilliant gals!

  20. I need to win because I need to add more projects to my lists== the wanna do list, the did one but want to make another variation list, the make a small something for someone special list and so on
    I NEED to win because I love Carrie’s patterns, I love small quilts, and I have a few of these already I haven’t known what to do with– except to pet.

  21. This would be the next step in improving my piecing skills. Working with smaller starting pieces and best part? No cutting of the starting pieces! They are ‘real’ quilt patterns. Carrie doesn’t short change.

  22. I’m (was) 4 ft.10, now I’m starting to shrink. I’ve been told my whole life that good things come in small packages. I know that’s true, you should see all the women in my family, my sister is the tallest at 5 ft. 1/4 in.(yes we count every little bit). I would LOVE to win some little bitty patterns. ;-> Toni Anne

  23. I need them all! Huge fan of everything Carrie does but these patterns will finally allow me to make something with all those candy charms I’ve collected over the years! Love them all!!

  24. Golly, Anything to do with little bites that won’t make me fatter fits right into my diet! I’m all in for that!! It is really making me hungry for them somehow.. how does that work???

  25. These little projects are great for those times when I want to make “a little something” but am not ready to tackle a major new project. And a great way to use a fabric line that has caught my eye but isn’t my usual thing.

  26. Oh she’s done it again…I have some of those Moda Bake Shop Samplers, but I imagine, not for long. I placed my order this morning. And, those pincushions are on my radar. When does the Moda Candy start shipping?

  27. Brillant idea!!!! Since I seem to love all things Moda, the Moda Candy and Little Bites will help. I have big quilts stacked up like “planes over Atlanta.” It’s time to work smarter and smaller:)

  28. I just recently tried my first Moda charm pack, and I’m hooked!! The project just flew together! What could be better than Moda Candy and Little Bites!!

  29. “Little Bites” – how much more fun can this be! Would love a chance to play with these darling patterns. Please choose me!!! And of course, what could be better than Moda fabric to go with these patterns.!

  30. Why would I want these patterns? … Why would I not want these patterns! I love all of Carrie’s patterns. I am working on one of her Schnibble patterns right now. I am ready for another “Little Bite” of fabric candy and quilty goodness. Thnaks for the chance to win … 🙂 Pat

  31. I need a set of these patterns because I’m a fat quarter collector and need some suggestions on how to start using some so I can keep collecting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Who doesn’t like candy??? Carrie writes such amazing patterns! Little Butes are perfect for creating my wall of small quilts!!!!

  33. Oh my! Would love these patterns as I love the Schnibbles patterns too. Making small projects fits into my schedule and Carrie’s patterns are wonderful!

  34. I need to win these patterns simply because Carrie’s patterns rock! Great ideas combined with great instructions. What is not to love about that? Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I need those patterns to use with all the Moda Candy I am going to win from Carrie! Okay, it would be too good to be true to win both.

    So, I have one Moda candy that I won in a scrap giveaway and I didn’t know what to do with it. If I have Carrie’s patterns and a friend for the Moda candy, I’ll have some options!

  36. I just love Carrie’s Schnibbles patterns so I’m sure these will be just as great. And the pincushion pattern is particularly timely. I’m just about to lose a challenge with my quilt bee and when I do, I have to make each member a pincushion as a result. This would make it so much more fun! Her patterns are always so enjoyable and easy to follow.

  37. I need the patterns because I just ordered some of the mini charm packs & need patterns to make them up. Can’t wait to get started on them.

  38. These are just darn cute!!! Love making little quilts – I actually finish them!!

    Love Miss Rosie’s patterns and love Moda fabric – a match made in heaven!

  39. I make little (about 10″) dolls and they need little quilts to keep them warm – or so the grandchildren say. These would be perfect! No more trying to figure out how to adjust sizes? Priceless.

  40. Oh, you people are killing me. Now I have to have those little candy stacks to go with the candy bars. I must win these patterns because eventually I will have to cut into all this wonderful fabric that is piling up around here and will need the perfect patterns to use.

  41. Well because I need something gorgeous and quick to make for our CHristmas craft table benefiting our local library and these would sell like hot cakes. Marilyn McKinnon

  42. I would absolutely love these patterns. I’m addicted to all moda precuts and I’m always looking for ways to use them! Thanks for the chance!

  43. I have two Moda candies just waiting for the right pattern idea. Surely Miss Rosie has delivered. How fun would it be to have so many choices?!!

  44. I need a set of these patterns to help me use up the 2 1/2 inch squares I have cut from my scrap stash. Then I can buy new Moda fabric candy and other precuts! Thanks for the chance to win

  45. Little Bites! How cool is that!! I’ve been on the Schnibbles train for a while, but now to add CANDY with Little Bites, well what more can you say. The need is great, after all it is for candy, right??

  46. I absolutely MUST have these patterns because I have a few of these little Moda candies and I don’t know what to do with them! Besides all the patterns are just fantastic! Thanks for the chance!


  47. I just have to win the set of Carrie’s patterns, because the bare yellow walls in my sewing room are screaming for some mini quilts to be hung there!

  48. Little Bites plus mini charm packs equals more fun sewing and quilting time!! I have one mini charm pack I could already start using and so many more out there to have fun with!

  49. the blogger Oh Fransson introduced me to making quilts with 2.5 squares and I loved it. I then did fractured quilts and love them so I am hooked. I have lots of baby doll quilts in my future to keep the grandkids supplies so would love these patterns.

  50. Ack! These are so cute!! I must have them, I own so many of Carrie’s patterns and she never lets me down, I also need to make some small, bitty quilts to hang on my wall. What a great idea to use the Moda Candy 🙂

  51. I only have “little bites” of time to sew while my babies nap, and “Little Bites’ patterns would be perfect! I could feel like I accomplished something.

  52. I love to work on tiny little projects. They’re something that I can pop into a bag and carry with me where ever I go. It’s nice, in the evening to sit with my family and keep my hands busy. These little patterns are just darling!! Oh please, let it be me!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  53. I need these because I didn’t start quilting till my fifties so I’m late to the party already and on top of that I’ve never made any of Carrie’s patterns. As you can see, my need is great.

  54. I need these so I have an excuse to buy Moda fabric! I’ve turned into a total fabric snob. Oh, and Carrie told me that I need these. I wouldn’t want to go against her wishes.

  55. I MUST have these because i have a box full of little squares that i don’t know what to do with!
    Boppiesgirl at gmail dot com

  56. I would love to win the Little Bites patterns because I have finished all of my other quilting projects and need something new to do! Just kidding…but I do love miniature quilts!

  57. Because I don’t have a local store that stocks Carrie’s patterns. I have njoyed jioning in the 2012 A Year of Schnibbles so I know how good her patterns are.

  58. Why me? I have two little Moda Candy packs from Minnick & Simpson that need a project to transform themselves into! And I love Carrie’s patterns, but know there won’t be room in the budget for these ones for quite some time

  59. Why do I want these? Cuz I love candy — all candy – especially Moda Candy! And I need these Little
    Bites to go with my Candy!

  60. Oh my!! I need these because I had no idea what to do with Moda candy except trying the tiny twister?? Who knew there were wonderful patterns!

  61. I need to have some patterns because who wouldn’t want something labeled for use with CANDIES!! …and I love doing things based on 2.5″ pieces.

  62. Who doesn’t love Candy and Schnibbles! What a great combination! and less fattening to the body – but maybe not the budget! haha!

  63. I have several of Carrie’s books as I love the patterns and colors she uses and if I win these new patterns I have an excuse to try out these cute little fabric pieces that I will have to buy.

  64. Seriously, you have to ask? Because Carrie’s patterns are to die for!! And Moda pre-cuts….they are the bomb!! Thanks for AGAIN, wrecking my quilting budget!!

  65. I love all Carrie’s designs. Having so much fun making Schnibbles this year. The Little Bites look wonderful. And I’m a big Moda fan too.

  66. I’ve got to have one of her new patterns because I’ve been eyeballing her pincushions for some time. Haven’t made one yet, but covet one of the little patterns I have, now am obsessing over the little bite pincushion patterns! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  67. I need some candy because I am always behind the trends in quilting and have just recently caught on to the mini-quilt craze. I guess I am thinking that these Little Bites are best suited to my short attention span and I would like to give them a try and see if I develop an addiction to them. Thanks for the chance to win a couple of these cute patterns.

  68. I need them because they are so cute! I have 3 packs of candy, so I need the patterns so I can use them. Thank you for the chance to win.


  70. I love anything that Carrie designs! And I love to work with small quilts. I would love to win Carrie’s patterns! Thank you for the chance to win!

  71. I just “have to have” these patterns because I’ve had a sweet tooth since I was a little girl(just ask my mother!!), and I love quilting and I love miss carrie’s patterns and Moda’s fabrics are THE BEST! And I have way too much fabric, so getting Candy will be the best way to get new fabric lines and not have to move out to the yard to make room for new fabric!! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win what I know are some fantastic patterns!

  72. A complete set of Carrie’s incomparable Little Bites patterns are just what I need to sample all the delicious Moda candies. I can’t have just one!

  73. Oh, thank you so very much for such a wonderfully generous givaway!! The perfect prize for a quilter with a sweet tooth for candy, but who can’t afford the calories!! LOL!!

  74. what a great giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to win these patterns….and just like candy, I’m craving these things already! Got to see them in person. It might be hard to wait until they’re in my local shop!

  75. I have got to have these patterns! Why?! Because any thing that involves Candy and Fabric in combination without fear of messing up said fabric, or gaining weight is a Win/Win!!!

  76. I have just gotta have these ’cause they’d be SEW perfect for doll quilts for my 3 granddaughters! Love these patterns. And the Candy…yumm!! 🙂

  77. Oh my gosh! HOw stinkin cute are these????? I need, I need, I need!!! I can’t afford to buy any more patterns so I absolutely need to win some! Thanks so much for the chance to win them 🙂

  78. These are so adorable! I “need” to win this because I have heard all kinds of good things about Miss Rosie patterns, but haven’t made any yet. They are really hard to find around here!

    Sandy A

  79. Why? These patterns are just adorable and I have one Moda candy and with these patterns I would know what to do with it. Might need more candy!!

  80. I just have got to have those patterns to use up some candy scraps that I’ve been cutting fo rthe past 10 years.
    Yikes, it’s overflowing and I want to buy some Moda candy now.
    Waaw, waaw, boo hoooo….. as I’m flailing my feet and hands on the floor having my own little hissy fit.

  81. I would love to win because I just bought the Marmalade mini squares and I didn’t know what I would do with them and of course I love Rosie’s patterns.

  82. Well anything Carrie comes up with is just excellent, and I’d love to have her patterns. Plus don’t have any of these little candies to use.

  83. I need these patterns because I have this obsession with buying Moda fabric (and precuts), but never picking up a pattern! YIKES! Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  84. I love making smaller projects. I seem to finish them faster 🙂 I would love to play with the sweet little candy pieces – they are great.

  85. I need some new little projects to go with my sour patch kids(candy) which I am sure will soon be Miss Rosie’s favorite,too. They are so tart and happy just like these amazing patterns!!

  86. I need some of these patterns so I can add more projects to my ever expanding want to do list! Being smaller, I might actually finsh them in a timely manner. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  87. I need these patterns because I joined the Fat Quarter Shop’s
    Moda Mini Charm Pack Club and I need some patterns to use with my mini charm packs!

  88. Bloggers rave about Carrie’s patterns – how fun they are to put together, how she makes complicated things go together so easily – so I want to try. And I love the thought of using 2 1/2″ squares. How cute will that be!?!! (very, very cute, I’m thinking!)

  89. I really, really, NEED these patterns. I need to win them now so that I don’t drive the nice ladies at my LQS crazy, stopping in every day asking if they have them yet. I came late to the Miss Rosie’s party, and by the time I was smitten with her pattens, it was hard to find some of them–they sell out so quickly. I’m always stopping in asking if there are any new Schnibbles whenever I need a treat. These new little patterns would be the perfect treat for me. And, here’s the kicker–I found out AFTER THE FACT, that Carrie came to my town and taught a workshop!!! I have no idea how this happened, but when I checked Carrie’s calendar, and saw my town listed, I trotted into the LQS to sign up for the class, and they told me it had been the prior year!!! That is just cruel.

  90. Because I love all things Rosie! Carrie’s patterns are such fun to work with. What a treat it would be to win her newest patterns. Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. I like to support Carrie! She supports Rosie, and I want to make sure Rosie gets all of the treats she wants…especially since Carrie has problaby been too busy to keep the treats coming!

  92. I absolutely need to have these patterns because I love to quilt on the go!!! The small fabric squares would fit right in the pattern’s ziplock envelope. So with the addition of thread, needle and scissors, I’d be ready to go!!

  93. Because I would be able to make some fantastic Christmas prezzies and as Carrie suggested on her blog some of these would look brilliant framed. I have a new bare wall in my front entrance that is crying out for this.
    Many thanks for the opportunity to win these!

  94. I am hooked on these little Moda Candy packs! I just have to have the patterns by Carrie. I bought many of her Schnibbles patterns, they are really fun to make up so I just know these patterns will be great too! Thanks!

  95. Love all things Moda, Moda Bake Shop and particularly love this newest addition. I’ve acquired some candies in the past and was reluctant to use them because they were just too darn cute. Now that they are widely available I would love to have patterns to turn the cute squares into cute mini-quilts.

  96. I won a set of Moda candy a year ago and have yet to use them. Winning Carrie’s patterns will set me up very well! Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. I have one little candy pack that I won in a blog giveaway, and while I have fingered my way through the lovely fabrics many times, I am not sure what to do with it! I think I need a pattern!

  98. I gotta have ’em because I love, love, love small quilts, Carrie’s patterns and anything Moda. They’ll be so much fun!

  99. A brand new grandson is my reason for loving the new Little Bites from Rosie. A Gramma can never make too many quilts for her Grands.tboadyA

  100. I would love to win these as I would actually be able to get some quilting done and it wouldn’t take over the whole table! They will make sweet gifts for many friends. Thank you for sharing.

  101. Oh I just gotta have Carrie’s patterns. It is love at first bite! I can’t wait to get some of these little treats and thank you for the opportunity – but I think I may just go take advantage of Carrie’s gracious offer because I don’t want to miss out and know I will want every bite!

  102. Moda and Carrie (can’t forget Rosie either!) – what a team! That girl is a genius! I’m thinking an entire wall of these Little Bites would make an incredible display on any wall – like artwork. I’m also thinking that these would make wonderful gifts to take to a nursing home and brighten up a small table in their rooms. After all, candy should be shared! Thank you for your generosity in offering such a wonderful, sweet, giveaway!

  103. As a recently-returned quilter, these little-ies are PERFECT to give me some instant gratification while I try to remember how to thread my machine with much older eyes! 🙂

  104. I would love to win the patterns because I have never made anything miniature and I feel like this would be a great time to start! Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. I love Carrie’s patterns and have her book also. The new Little Bites are adorable. I especially love “Tidbit” I have been cutting 2 1/2″ squares from scraps and now I need to look for the Moda candy bars.

  106. Why? Because I work fulltime and only have a few minutes each evening to sew. These would help me make BEAUTIFUL things quickly, and we have less than 4 months to get all our Christmas gifts made.

  107. We moved the end of last year and I finally have a dedicated craft/sewing room. The problem is I need some things to hang on the walls. Some little quilts from these patterns would be perfect! Thank you for the chance to win!

  108. I must have them because they are so darn cute!! Actually my granddaughter saw some in a store and thought they’d be perfect for a Pooh Bear blanket. I didn’t know there were patterns, oh boy!!

  109. I need to be challenged by a small project. I’m into cute right now and both the new candy charm packs and the Schnibbles patterns look to fit the bill. Thank you for the chance to win!

  110. As a regular Schnibbler I of course am going to need to make Little Bites too…SO CUTE! Obviously Miss Rosie came up with the name for these sweet treats!

  111. I would never throw away an “extra” charm square or a piece of jelly roll. Sooner or later those little strips add up, and I think I could use them in these darling little projects!

  112. Small projects are just the thing to avoid UFO’s and these will provide the inspiration to use up the Moda
    Candy squares that I have collected, they are just so cute. Love the prints and Miss Rosie patterns, have
    not been able to get over to the local quilt shop which is over 30
    miles away to check them out, will
    hope that they have them, if I am
    not the lucky winner.

  113. I’ve become stuck in a rut, only starting bed size quilts (and not finishing them). I need something I can finish to help get my mojo back! 🙂

  114. What’s not to love about these Moda Candy Packs! They are so yummy and they don’t add to the tummy 🙂 Coupled with Carrie’s patterns and you have a delightful treat! I just have to have these to add to the new diet I started…it is an all fabric diet that is full of Little Bites and Moda Candy 🙂

  115. Earlier today I saw a photo of a quilt made with the pattern in the first photo and I really want to make one — it’s so cute! I have a couple packs of those little squares just waiting for a project, so if I won the patterns I would be ready to go. Thanks for the chance!

  116. Candy falls under the banner of one of MY 7 deadly sins! Lust is a universal “deadly sin” as is envy, and gluttony! These are thoughts that I have when wanting to get my hands on these beutiful patterns for candy morsels!

  117. I just got to have a set of Carrie’s new patterns so can make some dolly quilts for my five grandnieces for Christmas (and maybe one for this spinster great aunt too). Thanks for the chance.

  118. I just got to have a set of Carrie’s new patterns so can make some dolly quilts for my five grandnieces for Christmas (and maybe one for this spinster great aunt too). Thanks for the chance.

  119. Who doesn’t like pre-cuts and little bitty patterns to make a pretty quilt in no time at all?! I am in love with all things fabric and patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  120. WOW!! I love these. I love little things and this fits the bill. I have been making Schnibbles for two years and these are so cool. I need to win these so that I can make everyone!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  121. I’m obsessed with pre-cuts; I love Charm Packs, Turnovers, Layer Cakes, ALL those delicious offerings. I would love to try these adorable Candy Packs with the equally cute Little Bites patterns!

  122. When I started quilting I made a Schnibble quilt, badly. Now I know so much more I’d like to try out the same pattern with new fabrics. Thank you for the lovely picture! Yum!!

  123. Why? Well, first because they are from Miss Carrie! Second because I have a couple Moda Candies and have been wondering what to do with them. Third, they would be great for those little extra pieces left after using Moda Jelly Rolls. Fourth, because I love Moda!

  124. Why have I just GOT to have a set of Carrie’s patterns?
    Does anyone a reason? Ok, well I suppose since you said we must give you one, it would be that I NEED them.
    I still consider myself ‘new-ish’ to quilting and I get very sad when I see a quilt that I absolutely love and then look at the list of fabrics I need to buy in order to make that quilt. I can’t afford to buy all those fabrics so I can’t make that gorgeous quilt I’ve just fallen in love with.
    With Carrie’s patterns, especially these new Little Bites patterns, they are much more affordable for those of us who might not have a huge income (SSD isn’t making me rich sadly) to spend on fabrics and patterns. I really love that just one or two of these adorable Candy square pack and an additional 1 yd or less of another fabric means I can create a quilt as a gift much more affordably. I LOVE that.

    I have a few of these candy packs from months ago which I had no idea what to use them for because Kate Spain was extremly nice and sent me a few. Winning these patterns would mean I can use those instead of staring admiringly at them.

    Thank you Moda too for making these little candy packs because while they are super cute, they are also going to make it easier for those like me that don’t have a lot of money to spend on fabrics to get more of our favorite fabrics we dream of having but can’t afford more than one or two of. I’m super excited about these being for sale now. Of course, that also brought this dilema of what DO I make with them? Carrie has given me that solution with her adorable Little Bites patterns so that is why I have GOT to have a set of her patterns. Thank you SO much for the chance. Carrie said to come over here because you are so sweet and are offering us this chance. Of course, we already KNEW that.

  125. I need the patterns because I fell in love with the new ‘candy’ and have bought oodles of them–now, what to do?
    Love the minis!!!

  126. Why? Because they are like chocolate to peanut butter! (Which I love )They belong together, a perfect match. Miss Rosie’s patterns are so dang cute and mode candy would make them the perfect new indulgence.

  127. I have been a follower of Miss Rosie’s patterns and Carrie since I first started quilting. Since I’m going to win the fabrics from Carrie’s webstite (how’s that for positive thinking?) I’ll need the patterns to go with them!!!! Dawn

  128. The patterns look great! I recently made the small X-Rated quilt from Schnibbles Times Two. It went together so well. I’m going to make the larger one to match.

  129. One of my goals this year was to try sewing “smaller” things, smaller both in terms of fabric size and also in terms of finished project. I have yet to accomplish it, and this looks like the perfect way to get started!

  130. I have a couple of mini charm packs at home that need to be put to use. Carrie’s patterns would be just the ticket!! So adorable!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  131. I am addicted to Moda pre-cuts! I cannot get enough. Knowing that there is now candy to go with my layer cakes, turnovers, jelly rolls and honey buns – and the ever-present-can’t-leave-the-shop-without-a-new charm pack! I NEED, NEED, NEED these! Oh my!

  132. I just adore Carrie and everything she does, not to mention her sense of humor and love of words! She has hit it out of the park with her newest set of patterns. I think this is a perfect marriage of Moda precuts and Carrie’s patterns.

  133. I need to win these because I absolutely love charm packs!! And if I love charm packs- then I would be in heaven with the Moda Candy and these little patterns would be perfect- how adorable!! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

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    I just love carries designs and Modas candy packs are delicious!
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  137. Why me? Need you ask? I need a candy project for the summer to de-stress from a year of teaching children. What better way than with little bits of candy?

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