Hex N More

Julie of Jaybird Quilts here to tell you about my my new ruler!
Hex N More!

What makes this ruler special is that it can cut 4 shapes in 4 sizes!!

The ruler comes with FULL COLOR instructions.
To make things simple, all of the pieces can be cut from strips!

In addition to developing the ruler I also have designed 5 patterns to go with it. I also have more patterns in the works that will be released later this year.

The Tasty Table Runner Pattern is so easy that I’ve made it three times already! The latest one that I made features Simply Color by V&Co.

I used one of the Ombre fabrics for the binding & love the results!

Here are the 16 pieces you can cut with the Hex N More.
Green Hexagons – 2″, 4″, 6″ & 8″
Red 60° Triangles – 1″, 2″, 3″ & 4″
Blue Half Hexagons – 2″, 4″, 6″ & 8″
Purple Jewels – 3″, 6″, 9″ & 12″

Each of the largest size shapes fit together perfectly.

The same is true about the medium shapes…

…the small shapes

…and the baby shapes.

All of the pieces have a 1/4″ seam. The possibilities are endless!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to cut a 4″ hexagon.
1. Start with a 4 1/2″ x width of fabric strip.
2. Place ruler as shown aligning the fabric strip with the solid horizontal 4 1/2″ hexagon lines.

3. Cut along right edge of ruler to trim strip.

4. Turn strip around 180°

5. Align cut edges with solid 4 1/2″ hexagons lines on ruler.

6. Cut along right edge of ruler to complete hexagon.

7. Turn strip around 180° to cut the next hexagon. Align solid horizontal 4 1/2″ hexagon lines.

8. Cut along right edge of ruler to trip strip. Discard triangles or cut small 1″ triangles for another project.

The same 4 1/2″ strip can be used to cut multiple shapes. You can cut a 4″ Hexagon, 8″ Half Hexagon and a 4″ 60° Triangle.


What is your one guilty pleasure in life?

PANTONE! I have a Pantone additction. My Phone, Wallet & Notebook are all Pantone.

When Sephora had their limited edition Pantone collection I stocked up… and I don’t even wear makeup!

My Chairs at Spring Quilt Market were even Pantone.

Where do you do your best thinking?
Alone. It doesn’t matter where I am, just that I’m alone and free of distractions. When I have major planning to do I hunker down in a quiet room and get to work.

What do you listen to while you work?

I used to listen to a variety of music while I was sewing. Lately I haven’t had much music playing in my studio. Maybe I need to get a new radio!

© Blog post written by Julie Herman
For more information visit http://www.jaybirdquilts.com/

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18 thoughts on “Hex N More

  1. Meu Deus do Céu…!!!!Sou totalmente viciada neste tipo de trabalho e nunca pensei nisso.Fiz meus moldes de papel em todo tipo de papel,agora imprimo na rede.Como foi e é cansativo cortar e cortar.Preciso deste.Obrigada pela ideia e talento,Deus te abençoe e crie mais para facilitar a minha vida.Beijo no coração.

  2. Julie ~ You keep adding to my wish list every single time you release something new and this tool is no exception. Of course, this goes right to the top of my list. I have always loved hexies and your ruler is wonderful. The quilts you’ve designed so far using the ruler are gorgeous. I really do love each one and would find it hard to even list them in order of my favorites.

    Where do I get my best ideas? This might sound funny, and I can only explain why other than I think that getting away from my computer makes my mind wander and come up with my ideas. But, that place is the bathroom. LOL Every single time I’m in the shower my brain is working overtime and it never fails that I’ll think of something we need for the grocery list or something I was supposed to do and haven’t. A number of times I’ve knocked on the wall to have my husband come to the bathroom to ask him to write something down because the minute I am out of the bathroom those fabulous ideas or things I’ve remembered totally disappear and I forget again. LOL Isn’t that terrible?

    As far as things I listen to ~ I usually have my TV on ‘watching’ a movie that I really don’t watch but mostly just listen to. Before one of my twins, his fiancee, our granddaughter and their three dogs moved in a few weeks ago it was always quiet in my house during the day so I needed noise. Well, I certainly don’t have a lack of noise now with all of them living here now. haha But, I just adore having the youngest of my grandchildren here to cuddle with whenever I want to. She’s adorable and just turned 6 months old 4 days ago. I take every opportunity to hold and cuddle with her because they grow so quickly. I think I’ll stop typing since this is now a mini-novel.

    Beautiful work on the newest quilt patterns Julie and this fabulous ruler. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of them.

  3. I so need to get me one of your new rulers too. Also I had no idea about Pantone until you said about your guilty pleasure. Sephora went bust here so we don’t have them anymore 🙁

  4. I am bad I have alrady gotten your tool. I am so in love with any help with cutting, which I also love to. It is so easy to go the wrong way if all you have is a straight ruler. Great going, I admire someone that put thier ideas and acually produce them into tangent items. Kudos to you!!!

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