Ok quilters, this creative new card pack is about to add a whole new element of fun to your quilting! 
I had the pleasure of meeting Ebony Love, the inventor of this game, at market and she is such a doll.
I was immediately inspired as she explained how her new Quiltspirations! worked. 
are ideas to inspire your quilting, crafting, and sewing and they are packaged in this 
adorable, colorful pack of cards.
   is the name of the game you play with the cards. 
There are lots of ways to play, some variations are printed 
with the card set.
Depending on how you play, you will either get several ideas or techniques to try, 
or you can sort the cards and pull an idea from each catagory for an entire project.
You can play alone, or with a group of friends. This will be so fun for parties, retreats, guild challenges, round robins, black swaps & more! 

There are 40 total cards divided into seven categories…
 Colors, Shapes, Styles, Embellishments, Borders, Layouts and Whimsy.
Here is one sample card… 
Pick a card, any card! And let the Quiltspiration begin. 
Can’t wait to get a group together and play! 
How about you?

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