Quilt Market Spring 2012 sneak peek 2

Day 1 of Market is over and I cannot begin to describe the energy, excitement and enthusiasm on the show floor. Don’t get me wrong, this is not like strolling along Michigan Avenue’s over the top window displays, but pretty close. Market is long hours and miles of walking on lightly carpeted concrete floors. One saying that is true for market is “fashion stops at the knee.”
This is so true because it is all about the comfortable shoes.
Yesterday I showed you some of the new collections and I thought I would go ahead
and wet your appetite for a few more  fabrics that
will be headed to your favorite store this fall.
The first three groups shown are designers that have just debuted their first line with moda. How exciting for them to see all their months of work come to fruition.

More feast for your eyes with the following collections.

Now would be a good time to clean your sewing machine, change your needles and get it all oiled up for fall and holiday sewing.
Make your shopping list!!

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6 thoughts on “Quilt Market Spring 2012 sneak peek 2

  1. ooooh…

    please, send me:

    juggling summer,
    simply color,
    gypsy girl,
    and cuzco.

    These fabrics look sooooooo great, can’t wait to see them in the stores!

  2. Mmm. I love Cuzco, Simply Color, and Marmalade! I’d like to see more of Eat Your Fruits and Veggies, too, it’s hard to see what they look like. I love the bright colors, though! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for these, for sure!

  3. I agree with Dayna in loving them all. I love colour which your designers have so generously given. Kate gave us a sneak peak at Cuzco (waiting forTapestry)where I have been so that is no. 1 but next,,,,oh you forgot to mention shelf space better finish Terrain, then California Girl, then…better get sewing. Thanks for the introductions to new designers & their lines from Downunder..

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