Tim and Beck: Bungle Jungle

Rebecca McAllister describes her life as “right at the point of change.” And she’s not kidding. In just over two years she’s moved from Utah to California, changed the focus of Tim and Beck, the design business she shares with her husband Tim, and moved again. “It’s been an adventure, to say the least,” says Rebecca.

Part of the adventure is designing for Moda. Bungle Jungle, their new line of fabric, features kid-centric critters and cheery polka dots, plaids, and scribbles in contemporary colors.  “I’m so excited to see our designs in fabric,” says Rebecca. “My favorite part is finding out what people will do with it.”

Rebecca is familiar with seeing her work spur creativity. Nine years ago she and Tim started Sassafras, a line of scrapbooking and crafting paper goods. “Originally we thought it would be one of those ‘mom-work-from-home-creative-outlet’ jobs,” laughs Rebecca. “At the beginning it was just Tim and I in a little room in our house, but at its peak we had 14 employees.” They found themselves pouring time and energy into managing the logistics of their business and as their family grew (they have two daughters, ages 5 and 7) they longed for a slower pace, as well as an opportunity to return to their designing roots. 

A visit with Rebecca’s brother in California convinced them it was the place to start over, and two-and-a-half years ago they moved to the coast. Just this week they’re moving into a new home where they’ll turn one room into the Tim and Beck design studio. 

“We’ve worked literally side-by-side for the last 9 years,” says Rebecca. “When I tell people that, half of them say ‘That sounds like so much fun’ and the other half say ‘I could never do that!’” One couple who understands the 24/7 aspect of working, living, and parenting together are their good friends and Moda designers, Eric and Julie Comstock of Cosmo Cricket. “It’s not very often in life you get to meet people you can relate to on so many levels,” says Rebecca. “When we get together it’s like a therapy session!”

When they’re not working, Tim, Rebecca, and their daughters love exploring their new home state. A favorite place to hang is the beach, where Tim enjoys surfing and Rebecca and the girls just like to chill. Rebecca’s also looking forward to co-designing some projects for their new home. “We want to make a chandelier out of mason jars,” she says. “I’m hoping in our next stage of life we’ll be making creative, fun things we can use.”

Might one of those things be something stitched with Bungle Jungle? Rebecca admits she’s never made a quilt. “But this might be just the time to learn,” she says. “I’m so excited to try.” 

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  1. Welcome to California! I love it and I love this fabric line! I’ll be getting this line asap. I have a baby blanket to make. Thanks so much for this cute, adorable line with the primary colors for little ones to hold and grow with. I’m looking forward to good things from the both of you! Congratulations!

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