On the 7th Day of Christmas…

Today we have asked Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew to be our guest. We have fallen in love with her patterns. You may have seen the quilt from market that featured a new line of fabric, Ten Little Things by Jenn Ski. We  thought one of Allison’s patterns was a perfect fit to showcase this new line of fabrics that will be in stores March 2012.
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My name is Allison Harris from the blog Cluck Cluck Sew, here to share with you the 7th day of Christmas! I blog sewing and quilting tidbits and tutorials, and design quilt patterns. My latest pattern looks very cute in Jenn’s fun boy fabrics as shown below.

This quilt was quilted by Alicia Key. She quilted roads in the sashings and even added some mixmaster highways in the cornerstone sections. What little boy wouldn’t play for hours driving his hot wheels along the pathways?

Today you can win a copy of this book Sew to Swap that I was lucky to be a part of:
Gather a group of quilting friends and start trading fabric, quilt blocks and full projects for the ultimate community sewing activity! This fun book will show you the best way to organize and run your very own swap while making 12 beautiful projects. Whether you form your group in person or virtually online, you’ll love the excitement of giving and receiving handmade items.

Inside Sew to Swap, you’ll find:
*12 fully illustrated patterns for full-size quilts, pillows, doll quilts and more featuring your favorite designer fabrics and color combinations.
*Detailed how-to instructions for organizing, running and participating in 10 individual swaps using the patterns in the book.
*Step-by-step technique tutorials throughout. 
*Interviews, patterns, blocks and quilts from 17 of your favorite blogger personalities.
*Fun and inspirational projects that you’ll love making, even if you don’t swap a thing!

What a fun adventure for you and your friends!
Just stick a copy of this book in your best friends stockings and then get to planning your very own Sew to Swap!

Here at MODA we are still enjoying our Real Farmer’s Wives Club which is another really fun idea to
join all your friends together this Christmas. 
See, I told you we are having a blast! ; )


 Check out Amada’s Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along as she is one of the gals that started it all!!
This quilt along is sure to bring ALOT of laughs and great memories among your quilting groups.

So, on the 7th day of Christmas, we suggest creating great memories with your dearest friends.

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2. Leave a COMMENT on the blog as to why you want Santa to bring you this Sew to Swap book and a good memory you have with your friends! 


Blogger quiltma said…
To be honest. This is something I would not have given a second look (and almost didn’t) until I saw what you created with it.
So now my mind is spinning and I sure hope Santa puts this in my stocking so I can play….

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Make sure to email with your mailing address by the 12th day or we will draw a new winner.  email: sstephenson@unitednotions.com

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203 thoughts on “On the 7th Day of Christmas…

  1. I have never done a swapbefore so this would provide a great framework. Myfavorite friend memories are always dinners out woth the girls. There is something about bonding over food that creates such lasting memories

  2. My title in our guild is Mistress of Fun Stuff. I think up the guild challenges and I believe a block swap would be a fun venture. I could use this book for some ideas.

  3. I LOVE your patterns and would absolutely love to have a copy of your book about swapping –I believe in swapping!! The coolest kind of sharing. Thaks for the give-away.too.

  4. I am part of group of five friends who like to “run away from home” to sew, knit, embroider, or whatever each winter. We set aside a weekend and rent a large suite at a hotel away from home, but well within driving distance. It is great fun. As an out growth of this group, those of us who sew meet about once every six weeks at a wonderful spot to keep up with life and sewing projects….and tutor the newby sewist with her new machine!

  5. I love to do swaps and round robins. Over the years I’ve done many and am always inspired by the creativity of others! One of my favorite friend memories involves a button party my friend hosted. She came into a huge amount of buttons from an old clothing manufacturer and filled every bowl in her home with them. The bowls covered every flat surface in her living and dining room. We selected buttons from each bowl and all went home with baggies full of buttons! So much fun!

  6. Sounds like a great book for a beginning quilter!! I just participated in my first fabric swap, so I’d like to move on up from there!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I love to swap and am so excited to see this book in person!! My friend and I have done many swaps together and I hope to do many more in the future!!

  8. I was in a blockswaponce and unfortunately it as quite a disappointment. But this book would give some great ideas. I would love to try a few swaps with these patterns.
    Good memory: my collegue/friend and I , both having a fulltime job and a baby, went to a cute french restaurant (very fashionable in those years) to have dinner as a special treat. And it became a tradition: once a yr. we had a great night out and a lovely dinner. It was our special evening. We did it till she moved to another country.

  9. I’ve sewn with a group that all makes their own personal version of the same quilt, but we’ve never made blocks to swap. Looks like this book could be a whole new idea for us!

  10. I have way too many good memories with friends to pick just one! I’d love to win the book so my friends and I could make even more good memories.

  11. Organising something like a swap wouldn’t happen for me without a few guidelines. I hope that book like this one may offer some help with the flow factor! One year my sister organised all the gals in my large extended family to get together over a table full of paper and beads and we made the prettiest cards, I was totally enamored with the creativity that flowed in that room. These are moments that I treasure, ah ha!!

  12. Since I began reading quilting blogs I’ve wanted to join a swap! They look so fun! (And yet, I’m worried I won’t have time or will muck up the blocks I’m supposed to contribute… so I haven’t.)
    I would love to connect with long distance friends by working on a project together!

  13. I am just starting to build my quilting library, so this book would be a great addition for me. It would also give me a way to start a swap as I have not done one before!

  14. I’ve not had the courage to enter a swap yet and this may be just the inspirational kick start I need!
    I recently had a wonderful morning with a group of friends at a crafting workshop and have a lovely brooch to show for it 🙂

  15. The Farmer’s Wife blocks are so much fun, and a great way to use up some of your stash. Thanks for another great giveaway. Kd

  16. I have plenty of books; so, please give this to another if my name should be drawn. I would so love to win the Grand prize which is why I’m commenting. 🙂

  17. Oh how much fun this would be to get! As a rule, I only get to buy a magazine on quilting every few months – no books 🙁 SO this would come in handy!
    A good memory …. I had a friend start a quilt – a simple border around a lovely patterned panel … and she was to “quilt” only the panel … well, a year later, and it sits, waiting for me to finish! Each time I go visit her, I’m put in a chair, handed the quilt and a cup of tea!! 🙂 I’ll miss not having that when it’s done.

  18. I have been in several swaps. They are so much fun. I often thought about hosting one, but didn’t have any idea how to get started.

  19. I would love to win a copy of this book as my friend Melanie is featured in the book. I have been in swaps and they are exciting and an awesome way to make new friends!

  20. Oh my gosh, this Sew to Swap book would be perfect for our family gals and friends, that all gather at least one weekend each year from all over Texas to work on projects, have a sleep over and cluck around, I already have the Ten Little Things bundle in my moda shopping cart so this would be perfect for us to put together, I hope santas leaves me a copy in my Stocking, it looks like such a fun book!

  21. 2011 was the year I decided to learn how to quilt… in large part because of the Cluck Cluck Sew blog. I made one of her pillows (based on a google search) and started looking at her site. Little did I know the enormity of the quilt blogging community.

    I’ve learned a lot about quilting from the blogging community and I think I could learn a lot from this book!

  22. Our guild is small (only 17 members) so we have a blast when we get together for a workshop and this book would provide some great ideas for us to work on! We have even started on a Friday evening and worked WAY into the night and then returned to finish on Saturday – order in pizza and party on!

  23. I love a new book to inspire me. My BQFF (best quilty friend forever) also is a great inspiration and so awesome to shop with. Our tastes are so different that we never fight over the same fabrics and we help each other look at things from a different perspective.

  24. I would love to win a copy of the book so I’d be inspired to do another swap either online or with my guild! I enjoyed doing the 3×6 Bee on Flickr…just have to put my blocks together into a quilt.

  25. Belong to a friendship quilt group-The Fireside Quilters and we are always for new ideas for swaps and challenges-this book sounds like it sure would give us plenty of new ideas. I sure would love to win it-thanks for the opportunity!

  26. We have a group that just gets together to sew and quilt, but have been talking about organizing a project we could all do together..This would be perfect!!

  27. My quilt guild does a block swap every other month and I love the different blocks that are created. I could use some fresh ideas on new blocks.

  28. Looks like a wonderful book! I have some local friends that I quilt with, but there are several that have moved away and this would have some great projects to join the locals with those who have moved away. Thanks again!

  29. Swaps look like great fun. It would be wonderful to have this book. I have lots of memories of my friend coming to visit and helping me with my first big quilt and teaching me so many things about quilting.

  30. a good book [followed it’s bloghop review] to have! would love to win it and slip it into my sis’ stocking. i went with her and a few others on a fart [fabric acquisition road trip] to homer, way on the other side of our peninsula,to do the quilt shops there. we splurged on goodies and lunch, took fabulous pictures on the way, enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

  31. I have just signed up for a couple of bees and this would be perfect for that.

    One of fav memories is a trip away to the beach with some good friends of ours….a week of sun, sand and laughter.

  32. I need this book as I recently did a private swap where I was rubbish! My best memories with my friends are of my hen weekend in Warsaw

  33. I belong to an on-line group who trade charm squares. This would
    be perfect to use for our group
    swaps. Thanks for the opportunity
    to win!!!! (fingers crossed!!)

  34. I would love to try swaps. I have no sewing or quilting friends but would love to find some to work together! Thanks for a chance to win this great book! 🙂

  35. Santa, I’ve wondered about swaps and blocks and how to do one. Would you please leave this book in my stocking? pretty please with a cherry on top? Thank you Santa. I can see my mother and Aunts trading blocks around to make a family quilt!

  36. From the very first moment when I found swaps on Flickr, I’m in love:)
    So I would love to see what (mostly) Flickr folks created for this book and learn from them!

  37. OMGoodness, Ive sew been longing to do a Friends Quilt and this would be the perfect stocking stuffer to get me and my friends going! Thanks for the chance!!!

  38. I’ve been reading all about this book all over the web– it sounds fantastic!! Thank you for giving us a chance to win a copy!! 🙂

  39. A group of us meet yearly for a retreat and this might be something fun to do! I look forward to sewing with these ladies every year – and eating lots of jellybeans!

  40. Oh I love taking part in swaps, and it would be so much fun to get this book and get some tips on things to include in them :o)

    Thanks for the chance to win

  41. I love swaps and it would be wonderful if Santa brought me the book so I could learn from the experts how to personalize each swap item. A special memory with a friend was taking a ten day trip to Hawaii together before either of us were engaged.

  42. Cluck, Cluck, Sew is one of my most favorite blogs. She does great tutorials! Would love this book, and could maybe get some friends interested in quilting with me!

  43. I know there would be alot of ideas within that book that I could share with my sewing group! Perhaps Santa will get my hint…..!!!

  44. I would love to win the book and start a swap with my friends. One of my favorite memories is our weekend getaways to just sew…sew…sew…

  45. I’d love this book because I have LOTS of swap blocks and need ideas on how to use them! And I am always looking for new swap ideas for a group I belong to.

    Sandy A

  46. Allison’s patterns just get better and better!
    This book looks great, I’d love to win it for a dear quilting buddy! Some of my best memories are swaps with bee friends over the years. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. What a neat book. I love the idea, but have never participated in one. Would love to get the Girl Scouts I work with to try this…each have a block that they “perfect” construction on by dooing many and swap w/ others to make samplers…and you know GS love SWAPS!

  48. You Moda gals seem to be having a blast! This book looks like the key. I cannot find my comments I hope I am doing this right.

  49. I have this book “The Farmer’s Wife”, and love it. I’ve made 46 of the 111 I need for the queen size quilt. I’m sewing it entirely by hand (I’m even going to do the sashing by hand), and I’m going to hand quilt it also. Maybe I should ask for prayer!

  50. We’ve been looking for something new to do at my LQS..this may be the perfect thing. So…Santa…how about helping a quilter out.

  51. This quilt book would be wonderful to use in my quilt group. We are always looking for fun, new projects to do as a group. Thanks for the great giveaaway.

  52. I love to swap 3 inch nine patches, and love scrappy quilts. I’m sure I can get ideas on improving the use of my swap products. Thanks for the giveaway. Kathie L in Allentown

  53. And from Downunder what a swap with friends from all over. Grey is the perfect background as it goes with all colours inc. black & navy so no-one is left out. Good luck. Susan Sampson

  54. Ooo I’ve been hearing a lot about the Sew to Swap book and I would love to get a copy of it. I hope Santa brings me one 🙂

    A good memory I have with my friends – we’re counselors for jr and sr high girls at a summer arts camp. Love looking back and remembering the goofy things we got ourselves in to! 🙂

  55. Santa Santa can you hear me? A book Santa about quilting, what can I say but that I would love to own one and especially if it wound up in my stocking.

  56. I have been getting more and more interested in doing a swap. So getting this in my stocking would be great. Good memory with friends-Quilters Night Out – laughing, sewing, and then half price appetizers at Applebees!

  57. I would love to receive this book!! I have a couple good friends that sew and we’re in our mid 20’s and we are always trying to come up with new crafts to do together!

  58. I have been participating in online swaps for a few years now, and have always enjoyed the experience. My first wasn’t actually a swap, a group was making a quilt to raise funds for breast cancer research, and we all contributed blocks. The quilt was beautiful.

  59. I follow your blog . My friends do not sew or craft ; so ………. they shop and shop and shop . I’d like to say that was our most fun memorable moments together ; however I am NOT a shopper , unless it’s a fabric store !! We have had good times at our Christmastime get togehers , and if I make something they are amazed ; so they appreciate my EASY handmade stuff I give ! I’ve never done a swap , so would love this book . I’ve done online quiltalongs , but no swaps ! ( I need to find a quilting / sewing group to get into ….. )

  60. I need this! I need reasons to make more, and this would do it. I have a sewing group I need to start back up with, and they might like this too!

  61. Once I am more confident in my quilting skills I can see this book being an invaluable tool in learning more about block swaps and more. I’m going to keep this title in my list of things to check out later down the road.

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