On the 12th Day of Christmas…

We have finally arrived at the 12th Moda day of Christmas!
Pay very close attention at the end for another special surprise giveaway!
The ultimate stocking stuffer for your ultimate best friend is…
The AccuQuilt Go! baby!
The AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter is a fast, precise, affordable fabric cutter that allows quilters and fabric crafters to cut fabric as much as 90% faster than scissors or rotary cutting. The Go! baby can cut up to 6 layers of fabric at a time and has 69 wonderful dies to choose from.  
Perfect for the every quilter!
We hope you had fun & got some great stocking stuffer ideas for your friends (and yourself)!
Please support your local quilt shops this holiday season by picking up your favorite stocking stuffers there. 
Feel free to visit or revisit each of the days and leave a comment (even if you already have!).
All comments will be included in the drawing.
We will draw the Grand Prize Winner tomorrow morning!
Today we are giving away the GRAND PRIZE of 
an AccuQuilt Go! baby, 2 Dies & their coordinating mats & 5 Moda Charm packs!!!
AND there just might be a second grand prize for our lovely blog followers & Facebook fans!
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The second grand prize is a giant stack of 15 Moda charm packs!!!


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2. Leave a COMMENT on the blog telling Santa what your favorite stocking stuffer has been and why you deserve the GRAND PRIZE! 
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LKDrum said…

Love Moda charm packs and would be grateful to be the winner! Lana D.

(Winners are selected using a random number generator)
Make sure to email with your mailing address by the 12th day or we will draw a new winner.  email: sstephenson@unitednotions.com

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455 thoughts on “On the 12th Day of Christmas…

  1. seriously? let me just pass out now. which would i want more? a giant stack of fabric or an AccuQuilt GO! Baby? um…. the cutter, with the fabric a very, very, very close second!

    i won one of the stocking stuffers (my favorite of the offerings – the christmas charm packs), so i don’t really know if i’m eligible for this one, but i’m still hoping!

  2. Are you kidding me. The cutter would be divine, closely followed by the fabric. Moda makes the very best fabric, don’t ya know. My favorite stocking stuffer would have to be the lighted seam ripper…enough said.

  3. My favorite stocking stuffer? Charm packs – just love all the pattern and color! I don’t know that I DESERVE to win a grand prize, but I’d love either one.

  4. My favorite stocking stuffer has to be charm packs. I absolutely love them and can’t get enough of them! I think the AccuQuilt Go! baby would be so much fun to own. I could use it to make some really fun quilts for my 3 grandchildren!

  5. My favorite stocking stuffer was the seam ripper with the light. I am trying to find one for my friend and myself. Thanks for the great giveaways, I would love to win one of them.

  6. My favorite stocking stuffer is a sewline marking pencil. I’d love to have the accuquilt go baby. I’ve been quilting 15 years and have accumulated more than a few scraps. I’ve been trying to trim them to standard sizes. A die dutting machine would sure make quick work of it.

  7. I lighted seam ripper was cool for a stuffer! I think Santa should leave me the Go Baby so my college daughter and I can make some quilts a little faster. She is limited on time! She would be so surprised to see this at the holidays! Thank you!

  8. My favorite stocking stuffer to be honest is the chocolate 🙂 We always just get candy in our stockings. I already have a Go Baby,so that should go to someone else, but the 2nd grand prize would be a dream!!! I don’t have lots of fabric in my sewing stash and it would be a dream.

  9. This would be an amazing gift to get from santa! I would defiantly enjoy using these in a quilt for a gift to a newly wed couple that I know!

  10. Hmmm, my go-to stocking stuffer is candy. I always give my kids a special little candy in their stockings (they each have their own favorites). Any quilter deserves this giveaway, but I’d sure love to win this one.

  11. I deserve the grand prize, well just because! I’m a single mom of a 6 year old who works full time also, so cutting fabric to make something always comes last on my daily things to do!!

    My favorite stocking stuffer from these 12 days was the June Tailor Twist ‘n Stitch ruler. I don’t have any rulers but the normal ones 🙂 A special one would make more fun in my quilting adventures!

    Thanks Moda!!

  12. What a fantastic giveaway. I would love to win either of those – the fabric (which would be lovely) or the go baby which is on my xmas list. But for xmas stockings my go to thing is usually a gift card for the bookstore. My family loves books!

  13. I would love, love, love to have either prize under my tree this Christmas! Thank you for making the 12 Days of Christmas so fun and introducing me to new items that I have now added to my wish list!

  14. Good luck to everyone in this contest! What a terrific prize!

    My favorite practical stocking stuffer has always been lip balm. But I’d love to get a mothers ring this year!

  15. My favorite stocking stuffer ever was my engagement ring 🙂 Ten years later, I would be thrilled with charm packs! lol And with the hubby laid off and in school, new fabric has been scarce around here, so I would love for Santa to bring me some! Thank you for the chance to win such great prizes!

  16. My favorite stocking stuffer was my Voyager 17 last year I received last Christmas. The major problem was finding a stocking big enough to put it in. :~))) I love the Accuquilt GO! Baby. It would be great to take on quilt retreats. And, I love, love, love charm packs. There are so many things you can do with them. They are amazing. Thanks, as always, for all the great giveaways.

  17. My favorite stocking stuffer has always been the little houses by the Cat’s Meow. My husband buys them and them surprises me with them in my stocking.

  18. My favorite stocking stuffer is the little jewelry boxes with pretty things inside of them .. . . but you know I’d love some charm packs, too!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. Love the seam ripper with the magnifying glass. As for the grand prize, it would be fun, as a fairly new quilter, to play with a new toy and challenge myself to make different kinds of quilts.

  20. Wow, such a great give a way! I would love anything sewing related in my stocking, charm packs, thread, rulers… With another Grandson due in March, this would come in really handy!

  21. Would love either one – fabric or cutter…Hmmmmm. I have never won anything on the internet so this would be an all time first!

  22. I have to go look at all the stocking stuffers! but someone said there was a seam ripper with a light – I think that one would be awesome! I would love to win this because it would be great for making the hexagons for English Paper Piecing!

  23. Oh Santa …. I would love the charm pack 🙂 Sooo hard to get fabric where I live …. even harder to get a fabric cutter — so maybe….. 🙂
    Love following this!!!

  24. My favorite stocking stuffer would be a Go Baby, of course I would have to find a stocking big enough to fit it into. I would love to win any prize because I love to sew, create, embroider and give away my creations to friends and family.

  25. Go! Baby and fabric…. Just awesome possibilities! I would love a cutter this year. I have so many ideas and scissors and my tremor do not work well together. Precision cutting is not my strong suit.

  26. I hope I am doing this correctly. You only want one comment, not three…right? I already follow your blog and I receive Accuquilt emails. Favorite stocking stuffers include the Sewline pencil, the lighted seam ripper(have one), and the charm packs. The best is the GO! Baby. I have been trying for months to win one since purchasing is out of budget range right now. I’ve been a pretty good girl and would so love to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. How to pick a fave stocking stuffer? I guess either the seam ripper or the mini iron – could have really used either one of those! And I’m sure I don’t “deserve” to win (as such), but it sure would be nice, ’cause I never win anything.

    Thanks for a fun giveaway series. – Kathy

  28. I would love a go baby in my stocking for sure…would be my fav xmas present this year!! I would make some many things for my family and as presents for others! 🙂

  29. My favorite stocking stuffer would be the lighted seam ripper – favorite stocking stuffer of years past were diamond earrings.
    I follow you on FB – thanks for all the fun stuff!

  30. I’ve participated in so many giveaways to win one of these and I’ve never been picked ! I hope I get picked this time !

    My favorite stocking stuffer is definitely the GO! Baby. And I deserve to win because it would make my life so much easier 😀

    I’m also your follower !
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway !

  31. It would be a lighted seam ripper. I make a lot of applique shirts for the kids & this cutter would make that job easier. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. The lighted seam ripper, hands down, for this grandma’s eyes! Would LOVE the Accuquilt to help teach my little granddaughter to sew. Thanks for all the fun!

  33. There have been some great stocking stuffers, so picking one is tough! The iTOP and the iron caught my eye though. Santa already knows that I don’t finish all of my projects, but did finish a few and that is a good reason to celebrate with a GO cutter or stack of charm packs!

  34. My favorite stocking stuffer was the Dritz petite iron. Since I didn’t win one, I’ve put it on my Christmas wish list. This looks like the perfect tool for preparing starched appliqué pieces. I deserve the grand prize because, well, I can’t think of a good reason other than I’ve been a very good girl this year (and that’s good enough for Santa).

  35. My favorite prize is the Go!Baby, of course, but anything quilt-related is fantastic!
    I would love to win it because I can’t afford to buy!

  36. My favourite stuffer is charm packs. They are the perfect fit! I think the AccuQuilt GO! would be a wonderful prize because I host a Moda club at the shoppe where I work, and it would help me get those quilts done every month. Thank-you for the chance.

  37. This whole contest has been fab! Congrats to all of the winners! Hope my name is pulled today for one of the prizes as that would just be exquistite!! Thanks Moda/United Notions!

  38. Easy one today!
    Ten years ago my husband gave me two cows – now technically they didn’t fit in my stocking but he took a photo of them and put that in instead!
    Why do I deserve the grand prize???? Well I have been good all year!!

  39. This giveaway has been such fun and given me great ideas for gifts! Santa, I really, really need the AccuQuilt Go in my stocking since I have had surgery on my hand and I could do much more with this!! My favorite has been the charm packs because I love Moda precuts!

  40. Great give away!
    My favorite stocking stuffer of all time has been a rock shaped like a heart that my son put in it when he was 5. I still have the rock!! (hes 25 now)
    I follow your blog! I been trying to win this Go Baby all year, I think I would give it to my mom now as much as I want it,but she is a better quilter. well maybe we will share! = )

  41. Oh My Goodness!!!! This Grand Prize is like the cherry on top of all the Bloggy Goodness you’ve given away in this 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!!! 🙂 I would LOVE to win an AccuQuilt GO! — have been drooling over it for quite some time! 😉 And to win 15 Moda charm packs would be incredible!!!! Oh my goodness!!! 🙂 I think my favorite stocking stuffer from the 12 Days giveaways would definitely be the 15 Moda charm packs!!!!!! But, if you mean my favorite all-time stocking stuffer that I’ve ever received from Santa.. then I think it would be my nephew, Jonathan, who was born on Christmas Day and delivered to my sister’s hospital room stuffed in a Christmas stocking! 🙂 Thank you so much for all the wonderful prizes you’ve given, and for letting us all join in on the fun!! 🙂

  42. I LOVE the my Go! it is one of my favorite tools in my sewing room!!! The stack of charm packs made me freak out. I would LOVE it santa filled my stocking FULL of them!!!
    I’m a follower & I receive the Accuquilt newsletter

  43. I am already a follower of Moda, like you on FB and signed up for Accuquilt. I deserve the grand prize because as the proud owner of an Accuquilt Go Baby, I would share the new one with someone else. The charm packs I would make charity quilts out of. My favorite stocking stuffer was when my hubby bought me 12 pairs of socks and separated them all so all I kept taking out were mismatched socks!
    compassionate quilter at rocket mail dot com

  44. Oh my! That stack of charm packs would make one fine stocking stuffer! I’d certainly accept that prize as runner-up to the big one. Merry Christmas Moda!

  45. I am a follower and have liked your page on FB for some time now. I would enjoy a Go Baby, do I need it, probably not but it would be a joy to have and play with. I would like the charm pack also, who wouldn’t. Thank you for the generous gifts and good luck to everyone.

  46. Best stocking stuffer ever was a few years ago when my mom, er, SANTA, brought me a vintage Juki–complete with green plaid detailing!!!

  47. I would love to win either the cutter or the fabric! Both of them are awesome prizes. My favorite stocking stuffer would be the lighted seam ripper as my old eyes need all the help they can get.

  48. I have been drooling over this thing for sometime now and would have to be extremely lucky to have one. I would love to find anything that pertains to fabric and the AccuQuilt in my stocking. I love the idea of having help with cutting.

  49. My poor stocking rarely gets filled with anything quite as sexy as the Go Baby! or the pre-cuts. But Santa, you could certainly change that this year 🙂

  50. I can’t decide which prize is better! The Go! Baby or the stack of charms!!!! Both are equally fantastic!! Thanks so much Moda for the 12 days of giveaways!

  51. First favorite stocking stuffer – Go Baby (yeah!) but the other I really liked was the lighted seam ripper. Anything fabric or quilty is just what I want from Santa!

  52. My eyes would love the the lighted seam ripper, to rip apart the charms when I make a mistake. These are all great giveaways, and I have the Go Baby on my Christmas wish list! I already get the emails! Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. Oh my gosh! What amazing grand prizes! My favorite stocking stuffer is the Accuquilt cutter. It seems like such a fun useful tool. My 9 year old daughter is just starting to sew and I bet she would use this to put cute shapes on all her creations.

  54. Santa knows I have been good — I need a cheering up. Death of 2 aunts and 2 cousins in November was so sad, December has to be better!!!! 🙂

  55. *has no words for a second*
    Holy heavens what an amazing 12 days of giveaways this has been! And the grand prizes are nothing short of amazing, I’d cry a little of happiness for any one of them! WOW!

    I like you on FB, I’m a follower here and I’m signed up for AccuQuilt emails of course despite the fact I don’t own a cutter. =)

    I deserve the grand prize because I’d never in a million years manage to convince my hubby I need a cutter (I’m still working hard on getting to buy a new cutting mat, mine is all bubbly from the heat this summer…) and I could make so many fun recipes for the MBS with one as I’d save so much time I normally would have to spend cutting 😉

    In all seriousness, thanks guys for all the lovely gifts you’ve bestowed upon us! <3

  56. Dear Santa,
    I’ve been a good girl and would be happy with some Moda love in my stocking! A Go Baby would send me over the moon!

  57. Thank you, thank you for the chance to win! This has been so fun. My favorite giveaway is anytime fabric is involved. Like has been said previously, I don’t know that I “deserve” to win, but I’d hoot and hollar with delight and excitement if I did!

  58. Dear Santa,

    My favorite Stocking Stuffer was the marking pencil set, and maybe I don’t especially deserve to win the Go Baby or Charm Packs it would certainly make me very happy! I think all the talented and nice folks at Moda and deserve to have their stockings filled with all sorts of goodies for such a fun giveaway – Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  59. I have no idea how a person would choose between a Go Baby or a stack of charms! It is like torture just thinking about it. I would say my fav stocking stuffer has been the lighted seam ripper.

  60. Favorite stocking stuffer is candy- Fannie Mae if anybody knows what that is. A tradition my mom and dad started we continue with our kids. Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. My favorite stocking stuffer was the Seam Ripper with LED Magnifier. As my eyes get older I think this would be something great to use. I would love the AccuQuilt Go Baby so I can improve my applique skills!!

  62. I did not even know what an Accuquilt was until I started seeing it on Facebook and blogs. And that was just this Fall. I have yet to see one in person and still learning how they work. Now I want one. Looks like there is so much one can do with Accuquilt and would love to try it out.


  63. Charm packs–yeehaw!!! That cute Go Baby would sure look adorable in my sewing room and I would keep it on it’s toes cranking out appliques!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  64. I am a follower and I think the perfect stocking stuffer is charm packs. I think I should win the grand prize because I would give these gifts to my elderly cousin who is on a fixed income. She just finished her first quilt top which she is donating to her church after I quilt it. She has no stash and these prizes would really give her the quilting bug!

  65. I don’t remember ever having a stocking to get a Stocking Stuffer but I would love anything!! I would hope I have been a good person to deserve the Grand Prize. I have overcome a lot of health problems since age 10 and total paralysis. Sewing and years later Quilting has become a BIG part of my life. I love working on Charity quilts and quilts for family and friends. Thank you

  66. I would love either one of the awesome prizes. My favorite one that you offered was the seam ripper–that was very cool. Thank you for such an awesome 12 days!

  67. Santa,
    My favorite stocking stuffer has been quilting tools + fabric per-cuts! This makes it super fun to whip something up really quickly using some yummy new fabric. After all, it really is all about the fabric and being able to create something quickly from it with our limited quilting/project time.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win,
    Betsy Pratt

  68. I would love either one of the awesome prizes. My favorite one that you offered was the seam ripper–that was very cool. Thank you for such an awesome 12 days!

  69. I follow the Cutting Table. I think Santa should make sure I get the grand prize due to the fact that it may be the only gift that I get this year that I truely want. DH tries but even when I tell him where to go and what to get he gets something else. Last year I told him what LQS to go to and what I would like he said thaqt he thought I would like the fabric he got much better…not, but of course I never would tell him that. Also with a Go Baby or the fabric charms I could make more lap quilts and walker for the nursing home residents.

  70. Oh my!! My favorite stocking stuffer has been the charm packs that are being given away today! That is the most beautiful package! I would be honored to display that beautiful package in my sewing room. I probably would take it apart because, welll it is tooo pretty!

  71. So hard to choose what I liked best. Soo many great items. I would really love the GO! baby or the charm packs. Thanks for the fun!!

  72. Favorite item is the lighted seam ripper. If I were to win this,everything would be used for World of Charity Stitching as that is what I work on all day. Quilts, totes, walker bags, wheelchair bags, pillows and more for a nursing home, domestic violence shelter and Ronald McDonald House. It would be a pay-it-forward win!


  73. Wonderful! What a surprise it would be to find either surprise in my stocking. Or even just a charm pack. Merry Christmas, and thanks for being a great company, with great designers and being generous.

  74. The lighted seam ripper gets my vote for best stocking stuffer. Love the chance to win a Go! Baby and all the goodies. Not sure if I deserve the Grand Prize, but my two small grandsons would be very happy with the new quilts grandma would be making for them with the lovely charm squares.

  75. My favorite stocking stuffer is the charm pack followed closely by the seam ripper. I would love, love, love to get a stack of charm packs. That would be so awesome.

  76. Oh, that stack of charm packs would be wonderful in a stocking!!

    I’m subscribed to the blog and I “liked” you on facebook (a long time ago!). I also have subscribed to the Accuquilt newsletter.

  77. How does one pick a favorite – Santa chose the greatest prizes EVER – I would LOVE to have each and every one in my stocking! As far as why I deserve to win…well I’m not sure how deserving I am, I just REALLY want to be a recipient – I am obsessed with sewing and quilting and would put fantastic use to both the fabric and the AccuQuilt GO! Baby! Thank you for the wonderful 12 days of fun and enlightening posts…

  78. My favorite stocking stuffer – 5 moda charm packs! I think they would fit in my stocking quite nicely, thank you!

    All the stocking stuffers were great! I know I’ll be purchasing some of them soon!

  79. My favorite stocking stuffer was the iron–so cool! But this go baby would be even better–I don’t consider that a stocking stuffer though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. I think that anyone deserves to win! What fantastic gifts! I would love either. My favorite stocking stuffer is charm packs! Thank you!

  81. I was a follower even before the 12 Days of Christmas and signed up for the newsletter. The stuffer I’d most like to win is the AccuQuilt Go. I’m retired and have more time now to quilt. I’d love to have this to help make my shapes more accurate! It looks like a lot of fun (and help)!

  82. I like the i-top. It looks like you can make lots of fun things with covered buttons. I’m doing it the old fashioned way now, but this looks much quicker. Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. My favorite stocking stuffer would be any notion having to do with applique.
    Moda is my favorite fabric. I love the hand of it, the look and how it handles.
    I deserve the GO! Baby because I don’t have enough time to make my own quilts; I’m busy quilting for others.

  84. Thanks for the fantastic prices. Although I hardly ever win something, I love to read the posts, dream ( I sort of collect charmpacks LOL ) and ‘play along’.

  85. Well, of course, my most favorite stocking stuffer would be the AccuQuilt Go! baby. 🙂 Santa, I will even make a new stocking so that the Go Baby will fit. I do love Moda fabrics, also, and the lighted unsewer sounds perfect. Merry Christmas!

  86. Have your blog on my igoogle homepage. Following good quilting blogs help me, as I am a new quilter. Following in my moms footsteps. Found you on Accuquilt posting on Facebook, and I am excited to get a hugh stocking to fit the Gobaby and fabric in that I win!!! Sound confident? Just hoping. Have a Blessed Christmas and thanks for the opportunity.

  87. My favorite stocking stuffer would of course be the Go Baby and the charm pack giveaway is amazing. I really would love to win such an amazing prize. Thank you for the chance and Merry Christmas

  88. I lost my comment so here goes again. I follow your blog. As I have extremely large feet, the baby GO! and everything with it will fit easily into my stocking. Other than the grand prize, ANY of the stocking stuffers of fabric would be wonderful. We LOVE Moda fabrics. The reason I want to win the GRAND PRIZE is because both my mother and I are quilters. Right now, due to a back injury and fibromyalgia, I cannot stand to cut fabric. This is so awful for a quilter! My quilting mentor mother has arthritis and can stand at most 10-15 minutes to cut fabric. So, we both would be SEW VERY HAPPY if won the baby GO! We could be consoled by winning the charms as well (hurray for pre-cuts). Thank you Santa Mama Moda for the chance, and thanks to Accuquilt for the prize.

  89. My favorite was the lighted seam ripper. I would love the grand prize because I’ve been known (a time or two) to measure once and cut twice…bad habit!

  90. I am having alot of retina problems this holiday season. It sure makes cutting fabric tough. The lighted seam riper would be the most welcomed stocking stuffer. Of course, a Go Baby cutting machine would get me independent again!

  91. I think my favorite stocking stuffer would be the Moda Christmas Sampler Tin, I love cute little tins and the fabric, well it’s awesome in itself.
    What an awesome Christmas gift winning the Baby Go or the Charm Pack Fabric stack would be, thank-you so much for the chance to win these amazing prizes, and thanks also to all the bloggers would took their time to do their blog post.

  92. I follow your blog through GoogleReader, and get the AccuQuilt mails.

    My favorite so far has been the mini iron. It looks like it’s so much more safe than those ‘other’ ones that remind me of woodburning tools. [I have one, of those and have been afraid to use it much] I think the mini iron would be great to take on retreats, or maybe to work at my seat in the livingroom on a tv tray.

    I’d love to win the grand prize because I’ve worked hard this year to make ends meet … to give gifts to others … to be sure that my son and his gf have food, and money for bills — so my extra pennies have been helping them, and not going into my ‘dream’ jar.

    Please Santa … send a little love this way. And if not, please give it to someone less fortunate.

  93. I love the charms packs, but tools are awesome stocking stuffers! My daughter and I have had an Accuquilt machine on our wishlist for some time. My first grandbaby is due in the spring and the way we’re going, she’ll have a differet quilt for at least the first three months!

  94. I’m likin’ you on FB. Favorite stocking stuffer has been the lighted seam ripper. I’ve wanted that since the first moment I heard about/saw it.

  95. I have a Baby Go. I love my Baby. I have been entering all the Baby Go givaways trying to win a Baby for my BFF Jeanne.
    I am a follower.
    I liked you on Facebook
    Like Accquilt.
    I would love to add all thoses lovely charms to my collection.
    Thank you, SallyKingemail@gmail.com

  96. My favorite stocking stuffer was the party bags, as I love making small bags, esp. for gifts. Thanks for all the great ideas and give-aways. I would love to win one of the grand prizes!

  97. What an exciting giveaway! Thank you for doing this! I loved the lighted seam ripper – what a great idea that is! Any of us who have posted comments here deserve to win… because we are paying attention!!!

  98. With a bad case of arthritis, this cutter would be so helpful! Anything sewing related is perfect for stocking stuffers….even thread is wonderful. Thanks

  99. The Moda charm packs were definitely my favorite of the stocking stuffers – I’ve been so very good this year at working on finishing up my UFO’s and trying to whittle down my stash that I surely must deserve the Baby GO or even all those charm packs!

  100. I had hoped to win the lighted magnify seam ripper for my stocking so I guess that would be my favorite…but oh so many wonderful things that would have fit perfectly in my stocking!! Wow..would I be jumping for joy with this bundle of Moda Charms!!!! It’s better than chocolate!

  101. It’s hard to choose just one, but I would have to say that the lighted seam ripper would be first. I also love, Love, LOVE charm packs! I can’t say that I deserve to win, but I would very much appreciate it!

  102. Just saw a demo of the Go Baby and that was awesome. So many cuts for so little effort. I could sure use those charms in my new hobby—quilting!!

  103. I fell off my chair when I saw that stack of charm packs! Favorite stocking stuffer has to be the Moda tin filled with mini charms ~ oh how I wanted to win that one. Thanks for the chance!

  104. Charm Packs are always the perfect stocking stuffers~~~although the little iron would have been wonderful, too!! I think that I
    would be very deserving of the Baby GO…I can only dream of getting something like that…..
    being retired, and on a fixed income, that would make a wondedrful Christmas surprise!!!

  105. What a tough question! I think it’s day 6, the button making tool.
    But there have been a bunch of cool things shared, I’d like to try them all!
    I probably don’t deserve the grand prize, but if I win I’ll be sure to share with my quilting friends.

  106. Your 12 Days of Christmas has been fun. I have learned about tools that I didn’t even know existed and saw some old favorites too. My favorite has to be the Sewline marking tools.

    I would love to win the grand prize because I love Moda fabric so much and could make so many projects. …and the Baby Go, what a great prize.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  107. My favorite stocking stuffer was the book about doing swaps. Hard to choose between that and fabrics.

    So much fun–thanks for the giveaways!

  108. Each of the stocking stuffers offered have been awesome. I think the one that I was really hoping for the most was the Half Moon Layer Cake. The sewing room patterns that have been made from those fabrics are just adorable. A VERY VERY close second however, if not a tie, were the Christmas Stocking patterns by Thimle Blossoms. I’ve been hoping to buy those since I first saw them and havne’t yet.

    And Santa ~ I just know I deserve the Grand Prize because I’ve been a good Mommy this year even though my grown children have all tested my last bit of patience. I have not given up on any of them and know in time they will each become the productive and responsible adults I’ve tried to teach them to be. Us Mom’s always need that hope. And even though I have problems walking because of some very extreme health concerns, I am still taking care of my amazing husband and trying very hard to stand each night to make him dinner so it’s ready soon after he arrives home. Just standing there to cook is an unbelievable challenge and a great deal of pain but because I love him, I still do it on most days. He totally deserves to be treated as well as he treats me so I push myself to do that because I love him so much. So yes, Santa, I think I totally deserve this Grand Prize because I have been through the year once again without hurting any of our grown children that at times still act about 8 yrs old and for being a good wifey to my wonderful husband. I feel like that amazing grand prize should be my ‘trophey’ for all of that. And if that’s not enough, having had two different surgeries on both my left and right wrist and hand last year is still causing me a great deal of pain and a loss of strength, especially in my left hand which I’ve now been told I need MORE surgery on but now in my elbow and wrist again. 🙁 I NEED the Go! Baby to help me cut fabrics more easily. And all those fabrics – GORGEOUS fabrics I could very much use because those ‘wonderful’ (NOT) health problems have also caused me to not be able to work and be legally disabled. Yea, try living on that kind of income AND feeding your fabric wants when bills scream for that money first. Even though hubby makes a good living, my disability still disappears the day after it arrives most months leaving me not much to buy things for my hobbies.
    Thank you for such great prizes throghout this 12 days of Christmas. It’s been fun seeing things I hadn’t seen before and hoping each day for my name to be posted as the winner.

  109. I have never had a stocking at Xmas unlike everyone else in my family so receiving anything in a stocking would be just fabulous and it is my birthday so it would be an added thrill to get lucky on my special day. Wish me Luck & thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

  110. My fav stocking stuffer of the Hop is the Petite Press iron – so cute and handy to have!
    I would dearly LOVE to win either the GoBaby OR the wonderful Moda charm stack. I’ve been pretty darn GOOD this year, so hope that counts for something! Thanks, it’s been FUN!

  111. I get your newsletter every day and look forward to it. I would love the charm packs, and the Go Baby would be a wonderful tool to my quilting. Thanks, Nancy P.

  112. I have enjoyed following all of the blogs and learning about all the great stocking stuffers, their uses and great ideas that came along with them. I think my favorite of all is the 6th day 1 top button tool, I have already ordered one for my daughter and myself. We craft alot and already make fabric buttons so this will be a great addition for us both. I would love to win the AccuQuilt Go! Baby Fabric Cutter, it would be perfect for our gals weekend retreat where we all quilt and craft togehter. Plus, it would be perfect when I start making quilts and baby items for my 1st grandbaby due in May… I have already started stocking up on my fabrics… woohoo, this would be so much fun.. Thanks for a great december of fun so far.

  113. Liked on Face Book

    Follow your blog

    As far as stocking stuffers I am new to sewing so I do not have many sewing items..so I guess I would have to say my Xyron machine..because I will be able to use it when I learn to sew as well.

    But now that I want to learn to sew a great stocking stuffer would be this wonderful prize pack you offer…it would go a long ways of helping me grow my stash to sew.

    Good Luck to the Winner and Thank you for giving us all this awesome chance. Have great day. I did all the requirements listed.


  114. My fave stocking stuffer is gift certificates!

    I deserve the grand prize because I would love to learn more about how to work this product and would share it with friends.

  115. It is hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to say the Christmas sampler tin. I am a sucker for a cute tin. I loved some of the first charm packs that came in tins a few years ago. I bought so many just to have the cute tin.

  116. Oh my, what a question. I love them all but I would love the button maker. It looks like lots of fun. I am sad this is the end of the contest-it was a fun time each day to go in and see the next prize and comments! Happy Holidays to all!

  117. Such great ideas and prizes! My favorite is the handmade item…anything handmade is always fun and thoughtful. I know I don’t deserve the grand prize, but I sure would love to have it! 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize!

  118. Oh my, dear Santa, my favourite prize so far has been the charm packs, although that wee iron runs a close second. I have a terrible tendency towards RSI though, Santa, and an AccuQuilt Go Baby would seriously help my quilt cutting, pretty please?

    Thank you for the chance to win :o)

  119. My favorite stocking suffer is the lighted seam ripper…and why do I deserve to win: because I’ve worked hard and been nice this year! (I also finished 3 quilt tops which is a lot for me, since I work full time and have had a volunteer job on the weekends for the past 7 years!)

  120. Charm packs are my favourite stocking stuffer – so many possibilities. Thanks for a chance to win the Baby GO and this whole fun giveaway.

  121. I think my favorite stocking stuffer was the I-Top button maker, that looks so fun. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE Santa to bring either of the grand prized, they are both so amazing! Thank you Moda and all your sponsors this has been so much fun and I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas.

  122. I have never gotten anything like this in my Christmas stocking – sure would be great to break that pattern (no pun intended). Thanks.

  123. My favorite stocking stuffer of all has to be the petite press mini iron!

    I’ve been a good girl all year so I guess I deserve to win the Grand Prize…besides, if I win I’d be sure to share it with my friends so they would be winners as well. Thanks for the chance!

  124. This has been so much fun this year and I am so glad I got to see alot of products I wasn’t aware of.

    I “like” you on FB. (my FB user name is Jen Cheek Payan)I’m not sure that I can honestly say I deserve to win the grand prize! ;p But I would be jumping for joy if I were chosen. lol As for my favorite stocking stuffer featured these last 12 days…my favorite is the Seam Ripper with LED Magnifier. Oh boy, I really need one of those!

    Thank you all so much for putting the 12 days of Christmas together for us blog readers. It’s been great!

  125. i think maybe the lighted seam ripper-brilliant idea. i deserve the grand prize because something big and bright in the midst of dark and intense would be oh-so-lovely right now…

  126. This has been such a fun lead up to Christmas. I really liked the lighted seam ripper…still have to rip after 60 years of sewing. I’d love to win either prize but think the AccuQuilt Go Baby would be perfect.
    Ann Marie

  127. Oh Moda Charm packs are the perfect stocking stuffer, birthday gift or smile maker for any day! And Santa, you know I’ve been as good as I could be…. LOL!

  128. Dear Santa, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to just get some fabric, or maybe the stocking patterns! I don’t know if I would know what to do with the cutter, but I’d be so happy to find out!

  129. I would love either prize, but I would show the Baby Go just a little more love 🙂
    My favourite stocking stuffer would be anything chocolate.
    As to why I deserve the GRAND PRIZE— no reason, but it would make me very happy 🙂

  130. shhhhhh! I don’t know if you are supposed to comment every day or not, but I want to WIN! I adore Moda! I just finished my Take Four placemats in Jovial pattern!

  131. What a great prize – both of them. I would love to win! I follow your blog and get the AccuQuilt emails. I think fabric bundles are always a fantastic stocking stuffer.

  132. I love the Petite Press iron and I would LOVE to win either the GoBaby OR the wonderful Moda charm stack. How fun would that be! yay! This has been fun! Thanks!

  133. My favorite gadget has been the seam ripper!! What sewer couldn’t use that??
    These prizes are fantastic! I have the GO! but I could “gift” a new one to my sister. The charm packs are wonderful too!

  134. I guess I don’t think I deserve the grand prize I think my girlfriend does and of I win that’s who’s getting it. If I win the 2nd prise I think I will share that giant stack of fabrics with the quilting friends on my list and maybe we can work on a project together. 🙂 Thank you for this awesome chance!

  135. My favorite stocking stuffer would have to be fabric…because it’s a treat that gives in so many ways…to yourself as you use it, and to others when you give the completed project away! The charm packs would be amazing to win, and the Accuquilt cutter would be a wonderful gift for a friend…if I were to be so lucky!

  136. Dear Santa, All I want for christmas is the GO baby:) I have entered every contest I can find on the internet, please Santa:) My favorite stocking stuffer was lace up cards when I was six years old. Now 45 years later, my favorite stocking stuffer would be charm packs:) I am a grandmother to three adorable munchkins, new to the sewing world and I love to create for the grandkids so winning the GO would help me out so much:) My grandkids live in different states than we do and they love getting their sewing packages from grandma:)Merry Christmas:)ps i follow cutting table and receive accuquilts emails.

  137. Wow!! What an awesome Christmas present that would be! I’m not sure which one I would love more, the huge stack of awesome charm packs, or the Accuquilt! This has been great. Thanks guys 😉

  138. Having that stack of fabric in my stocking would be a wonderful surprise!! There are a few projects from the Bakeshop that I have been dying to try once I find the right fabric. The AccuQuilt cutter would look equally amazing under my tree though 🙂

  139. I really liked the Imaginisce iTOP button maker stocking stuffer. I’ve been wanting one of those and a Beam ‘N Read and a GO! Baby. BTW, I don’t deserve to win the grand prize at all, I just really, really want to WIN! I’m a follower of your blog and am signed up for the AccuQuilt emails. Thank you so much for a wonderfully fun 12 days. Now on to the Moda Designer Blog Hop! Kd

  140. I loved the little iron and I already reading all the emails from Accuquilt and sales they advertise.
    I am on a limited budget and would appreciate winning the baby cutter before I slice off a finger with my rotary cutter. Winning the grand prize would mean I could share my good fortune.

  141. I could use all the things but the charm packs are always creativity starters.
    I would love to win the prize, I would definitely love to share with my mom and friends for lots of fun.

  142. I would love some accuquilt dies in my stocking this year!I deserve the grand prize because my husband has threatened to take my “quilting card” away if I don’t make a quilt soon.I am just so busy being a mom and working that I don’t have a lot of time. The accuquilt sure would help speed up the cutting process!So save me!

  143. I would love to have an accuquilt cutter. I am new to quilting and making accurate cuts are not easy for me. I think this would help me to be a more successfull quilter!

  144. There were so many cool stocking stockers…I think my fav thought was the seam ripper. Very cool.

    Why do I deserve the Grand prize? No other reason other than I have never seen one in the stores here and even if they were I just know they would be priced exorbitantly with the price of shipping and the exchange rate.

  145. The 12th day is by far the best prize! I have always wanted to play with an AccuQuilt Go! but have yet to even SEE one in person. And I do so love playing with charm packs!

  146. My favorite stocking stuffer in a warm pair of fuzzy socks or anything related to sewing.
    I love charm packs and I think I deserve the grand prize because I hardly win anything and I need something to cheer me up.
    I have done all the requests for entering. Thanks!

  147. I liked the button maker best. Christmas is very slim this year and I would really appreciate any of the giveaways. The Go!Baby would be a gift that keeps on giving…

  148. I am a follower already and my favourite stocking stuffing has got to be Charm packs, they are just so versatile, gotta love em.

  149. Up until today my favorite stocking stuffer has been the small iron, with Moda charm packs coming in a close second. Now blow me away. I would love either of these prizes! I have long wanted a Go! Baby! Deserve? Do I deserve to win? Maybe because I do share my sewing “toys.” I would LOVE to win!

  150. I’m already a follower here,already signed for the Accuquilt newsletter also.
    I don’t actually get a stocking these days but I would love to find those charm packs inside a stocking!
    I deserve the Go Baby for sheer tenacity.
    I must have entered this Go competition more times than I can count. I have not been lucky yet but I have never given up the dream!

  151. My favorite would be the charm packs. I deserve to win because I have been a good quilter all year. The majority of my work has gone to charities this year, due to all the devastating weather in the southeastern USA and Japan.

  152. oh, yes, i’m your follower and a fan of the fb page; and i do get all of accuquilts newsletters.
    and, [senior moment] i forgot to say i deseve the go!baby for the number of accuquilt’s patterns for which i’ve cut the appliques by hand, just ’cause i like their patterns.

  153. Favorites are so hard to choose. I loved the fabric, but that magnifying seam ripper was so cool. In my tiny sewing space a Go Baby would just make my life so much better. Right now do a lot of shifting of things so I can go between sewing and cutting.

  154. Dear Santa Moda,

    I deserve the Grand Prize as I have been a VERY good girl this year.

    I haven’t been mean and nasty (honestly) and have finished off ALL my WIPs.

    Please please please let me win and show how much a good girl I’ve been..,

    Love and hugs to you and all the moda elves…


  155. My favorite stocking stuffer was the finger rotary cutter. Fantastic idea! None of us “deserve” the grant prize, but I’d love to win it so I can be motivated to complete my first quilt. All that precise cutting is overwhelming to me, which is why I haven’t begun.


  157. My favorite of the stocking stuffers would be the charm pack! And I deserve the grand prize because I am a VERY good girl 🙂

  158. My favorite stocking stuffer was the Seam Ripper with LED Magnifier. I didn’t win, but I plan to let my husband know to start looking for it. I deserve the Grand Prize because I’ve been a very good girl this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  159. It’s hard to pick just one thing. The mini iron or button making tool are probably my faves. Winning 15 charm packs would be pretty awesome too!

  160. My favorite stocking stuffer is definitly Moda charm packs, although lately I’ve been coveting the layer cakes. I woul love the charm packs as I have a GO. I am a follower here and Accuquilt.

  161. A jelly roll is my favorite stocking stuffer. They feel like an instant quilt to me. Would love the Go Baby because after seeing one, I don’t want to do applique without one.

  162. I would be happy to win any of the prizes. It would make my day. I have loved each of the stocking stuffers.I am a follower and already receive Accuquilt newsletter.

  163. Would love to have a Go baby so I could cut out quilt pieces quickly!! Those charm packs have been my favorite giveaway so far!! Love those charm ppacks!!

  164. My favorite stocking stuffer is the lighted seam ripper. Thanks for the great giveaway this week. I love charm packs and would be overjoyed to win a whole stack of them.

  165. I am a follower of the Moda blog & I already receive the Accuquilt newsletter. My favorite stocking stuffer was the Moda Charm Packs. Which is why I should should win the grand prize – I LOVE FABRIC!!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful prizes & chance to win them!

  166. I really should win the Baby Go, I could get lots more quilts made if I had a faster way to cut pieces. I’ll follow as soon as I can get the follow button to show up.

  167. There were a lot of great things, but my favorite was the twist-n-stitch ruler, I might have to pick one of those up as a gift for my self now 🙂 I would LOVE to have either of these grand prizes, I plan to learn to quilt after the new year and both of these would be such a great help! Thanks for the great series!

  168. I am a follower of your blog. I just signed up for the Emails from Accuquilt. The Moda charm packs would be the best Stocking Stuffer ever. And I absolutely LOVE to do applique. It is my favorite. I have pillows, Stockings, Quilts, Pictures, Purses…All appliqued and the GoBaby would make it so much quicker. Love that machine!

  169. My favorite stocking stuffer must be the lighted ripper…I just ordered one! And then of course, the all time favorite is really good dark chocolate…it goes with everything! I’d be happy to win a prize…and would use both toward making charity quilts!

  170. I think my favorite of the stocking stuffers is the lighted seam ripper (I may have to put in some big hints about that).

    And thanks for the chance to win the Go Baby – now, That’s a stocking stuffer!

  171. wow! I just signed up for the accuquilt newsletter and checked things out…there are so many ways I could use the cutter! I hope one is in my future…

  172. The Christmas charm packs would have to be my favorite stocking stuffer. I need to win the AccuQuilt Go Cutter because I work full time & take care of my 2 yr old granddaughter in the evenings, so my quilting time is at a premium. This would help me get my cutting done a lot faster.

  173. I think the iron is the stocking stuffer that I would have most liked to win. I am one of your followers and already get the Accuquilt newsletter. Thanks so much for a fun 12 days. Kathie L in Allentown

  174. That’s a hard choice to make! I really did like the cute little tin with the mini charms in it though, I would love to have that. The grand prize is something I have been wanting to try out for some time. I hope whoever gets it really enjoys it. The pkg. of charm packs is wonderful too, love that Moda fabric! Thanks, and a Blessed Christmas to you all!!!!

  175. I was lucky enough to win my fave stocking stuffer – the Sew to Swap book, thank you! I have quite a few of the others on my wish list and top of the gadgets would probably be the Dritz Mini Iron.

    Santa, I try to be good, lol. I’m not sure I deserve the Grand Prize but I would so love to gift a Go! Baby for Christmas. If I won the fabric though, it’s mine all mine 🙂

  176. My favorite stocking stuffher has to be the mini iron. This would be great to have along near me when I’m sewing. I have always wanted the Accuquilt. it would be nice to experiement with the different dies and see what patterns I can come up with. This has been fun thanks for the chance.

  177. My favorite stuffer was the iron. Although all of them were great! I think I deserve the prize because I NEVER win anything, ever! SERIOUSLY!

  178. My favourite stuffing filler is most definately the Go Baby followed by the stack of charm packs!
    Other favourite stuffing fillers were the gadgets like the seam ripper with light and magnifier and the sewline gift set. Of course any of the fabric fillers would also be most appreciated.
    Thankyou for a fun 12 days :o)

  179. Best stocking stuffer so far has been…..moda fabric!! Hope I win the Go Baby…I really need a new Baby and I am way to old for the other kind!! LOL
    Thanks Vickie

  180. My favorite stocking stuffer was the charm packs…why? Cause I can ALWAYS use more fabric!! I never have enough 🙂

    I deserve the grand prize because I really, really need a cutter…I have nerve problems in my hand and having a cutter to help do the cutting would be awesome!

    Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  181. I think my favourite stocking stuffer is the button making tool, closely followed by the light/magnifying seam ripper (both of which I’ll be on the lookout for at my local quilt store!). Woohoo for the 12 days of Christmas!

  182. I have enjoyed seeing all these lovely treats and will be looking for some in my stocking. My favorite was the little button tool and seeing all the fun things y’all did with it was just awesome. My really, really, really favorite would be the go baby if I win it! 🙂 Sandi

  183. i think my favorite prize was anything to do with quilting. 🙂 I guess I loved all the giveaways! This last giveaway is wonderful. I would love to have either of theses prizes. As for deserving the prizes I guess I don’t feel I deserve them any more than someone else. Thanks for this fun Moda Christmas!
    Thanks for all the great prizes and congratulations to the lucky winners.

  184. What a great giveaway! I love the Christmas charm packs and the button maker. I’ve been a follower of this blog for a while and also get the Accuquilt e-mails. I deserve the grand prize because I retired last June and I have no fun money to spend! I need stuff!

  185. Oh, my favorite stocking stuffer has got to be the button making tool. And why do I deserve the grand prize? I have made so many quilts and given every one away to family members. I have never made one for my husband. I really do need to make one for him.

  186. My favourite stocking stuffer has to be the seam ripper with the light – you always seem to need extra light for that job.
    All crafters deserve to have fabulous tools – to win would be wonderful, thanks so much for the chance.

  187. I absolutely love the iTop button maker and I will definitely look for it at my lqs. I ‘deserve’ the grand prize because cutting is my least favorite part of quilting – I really just like picking out the fabric and the sewing!

  188. All the stocking stuffers were great! But I think my favourite would be the mini iron. It would just be so handy!

    I think I deserve the grand prize because I do so many different fabric crafts for my grandkids. The AccuQuilt cutter and dies would make cutting all the applique shapes SO much easier and faster.

  189. My favorite stocking stuffer from Santa was a Starbucks gift card to use when I met my teacher friends for coffee after work:) The Moda charm pack assortment is the grand prize in my opinion:) Thanks for this fun blog hop!

  190. My favorite stocking stuffers were all of them! It would be great to find any of them in my stocking. It would be so great because this is going to be a very slim Christmas in our house.

  191. Wow, that went by fast! You’ve shown some pretty neat things, but my favorite was the seam ripper. I know there’s room in my stocking for that!

  192. This has been a lot of fun, even though I didn’t, or, haven’t won anything, it was a blast. Thanks for a great time. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  193. All of them were awesome, but I have to say, the charm packs were my fave. I love fabric, what can I say?
    As much as I would like a Go Baby, I think the charm packs would be more my thing. Love me some Moda!

  194. Favorite stocking stuffer was the half moon layer cake. I would love to win the go baby! As a stay at home mom I NEED quilting to keep my mind creative 🙂

  195. I would love to see a stack of charm packs in my stocking this year. Have been addicted to making the Twister quilts and charm packs are great with those.

  196. My fav stockstuffer is the charm packs..so much I can do with them. I love making Pinwheels..and these are perfect. Santa knows it’s been a tough year..and winning the AccuQuilt would end my year on a GOOD note!…and launch my new quilting hobby. THANKS so much for the opportunity..this has been fun!

  197. My favorite stocking stuffer has been the Moda Charm Packs from yesterday because I just LOVE charm packs. I’d drool if I won the 15 from today!

  198. Hummm… well, I think I like the super dooper seam ripper! Lately I’ve really grown to appreciate a good seam ripper and that one looks AWESOME!

    Santa I think I deserve the grand prize because I’ve been a very good girl this year 😉 and Mommy deserves treats too from time to time.

  199. I would say that my favorite stocking stuff would be chocolate..my go-to source of energy for those quilting marathons! Santa would agree that I’ve been a good quilter this year and the Go cutter might make me an even BETTER quilter for next year!

  200. Mmmm that’s a tough one I have loved all the stocking stuffers, but my fav would prob be the mini iron or the Moda Charm packs. I really need a mini iron like that, but I love charm packs. The Acuquilt go baby would be fantastic to hav, it would so cut down the strain and pain on my arthritic hands. Thanks for these 12 days of Christmas Stocking stuffers, they have been very enjoyable!

  201. I’m a follower, and I can hardly wait to come here everyday.

    I’m sure I’m not anymore deserving than anyone else, but I could sure see myself having a lot of fun with this.
    My little granddaughter is almost old enough to teach her to sew, and making quilts is one of the easiest ways to learn.
    Thanks for the giveaways.

  202. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t want in my stocking. I LOVE the lighted, magnified seam ripper and the little iron and fabric would be right up there too! It makes me giddy just thinking about it!

  203. I love the charm packs because I love scrappy quilts and they are great for that!

    Santa, I have been a very good girl all year long and would love to have the Go! Baby to seriously destash some of my scraps. They are starting to take over my sewing area and I can’t seem to get anything finished with them in the way! With the Go! Baby I could cut them in to manageable pieces and make more quilts. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sandy A

  204. I’d have to say the GO! Baby cutter is the BEST STOCKING STUFFER ! the charm packs are next !!! I’d love to win the GO! Baby ; but I have a GO! already ( AND LOVE IT !! ) so I really do NOT deserve it ; and would like to see somebody else to win the GO! baby ; so I’ll just take the charms packs so I can use my circles and hearts dies to cut them ! (( HAHA ! )) thanks for the chance to win ! I follow you blog ; like you & accuquilt on facebook ; and get the accuquilt newletter !

  205. I would love to have the Baby GO. It would add a new demention to my quilting addiction. The charm pack could be a lot of fun for some new projects. Thanks so much for the 12 days of Christmas. It has been a lot of fun.

  206. Hard to pick just one favorite! I thought the lighted seam ripper looked great. I have such a hard time seeing the stitches when I try to do it. I don’t know if I deserve the grand prize, but if I won, I would be so very grateful and would share.

  207. My favorite stocking stuffer has been the lighted seam ripper! I think it’s a great invention and I hope Santa brings me one!

    And I think I should win a grand prize because I love working with charm packs and I think it would be really cool to have an AccuQuilt Go cutter to make cutting all those blocks so much easier! 🙂

  208. My favorite stocking stuffer would be the iron, I could really use one of those. I would love the grand prize it would really help me be a better quilter.

  209. My favorite stocking stuffer is the mini iron. I think this would be great for pressing small fabric pieces. I would love to win the baby go! I’ve been wishing for one for the last 6 months… Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  210. Loved the I-Top and the petite iron- would love either one!! The Go-Baby and the fabric would also look good in my stocking, too!!! I’ve been sharing my stash with my daughter-in-law and it would be nice to have some more goodies!

  211. I would love to win this Go Cutter! How awesome – that would really make my Christmas. I had to retire from work because of stress, and quilting is the best stress releaser ever and our budget sure doesn’t cover extra like the Go! – Kim

  212. Every Christmas as a child we would receive a “Harry and David” quality apple, pear and orange in our stockings. All year we only had lesser quality fruit and I savored those large, luscious pieces of fruit.

  213. My favorite stocking stuffer is the Sew To Swap book! I deserve to win the Grand Prize because I have the greatest ideas on what to create with those charm packs using the AccuQuilt GO! Baby! I follow this blog, “like? you on facebook and have followed through all the days of Christmas. Thank you.

  214. I have been dreaming of this Baby GO ever since I heard about it! My favorite notion is rulers. . . love and use them all! I don’t know that I deserve this gift, but I’m a new quilter and this brand new hobby costs a pretty penny 🙂 So worth it though!

  215. i follow your blog. Santa knows we my daughter is receiving a sewing machine for Christmas and I have great reservations about giving a 6 year old a rotary cutter, so if you are listening Santa, please snuggle a GO! Baby under our tree this year!!
    I get accuquilts emails too.
    thanks for a chance, and a fun round of giveaways!!

  216. The lighted seam ripper was a great stocking stuffer for my aging eyes! I don’t have a Baby Go and tell Santa I deserve it because I’ll use it to make even more homemade gifts for next Christmas.

  217. Favorite stocking stuffer is….gift cards, maple sugar candy, and sewing notions. Would love to win the cutter or charm pack!

  218. I really find that difficult but I think the Christmas charm packs were an awesome choice for a stocking stuffer. Needless to say, I would love to win the grand prize. I would like to thank you for the 12 days of Christmas. It was fun!

  219. oh wow! I loved all the stocking stuffers, but I was all about the precuts! I love them!

    And, as for the baby go? I am horrible at cutting fabric and would love to have something that would help me cut more precisely! I don’t think I deserve it, but I’d love to have it!

  220. I would absolutely love the cutter! I would have been happy with any of the stocking stuffers that were offered. What amazing giveaways!

  221. Oh I loved the charm square packs you offered yesterday, those were my favorite. I would love to get this cutter to save time so I can sew so much more! It has been great fun and I love all the ideas. Thanks for a chance to win!

  222. My favorite stocking stuffer is the i-top…would love to make those buttons. I am just starting my adventure in quilting Santa so this would make things so great for me. Plus, I’ve been a very good girl this year.

    I’ve been trying to get added to the followers list all day and it just keeps giving me an error page. I sure hope I can still get a chance at this wonderful prize. I’ll try signing up as a follower again tomorrow.

  223. I have tidied my sewing room,
    dusted every cog
    picked all the stray cottons
    out of the hairs of my dog.
    Put my machine in for service
    at least once this year,
    I have used all my scraps and
    organised my stash
    ’til my poor hubby is flat out of cash
    Sew just how good does a girl have to be
    To see that beautifully wrapped bundle of charm square’s
    sitting under her tree?

  224. My favorite stocking stuffer has been the lighted seam ripper==that’s a great tool! Everyone deserves to be a winner so I’m hoping that’s true here and Santa will fill my stocking with this fabulous gift! I already signed up for Accuquilt emails long ago, hope that counts!

  225. Gotta be fabric – I love pre-cuts!
    I don’t know that I deserve the grand prize any more than any one else, but I would absolutely love it! Gwen W

  226. I’m all signed at Accuquilt
    and following your blog
    And my head is quite full
    with a smorgasborg of lovely ideas.
    Thanks to Moda and all the sponsors
    I’ll be shopping all year!

  227. I think my favorite was the cute button maker. That is so cool!!! As far as deserving the Grand Prize, I think I have been a good girl this year 🙂 I would love to see some good old Moda in my Stocking 🙂

  228. Wow, that is an AWSOME price!
    And exactly what I need after this bad day – While I made 32 Dollars (sold 2 items *örgs*) at a holiday boutique, my son fell down in pre-school and looks like a boxer now 🙁


  229. My best stocking stuffer was my son born at Christmas. I have dreamed of many charm packs and for certain the baby go, if I had it I would for sure make more quilts than I do now.

    I follow this blog and also the facebook page, have signed for the accuquilt e-mails. I for sure deserve to win because I have been nice, and not at all naughty this year!

  230. My all time favorite stocking stuffer is an orange, that makes the stocking look so lovely and after all the x-mas candy and orange helps the headache go away. I think i should win the prize because it would help make me a less stressed out teacher… this year is bad on my students which means it is worse on me. I can tell how anxious they already are about the holidays (low income, lots of issues) and now I am completely wipe out too.. just a couple more weeks and all can go back to normal.

  231. Of the other stocking stuffers I’d say that the fantastic seam ripper with light & magnification would be my favourite, followed closely by the charm packs. I would SO love to win the grand prize of the Go! Cutter, I’ve been dreaming of one of these for ages. Thanks for all the great ideas & notions & for the lovely giveaways.

  232. What I mean is:

    if I saw the winners, and the link is already two hours old, does that mean that the winners were already chosen by then? Because then I was to late *sigh*

  233. Thanks for the chances in the drawing. My favorite stocking stuffer was a small pair scissors with a curve tip to get under the stitches. Why would I deserve the grand prize question-Because I am fixing to retire and finely have time to sew all I want.


  234. For me, the Accuquilt cutter would be my preference but the fabric would not go amiss.

    There have been some lovely ideas for stocking stuffers but I think my favourite was the tin with the mini-charms. Mind you, I liked the lighted seam ripper too.

    I already get the Accuquilt e-mails and they are definitely increasing my desire to own a cutter!

  235. Forgot to say that I deserve the prize because I am “naughty but nice”!* And I hope Santa takes the niceness into consideration.

    * I have just realised that was a marketing slogan for dairy cream-filled cakes back in the early 1970’s in the UK! Just shows how tenacious some advertising is.

  236. I would love if Santa came and put some charm packs or a sewline marking pen in my stocking! (Sadly I don’t think that will happen unless I do it myself!)

    Am subscribed to the Accuquilt newsletter, and one of your followers (and fan on facebook!)

  237. I’m late! I’m late for a very important date! Dang, I had really wanted a chance to win this Baby!

    Favorite stocking stuffer would be anything quilty related! 🙂

  238. I am a follower and all of the stocking stuffers are nice, but a girl can never have too much fabric so the Charm Pack would be very nice. I have wanted a Baby Go cutter since the first time I saw one at a quilt show. I deserve to win because every time I see one being given away I enter to win. Maybe this time my wish will come true!

  239. Love the seam ripper and the charm packs. I would love that Go so I could be more productive on donation quilts. Thanks for the blog and giveaway. It has been fun! Merry Christmas!

  240. my favorite of the stocking stuffers is the little iron. i do beieve i deserve the grand prize to cut all the applique pieces for me to save my aging arthritic hands. but then, if i won the second grand prize, think of all the appllique pieces i could cut from that stack of charms!

  241. i’ve signed up for the accuquilt emails again, to check for new free patterns … love their applique patterns even though i have to cut the pieces out by hand.

  242. Wow this is too good to be true!
    I think a great stocking stuffer is fatquarters…..love love fabric.

    Thanks for the chance to win those Moda charms……oh my goodness!

    Happy Sewing and Merry Chrismas

  243. My favorite stocking stuffers: fat quarters of fabric, mini quilt patterns, handmade items from my kiddos, quality scissors (can a girl ever have enough) and gift certificates for fabric.

  244. Looks like I might have lost out on this very cool give away…but wanted to post anyway. This is a great oportunity to get a Go Baby, something that I have always wanted and then the fabric packs..WOW how cool!

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