On the 5th Day of Christmas…

Today we have a special treat from Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms
Hello there! Just popping in to show you what I’ve been up to over here so far this holiday season. Making stockings, of course!
Last year I made some new stockings for my little family (3 sons, one husband, and one dog). Everyone had their requests of what they wanted their stocking to be. The husband wanted something non-girly with no flowers. Check. Boy 1 wanted something simple, and picked out the fabric for the front and back of his. (Robots, of course) Boy 2 picked out his fabric, red, gray, dogs, even a tiny bit of red plaid left over from his baby blanket. Check. Boy 3 wasn’t picky yet, as wouldn’t be born for a few more weeks (he is much pickier now, at almost one year old). Easy. Dog? Dogs. He seemed happy. My stocking is made from the scraps of one of my favorite quilts. Perfect for me.
After showing them on my blog, I made the stockings into a pattern, and have since seen so many fun stockings made by my friends and customers. In fact, just this weekend I had two friends come over for a stocking party.
We made 11 stockings in about a day, and they just couldn’t have turned out better. Aren’t they cute? The stockings, and my cute friends, of course. (Thanks girls!)
Moda has been so kind to offer a few Merry stocking patterns for you to win. Just…
1. FOLLOW the Moda “Cutting Table” Blog …the one you are currently looking at ; )
2. Stop by Camille’s Simplify blog to show her some holiday love!!!
3. Leave one COMMENT here on our blog as to why you want Santa to bring you this Merry stocking pattern!  
*no need to comment that you are a follower of the blog : )

I think it’s time for a stocking making party don’t you?
How better to prepare for Christmas?!

We will announce TWO winners tomorrow morning.
(make sure you follow our blog to be eligible to win!)

BloggerRenegadeQuilter said…

I would love to make a bag out of this fabric so I hope Santa puts this in my stocking.
Make sure to email or send us a Facebook message with your mailing address by the 12th day or we will draw a new winner.  email: sstephenson@unitednotions.com
Follow along & comment each of the 12 days FOR 12 chances to WIN!
You will be entered to WIN the Grand Prize for each comment you make!
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255 thoughts on “On the 5th Day of Christmas…

  1. I love sewing Christmas stockings, and can always use another pattern. I LOVE those stockings made with the Countdown to Christmas fabric – I’ve made a few Christmas things with the same fabric!

  2. I hope Santa Moda brings me the Merry stocking pattern because this year when I got our stocking out to hang up, I realized that I really am not “in love” with our stockings– need to make new ones, and I have decided that I’m making stockings for *all* of my family– daughters & son-in-laws, pups and kitty cats, and the newest member of the family– our first grandchild (she needs a VERY special stocking! 🙂

  3. I would love to in the stocking pattern as I am overdue to make new ones for the family. Our’s are looking pretty tattered. I love the many looks you can get from one pattern. Thanks for a chance to win.

  4. The past couple of Christmas’s has been rough. 2 years ago, my grandson was born a preemie and was still in the hospital over Christmas. 3 years ago my parents were going through a divorce after 40 years of marriage. Last year was a recovery from the past few Christmas’ and this year feels like the right year to celebrate and decorate! My husband and I have been married for 5 1/2 years but have never had “matching” stockings for our combined family. I would love to be able to make everyone stockings in the same style. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Christmas stockings are such a wonderful family tradition. We still have the ones made by my mother-in-law, now deceased, that she made 30 – 35 years ago. As a new grandma myself, I hope to revive the tradition!

  6. HI ! I follow here ; I left Camille a love note ! ha and I’d love to win this pattern because I was just thinking we need new stockings. We’ve been married 7.5 years and do not have matching stockings yet !!! YES ; I put things off ! both of us have nice stockings but they are nothing alike ! thanks for the fun !

  7. I would love to wint the stocking patterns. We will have some visitors for Christmas this year and was hoping to make stockings for everyone. Thank you!

  8. I’m in need of stocking patterns to make some stockings for my newest pet, Gracie and future ones. The previous ones were made by a sister-in-law.

  9. I would love this in my stocking..wait, mine is shredded. So this would be the perfect gift for me to be able to make a replacement, and new ones for my kids!

  10. I’ve have been wanting to make new stockings for years and just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe this is the year to get it done if I win the stocking pattern! Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I need to win this pattern because I have 6 grandkids to make stockings for. I always think I’m going to get them made & then Christmas time is so busy & I don’t get them made & after Christmas I’m out of the mood to make Christmas things. A stocking party is a good idea to get them done. I will have to plan that for next year.

  12. Christmas is my favorite time of year to sew and I love making new stockings for my famy each year. I even have the fabrics ready for these. I hope I win :0)

  13. I adore Camille’s work – and I love, love, love her stockings – I would be thrilled to have this pattern in my stocking! I would put it to use immediately and make new stockings for our family.

  14. I would love to win this pattern because I am a huge Camille fan and adore her fabrics. Perfect colors for my house and I am currently making a quilt with Bliss and ordered a kit for Swoon! So gorgeous…and so is her family.

  15. Camille’s blog is so awesome – her pictures are amazing! I have a newly-wed daughter and new son-in-law that would love a cute pair of stockings, I’m sure I could put this pattern to good use.

  16. I love anything Camille does and these stockings are fabulous. I’d certainly want to make one for each member of my family. They would look great hanging from the mantle.

  17. I need this pattern because we moved this year to the States and my kids are already 12,10,4 and 1 year old and NEVER had stocking before. Neither my husband nor me – and we are even older!


    PS And could somebody please tell me what to put into them?

  18. It has been years since I have made new stockings and a few new members have been added to family so I really could use a new stocking pattern.

  19. This pattern would make adorable stockings to hang in our new farmhouse for all the kids and family that spend every christmas with us! I can just see all the different personalitys now!

  20. I made stocking for my family several years ago. I was a novice & went without a pattern… needless to say they’re not very good – cute, but poorly constructed. Now that I’m more experienced, I’d love to try again. This time, WITH a pattern!

  21. I would love that pattern to make all my kids in school a new stocking-it looks fairly easy. Wouldn’t they be surprised!!

    No coal in their new stockings!!

  22. I’ve loved Camille’s stockings since she showed them last year. I would love her pattern or should I say I NEED her pattern. My poor adult children are still using the ones I bought at KMart made from red and white fuzzy felt or whatever it was in which they used glitter glue in a package that came with them to write their names on the top of those ugly stockings. They have begged me to make them new ones and I still haven’t. And now one of them has two children (4 yrs old and 4 months old) that need their own stocking and my other son is expecting his first child. I REALLY need to at least make my grandchildren a stocking before my son buys them one of those ugly things from the store. haha

  23. My daughter is the only one with a Christmas stocking, so I think it’s time that was remedied. I would love to win the pattern and make one for my husband and myself!

  24. I was surprised at how big the stockings are! The stockings I made a few years ago are too little, now that the kids are older, they want bigger “stuff”! So I could defintely use a bigger pattern.

  25. I have 5 kids and have been looking for a christmas stocking pattern that works for us…this is it. I love all of Camille’s fabrics…it makes me smile.

  26. Luv the stocking pattern. Just left a luv note for Camille on her blog…..just want to say how happy Moda makes me….and I’m sure I speak for the whole quilting community…..Thank you Moda and all your designers…you are the BEST!!!….(o:

  27. I have lots of stocking patterns, so santa doesn’t need to leave a pattern for me;) Love seeing the different projects, others make for the holidays.


  28. This would be awesome to win. I don’t have any stocking patterns and this would be a good start. I could make stockings for my neices and nephews.

  29. Love the designs of these stockings! You are inspiring me to make up a dozen or so for a local children’s group…I have enough scraps and left over Christmas fabrics to use! Love making something from treasured “left overs” and make them new again!!!

  30. those are so great. I would love to win the pattern because my sons are married and they and their spouses need some of their own stockings now.
    Off to visit Simplify.

  31. My family needs new stockings – ours are very sad indeed! thanks Santa as I could use these! I follow both blogs . Thanks!

  32. I need to make a stocking for the new baby. I can’t find the pattern I used a few years ago for my husband’s, daughter’s, and mine, and these look so much like what I already made. If I don’t win it, I’ll probably buy it.

  33. I’d love to win the stocking pattern. Stockings would be the perfect gifts to make for my co-workers & co-volunteers. Thanks for the chance to win. I’m a follower here & I regularly read Camille’s blog.

  34. The stockings would look beautiful in my house…they’d give it a very holiday feel! Please, Santa!

    BTW I stopped by Camille’s blog and love it, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to subscribe.

  35. My daughter got married this past summer and I would love to sew Christmas stockings for her and my wonderful new son-in-law to help celebrate their first Christmas together. Camille’s pattern would be perfect!

  36. After making a few stockings this year, I’ve been bitten by the stocking bug! These patterns are just delightful and I’d love to try them out. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  37. I would love to have this stocking pattern so I could make ALL my family members matching stockings for 2011!!! Wouldn’t that be SO cool!!!!!!!!!

  38. I make stockings every year. I would love some new inspiration. I make them for my husbands soldiers that can’t make it home for the holidays.

  39. What a sweet little book, I love love love stockings and all things Christmas. I have never made a patchwork stocking and having been looking for a great book for ideas. I think I found it. Also I own many stockings yet not one I have ever made.
    Maybe this will justify the new sewing room.

  40. My co-worker needs a pattern and some inspiration, she’s got a brand new sewing machine and was talking about making stockings the other day… 🙂

    Super nice style!

  41. I’ve loved these since I saw them last year on Camille’s blog! They are some of the cutest stockings I have seen! I would love to win the pattern! Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. I need this left in my non-existant stocking because the stockings for my family exisit only as fabric that I think I can figure out how to make, but I know I really need a pattern!

  43. I so want a great, quilted stocking pattern! I’ve always loved the look of quilted stockings and these would be just perfect for me!!

  44. Dear Santa Mama Moda, Please bring me the Merry stocking pattern as would like to make a stocking for you to stuff! Thank you Santa Mama Moda for offering a chance to win to your follower (me!).

  45. I’m feeling a bit like the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who all rolled up into one this holiday season. My grandmother made us all handmade stockings so I’m hoping these might help me bring back some Christmas spirit.

  46. I hate to continue to blow my own whistle but…as I’ve said in the past, I’m really working at being very good, Santa. I’d love to have this Christmas stocking pattern left in MY Christmas stocking this year.

  47. We lost all our Christmas decorations (30 years accumulation), including stockings, when our storage room/tornado shelter under the house flooded. We didn’t know it till a few days ago and still don’t completely know the damage but all our ornaments and decorations are under muddy water. So I would love dearly to win! Thanks so much

  48. I stitched Christmas stockings for my daughters and husband but now I have 5 grandchildren that I would love to make stockings for…pick me please 🙂

  49. I would love to have this pattern. I have been saying that I am going to make my kids and grandkids stockings for the last 35 years. Seeing these beautiful stockings has given me the inspiration to finally make these long awaited stockings. Now…..I just need a pattern.

  50. It’s been a lot of years since my husband and I have put up stockings. I was just thinking the other day that I would like to make us a new set so…. this would be perfect

  51. They are so cute, who wouldn’t want to make them. If I won the pattern I would do a couple things with it. First I would make them for my daughter’s 6 best friends that she buy presents for each Christmas and second I would start making them for next Christmas for our church to use to send stockings to inner city kids full of gifts.

  52. I would love to get stocking patterns of any kind! I’m just finishing up stockings for 2 of my grandkids for this year but I have a new grandson that’ll be needing his stocking next year.

  53. I NEED that pattern, because I need to make a stocking for myself. I’ve never had a stocking. Is that a pitiful enough story to make me win? 🙂 It is true.

  54. I think our sad stockings are those red and white felt ones from the store, and now that I am a quilter, it just won’t do!! I’d have to make some cute ones for my doggies too.

  55. Moda fabrics are my favorites! I would love to make these fabulous stockings just in time for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win. Merry Moda Christmas!

  56. I just became a grandmother this year so I have a sweet little boy to sew things for and I think he will need an extra special stocking soon.

  57. My husband and I haven’t hung stockings since our children were young. It would be so nice to make stockings, hang them and fill them this year! Especially since my daughter and grandchildren will be coming to visit for the holidays!!!

  58. I’ve been looking for a tutorial such as this!!! I’m newly married and wanted to start this as our family tradition. Both my husband and I don’t come from families that did Christmas stockings. How weird is that?!?

  59. I can think of so many people I would love to make one of these adorable stockings for if Santa would just leave the pattern for them in mine!

  60. I’ve never made a Christmas Stocking! The proportions on these look great — nice big open top so everyone can stuff in lots of surprises!! Would love to have the pattern. thanks.

  61. Love the pattern. My boys (both in their 20’s) were complaining that I really need new stockings for them if I going to put them up. I can’t help that I’m sentimental!!! Maybe a new pattern would encourage me to update my kids stockings!!

  62. I’ve been admiring these stockings since Camille showed them on her blog last year. I would love to have the pattern! No way I could get them done for this year, but maybe for next year???


  63. Santa should send me this pattern as I have been looking for a pattern to make stockings for my son and his wife. They love the bright fabrics and want some that are quilt oriented. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  64. I need these! I have to make new stockings for my family this year. We have two granddaughters and a new daughter-in-law. Please bring this giveaway to me Santa! 🙂

  65. Would love the pattern as we don’t have any stockings. Last year I decided not to use our 30 year old ‘things’ that had seen better days, and of course, have not made new ones

  66. Have had fun in the past making stockings, but how much more fun and how much easier would it be to have a real, actual pattern?!
    Would love to have this pattern and a stocking sewing party! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. I may be too late?

    I need to update my stockings I have five, one for me, one for my husband (gifts for our wedding from 31 years ago and I love them) and three for the children that have baby themes. It wouldn’t be so bad if the children weren’t 22, 20 and 9 now. Plus my dear granddaughter, who will have a brother or sister in June, and son-in-law aren’t represented in the stocking department at our house.

  68. I just LOVE Camille’s stocking pattern. I really hope this year I can buy one because it’s such an adorable pattern. Camille is responsible for my newfound love of aqua and red. Before following her blog I never even thought of putting those colors together. Now I just LOVE that color combination.

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