On the 3rd Day of Christmas…

 I’m dreaming of a Sewline Christmas…
With every Christmas quilt I make.
May your marks be gentle and light 
and may all your mistakes be erasable!
The Sewline Gift Set will meet all of your friends marking and unmarking needs! 

This delightful little set includes the following tools… 
  360° Rotating Mechanism for 3 functions in One!!
  • Black lead 0.9 mm for marking on the lighter color cloth
  • White lead 0.9mm for marking on the darker color cloth
  • Blank Roller : Tracing / Indentation marking on the fabric
  • Eraser is located on the top
  • Soft Grip
  • Functional design 
    Specially formulated leads give a clear, fine line on fabrics.
    Lines are easily removed from most fabrics with the special Sewline Eraser or removed by dabbing with a damp cloth or washing.
    Simply rubof with the eraser or dab off with a damp cloth.
Convenient way to erase pencil lines from fabrics.
Pen style holder gives accurate control with clear view of masks to be erased simply click the clip end to advance eraser to desired length.
Quick, convenient, effective way to hold fabrics for sewing, Easier than pins.
No more fiddling with pins and trying to sew around them!
Now, just run the Sewline Glue Pen along a fabric edge to then hold the fabric pieces together.
This specially developed glue is coloured blue and bright yellow to be easily seen and then it dries clear after a few minutes.
Water soluble and safe for most fabrics.
We will be giving away a Sewline Gift Set to one lucky quilter today! Make sure to follow our blog and leave a comment to tell us why YOU want Santa to leave this in your stocking! The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

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Pamela said…
I love how versatile this is and you can cut 4 sizes! June Taylor makes great rulers and I’m sure this would see a lot of use in my sewing room.
November 26, 2011 11:58 AM 
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an assortment of new MODA charm packs!

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304 thoughts on “On the 3rd Day of Christmas…

  1. I would love this handy little kit in my stocking!! I’m always wondering how to mark my quilt lines the best. Enjoying the “Days of Christmas”

  2. Although I enjoy making a great quilt, most of my sewing time is spent making little girls clothing. This tool will allow me to place all my small pieces with ease! How nice it would be to find it in my stocking this year!

  3. Being a fairly new quilter I’ve only used a purple pen to mark – this little kit looks like something I need to “graduate” up too.

  4. Another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments! I think I have 10 different pens of various vintages that work or not. It would be nice to consolidate into fewer tools!

  5. What an awesome little kit to take on retreats or quilting groups. I have been struggling with what to get my Mom…the lady who has it all….she doesnt have this….heading to my LQS this afternoon to see if they have them….thanks for the idea.

  6. My father always said “The right tool makes life so much easier!” This looks like one of those tools that would make life easier!

  7. I’ve heard great things about Sewline products. Maybe, they would jump start my efforts with stitchery. I want to do stitchery, but keep hitting a wall.

  8. I’d be able check my list and check it twice if I had that great set. But probably would mark some quilts for quilting. My stocking is hanging there waiting for Santa!

  9. Looks like a great addition to my tool box, I’m up for trying anything new to make the “job” easier. I’m kind of a tool fool!

  10. I would love to find this kit in my stocking. The pen that rotates looks like a great tool. I alrady use the white marking pencil and love it.

  11. Oh, this would be great to go along with the used Grace quilting frame I just purchased. Id be all ready to stat quilting some of the MANY tops I have!

  12. Congratulations Pamela!
    This gadget looks so useful! no hunting for individual components so yes please I’d love to find one in my Christmas stocking!

  13. I would love this set!!! I’ve tried so many marking tools and they always seem to dry out or not work well 🙁 Plus a glue stick for applique and a tracing pen for embroidery =D It’s perfect!!!!!

  14. Sewline products are the very best for marking!! I have tow pencils-one with black lead and one with white and I use them ALL the time for ALL my markign!! Don’t know what I would do without them!!

  15. I’d love to win this stocking stuffer. I’ve made lots of quilt tops that now need quilting & these marking tools would help. Thanks for the chance to win. I’m a follower.

  16. I think the 3 in one idea is great. Fewer pencils to keep track of. Thanks for the giveaway, and Merry Christmas to you. Kathie L in Allentown

  17. OH I would really love this set!! Been drooling over one for some time and heard alot of good reviews about it.. I follow your blog! Thanks for a chance!

  18. I’m forever using a pencil in my projects. And dealing with unwanted pencil lines! Using a proper tool would be a huge help! I’ve been good Santa…..

  19. Oh, I ‘ve never seen these before, I esp. will need the eraser LOL.
    I’m already following this blog for quite a while, love the tips etc.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  20. I would LOVE to have the Sewline gift set in my stocking – it would be great to have all the proper marking tools – and these look so much better and efficient than the dull pencil I usually grab!

  21. Sweet! They really did pack a lot into this kit! I think every quilter would love to have this in their stocking this Christmas, I know that I would!

  22. This would be wonderful! I’m teaching myself how to appliqué and I’ve just discovered Sewline (recommended by my local shop). I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE! Thank you!

  23. I would love to win this set of tools, especially the marking pencil w/3 tips. I use them for making soft sculpture toys and quilting. thanks for the giveaway!!

  24. Marking quilts is always a problem for me. I’ve tried a few different products, but nothing really works that well. Would love to have this little stocking stuffer trio. The glue stick looks very interesting.

  25. These tools sound like they will help me with do things more efficiently – the things that take me the longest and I find the most frustrating – like pinning fabric, finding a marking pen that works and is the correct color, etc.!!!

    These would be magnificent tools for me!

  26. I could use a new pack of the black leads for my pencil, and the eraser. I use this often, not only for quilting but also for garment sewing. It’s a great marking tool. Would love to win.

  27. What a great little kit of awesome tool. I LOVE all the gadgets I can find, as long as they are quality and work. Sewline from what I’ve seen so far work great. I have one ceramic pencil which is by Sewline and it’s the only marking pencil I’ve liked so far. I’d love to have more of their marking pencils. The ones that can erase or be removed with water by Sewline are ones I’ve wanted to try. I’ve given up buying the blue disappearing ones because they dry out before I use them more than about three times. I really like the Sewline trio has added the blank to mark indentations on the fabric. That sounds very useful.

    I am already a follower of the Moda Cutting Table blog

  28. I love that all these wonderful tools come in a beautiful gift set. I am going to be on the search for a couple of these for christmas gifts.

  29. I would LOVE to find this handy-dandy kit in my stocking this year! So many times, when I need to mark a quilt, I am not sure which marker would be the *right* choice for that particular fabric– this kit would have everything in one place– and certainly would have just the perfect marker for any fabric!! Thank you for this giveaway– I look forward every day to seeing what Santa Moda is giving away! 🙂

  30. I’m a stickler for accuracy and mark a lot – these would be so awesome! If they were the only thing in my stocking come Christmas morning, I would be a happy quilter.

  31. I would love to have Santa put the Sew Line in my stocking because I have them and use them all the time. I would love to have a second set so I could keep my set at home and pack the other in my retreat kit. I end up sharing alot of stuff at retreats and some stuff never makes it home.

  32. Santa should leave The Sewline Sewing Kit, in my stocking because although I try, I’m not perfect. It comes with an eraser who doesn’t need one of those every now and then? ;->

  33. I have heard such good things about these Sewline Marking tools and the glue pen. I have been meaning to pickup one of the glue pens, since I love to do appliqué. The glue pen is perfect for this! So, please include me in the giveaway! Oh, and I am following the Moda Cutting Table blog.
    Betsy Pratt
    Betsy.Pratt (at) gmail.com

  34. This looks like a great set of tools! I’m tired of marking my quilts with the air-erasable markers only to have the lines disappear too soon. And to be able to erase when you mark a little off sure beats those multiple lines that cause confusion. I’d love to have this set in my stocking 🙂

  35. This would be great, it’s so hard to mark a quilt in the south and it stay on for awhile! Usually the humidity takes the marks right out!!! Would love to try it!

  36. Marking tools are such a vital part of making a quilt and I am always on the hunt for the perfect one-the slimline system looks like it sure could fit the bill!

  37. I love the Sewline product line, they seem to be so well thought out by people that actually use them, so I would love it if Santa could hand this over!

    Thanks for the chance to win :o)

  38. I’ve heard these are marvelous products and the pens are always sharpened. It would be fantastic having marking pens that are ready to go everytime and do not leave wide marks.

  39. I’ve heard about these wonderful tools & would love to try them. I need some marking tools for my projects. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome stocking stuffer! 🙂

  40. Dear Santa Mama Moda, Please place a Sewline gift set in my stocking so I can mark my stitching lines. My hand quilting is sew very crooked and number two pencil marks are messy. It sure would help me if had a straight Sewline to follow. Thanks Santa Mama Moda!

  41. I would love to find this in my stocking ’cause I want Santa to leave only “quilt-y” things in it this year! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I would love to win this stocking stuffer. I love the glue pen and use it a lot with wool applique. I would love to try your marker which sounds great because it has both colors of lead.

  43. Oh I could have done with this yesterday when I was making mitred corners. It would have been perfect. It’s always handy to have a marking pen.

  44. Oh Santa this year I want to make my Baltimore Christmas Quilt but I don’t have the right marking pens to mark for the applique. It sure would make it easy for me to start if I had this little bundle in my stocking!

  45. I do a LOT of hand applique work and I would love to use this set. Other marking tools don’t keep their points and with the leads being the same thickness, this would be ideal and can be used on any fabric!

  46. I would SEW love to win this Give Away…I would like to try the Glue stick out on my Apple Cores, Hexagons and Clam Shells!!! And the pens would really be useful for marking my quilting lines!! Ohhhhh yes this GA would really come in handy!! Thanks SEW much for the chance to win…and yes of course I follow!!!

  47. I already have one of the Sewline pencils and love it! I could see so many uses for the others too. I’d especially like to try the roller tracer and the glue pen.

  48. I don’t have a good way to mark on dark fabrics, so trying out that white lead would be something I want to try. Santa can bring them all right on over.

  49. I follow the blog and I think the Sewline pencil would be a great addition to my quilting supplies!! also looking for some new gadget to make quilting easier!!

  50. I really like the idea of a marker that comes off easily. I’ve tried many different kinds, some are okay and some are horrible. I’d love to try this one, it certainly sounds like a winner!

  51. I seem to be doing more and more embroidery these days … this gift would make life so much easier. Haven’t seen the blank roller marker before.

  52. definitely need this set–i have a variety of things i’ve tried for marking and would like something that really works. love all those tools–so cool. thanks for the opportunity and have a great day

  53. Would love to win this one! Just starting another quilt now and the last one I had such a hard time marking my quilting lines as I hand quilt.

  54. Dear Santa,
    I’m not always perfect but I PROMISE I’ll be good to my sister – maybe I can even make her a quilt using the Sewline markers. 🙂 Love, lm

  55. I love the sewline marking tools and love my sewline pencil. I’m always working on more than one project at a time though and would be great to have extra to pit with each project!

  56. Santa,

    I would LOVE this sew line marking kit for Christmas. Just today I was marking quilting lines with chalk, which left white powder all over my sewing machine and was difficult to remove from my fabric. Then I read this blog. Wow, this sounds so great!


  57. What a wonderful set of tools! I’m never sure what is the best way to mark a quilt since I’m fairly new at quilting! It would be a great gift in my stocking!

  58. These tools look great! I love marking diagonal lines on my quilt tops before pinning them. Then I can baste and quilt without removing pins. I’d sure love using these new ones instead of my old, dried out markers! Thanks for the giveaway!

    lindseyjunk (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  59. I need to upgrade my marking tools & this Sewline set of a marker, refills, glue, eraser etc. would definitely fit the bill. So convenient.

  60. I would love to find this in my stocking on Christmas Day so I could use it to mark my quilt for machine quilting. I also have a couple of new embroidery patterns that this would be great to trace with. Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  61. I would love to find this in my stocking! I am at a loss when it comes to having the right tools to mark my quilts. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  62. I could really use this. I want santa to leave this in my stocking because i just started sewing for a hobby. I am slowly purchasing a few things here and there, but still need alot. This would be awesome!

  63. I have never tried SewLine products but it seems quite convenient to have all the marking pens you could need in one place. It can be quite frustrating to have multiple pens all over the place when using both light and dark fabrics. I would love to try this line of products.

  64. What great products. I know I would get lots of use out of them if I am lucky enough to win. Great marking tools always have a welcome spot in my tool box.

  65. I JUST saw the Sewline pencils at my local quilt shop and hinted to my daughter that it would make a fantastic stocking stuffer! Of course I’m a follower 🙂

  66. O.K. This was my wish last year! And no, I did not get it! I must not be assertive enough around my family with what I really want for Christmas. Why can’t they read lists??? Bah Humbug! This is a must for everyone’s stocking!!!

  67. This is such a great took kit to own. I just did a search to locate one and have now added this to my wish list on Amazon. Thanks for showing us this kit. I never knew we could get all the great Sewline tools in one kit like this.

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