Show Your Love

Show the world how much you love sewing & quilting with these fun,
trendy decals for your car windows!  
The decals are made from high performance white vinyl and die-cut in 6 styles.
They range in size with the scissors being 6″ x 2.65″ to the sewing machine being 6″ x 5″.
More details HERE!
Ohh how will we choose which one to get!?
Maybe I will just get ALL of them and embellish everything with them!
Now my morning coffee can say, “I heart sewing!”
PS- these tumblers from Starbucks are the BEST!
So go grab one and throw on your favorite decal!
(photo & tumber found here…Starbucks Store)
And I can brighten up my boring binders!
What will you embellish with these cute decals?

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10 thoughts on “Show Your Love

  1. Adorable decals but 9 dollars a piece? Wow. I wanted to get these for all the girls in my Bee but that would be $100 just on decals. Too pricey, but cute.

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