LIGHT Up Our Life

I wasn’t planning on introducing this new notion for a few more weeks since it JUST came in and I have not even done an ad for it yet. BUT when I heard the customer service ladies raving over it I decided you all need to know about it NOW!
It is a wafer thin LED strip light that mounts under the throat of your sewing machine with 3M adhesive for incredible illumination. : )
It is available in a 3 bulb, 6 bulb or 9 bulb strip depending on the size of your machine.
It was even in the Quilts & More Magazine…so you know it’s legit!  
* NO Batteries Needed! – Less than 1.3 watts of power compared to 100 watt light bulbs.
That’s 98% power savings!
*100,000 Hours of life on the light.
*8 Foot power cord & switch (normal 110Volt)
*No bendable parts to get in your way.
*Portable, unplug your power cord & machine is ready to go.
*Designed specifically for quilters/sewers. LEDs are the best quality available.
*True white vertical light illuminates entire work area & needle.
Ok, here is the BEFORE
And the AFTER…  
Pretty amazing huh?
And the installation looks simple enough.
This little light could just change your (sewing) life!! ; )
Hope you all enjoy!

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25 thoughts on “LIGHT Up Our Life

  1. I need this and I need it now. I have an OttLite shoved up against the back of my machine now just so I can see. this would free up so much space! Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. I want one of these!!! Bet we don’t get them in the UK for another 5 years though… we always have to wait so long for everything that American quilters get!

  3. I just have to get one or two of these babies!! The problem in my sewing space is lack of proper lighting, and when you have “older eyes” any little bit helps.

  4. I love this because often times if I use a lamp I find my eyes wearing out more quickly. This puts the light where I need it instead of shining it in my eyes like a police interrogation.

  5. OH MY GOSH! I MUST have one of these!!! I have so many Ott lights surrounding my machine and still have problems seeing some areas while stitching. If I were to get one of these then I could use one or more of the three in total Ott’s I have all in that one area in different areas of my sewing room where I need more light.

  6. Oh this is so perfect. Yeah the Ott lights only help so much but this is right there exactly where you can’t squeeze that liitl ott in. Yeah for us more mature stitchers.

  7. Saw an ad for these on another blog with a link to here. Went to the Ecolux Lighting site….. and about choked on prices for these little light strips. Am I missing something? $67.00, yes- $67 for a strip of just three lights? You gotta be kidding! I feel a gouge in my pocket book (ouch) so not worth the price. JMHO

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