Country Fair Blog Hop- Sandy Klop

AND THE WINNER IS…. Akasha Johnson
NOTE FROM SANDY KLOP:  I read them all! Lots of new babies on the way! Several would make something to donate to very worthy causes,several would let a jelly roll be art, manyI think I read them all! Lots of new babies on the way! Several would make something to donate to very worthy causes,several would let a jelly roll be art, many quilts and table runners, totes, and clothing. So hard to choose but only one wrote a poem . That’s very close to my heart so I choose Akasha Johnson’s comment.

Pezzy oh Pezzy what I would do with you.

Make a tree?
Count to three?
Or make a nifty quilt of dreams?

I can use this fabric to flirt or just make a nice round skirt.

I think, I may… I think I might just use them all to my delight.

I toss a coin and then now I see that I will make all three of these. A tree shaped stuffed pillow, a quilt and a skirt.

Thanks for bring this back.

-Danell Elswick.. rabid quilter

The bad news is that we have no contact for this person. Danell, if you are out there, please contact us with your shipping information. 

Today is Sandy Klop’s day  on the moda Country Fair blog hop. We are thrilled to have her as a guest on the moda cutting table blog. Join us as she shares country fair memories, favorite fair foods and a “chicky” pattern. Let’s make Sandy welcome by following this blog and leaving her a nice comment…. and there may be a prize.

is Carmel Corn without a doubt! I think I could live on it. I have a very good friend who brings me a big bucket of Carmel corn at Christmas time. I am the only one that likes it so I get the bucket all to myself.
is watching people! I often think it is better than a movie! But sometimes I get so involved watching I forget about the people I am with. You never know who you might see!!
I would someday like to lead a group of quilters to the fabric shops in Southern France.
American Jane Studio
I have no problem deciding what to do with it once I have a stack of yummy colors and patterns to work with. The more the merrier. Three or Five are just not enough. Two Hundred! Yahoo!
I have the best memories of going to a Saturday Market with my dad. It was not like the farmers markets today. It was more like a County Fair. There was a long covered roof like you would see at a train station. Under the long roof there were long tables filled with produce, flowers, nuts and all sorts of goodies, but it was under the table that fascinated me!
Chickens, ducks, rabbits and sometimes kittens and puppies! It was noisy, smelly and so much fun!
The county fair makes me think of chickens, so for my project I made
Henny Penney, Hickety Pickety and the little red hen.
Transform a basic bun basket into a prize winning work of art. You could even fill it full of candy corn if you were so inclined.  For the instructions to make your own Henny Penny, Click here

To see my schoolhouse video, click here.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at something else I have been working on. FABRIC, of course!
I heard from many of you about Pezzy, a retired fabric that was selling on ebay and etsy for upwards of 20.00 a fat quarter. Guess what it is back! My upcoming line, Fairy Tale Friends due in stores, October.
has more of my multi colored  Pezzy. In this collection, I called this print Magic Beans because they look just like what Jack in the beanstalk would have used.
And, wait, there’s more. An entire line of Pezzy Prints! Available in stores January BUT you can WIN a PEZZY jelly roll of the  now!!
 Follow this blog and leave me a comment about what you would do with a PEZZY jelly roll if you were the winner! I will draw a name on September 29th and announce the winner here.
One more thing,  be sure and visit Liesl from Oliver + S next. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for her blog post.
 Thank you for stopping by on my Country Fair day.

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796 thoughts on “Country Fair Blog Hop- Sandy Klop

  1. I love the Pezzy prints, I still have just a little of a couple in my stash. From a jelly roll I do a 9 patch with crisp white and the solids as the centers I think. Such a sweet baby quilt and heavens knows they grow like they are eating magic beans! (I follow the blog too)

  2. Is that your personal fabric stash? What a wonderful playland!
    The chicken is awesome, as is your PEZ fabric. If I were to win, I have several different quilt patterns that use a jelly roll that it would be perfect for.
    Thanks for making this blog hop so much fun!

  3. OMgosh you KNOW I would love to win that pezzy JR!! I am one of your biggest cheerleaders. So maybe my number will be the lucky winner. If not I will be stalking the stores for it in January. Thank you sooooo much for bringing it back!

  4. Not sure at the moment what I would do if I won the Pezzy jelly roll. But it wouldn’t take me long to figure something out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I’d love to win a Pezzy jelly roll!!! I’ve been thinking that I need some new placemats and accessories for my new kitchen– and I think that the Pezzy fabric would make the table so cheerful!!! 🙂 I hope I win!!! 🙂

  6. I have a “jelly roll race” project on my “to do” list — think this would work perfectly. They make great gifts and donation quilts. I look forward to seeing your next fabric line.

  7. I’m happy to be a new follower of the Moda Fabrics blog, and I hope I win the Pezzy fabric. I would make a very cheerful table cover and use whatever is left in other projects. Thanks for the lovely project idea.

  8. The Pezzy Print is beautiful with such a fresh look ….the possibilities are endless. Maybe a tote bag or pillows or a throw…..Your bun warmer brought back memories of the ones I made a long time ago.

  9. Hopeless animal lover here, so I just have to first say what a sweet little bunny!!! And your bun warmer is so cute too! I’d have to unroll that yummy jelly roll and fondle it for awhile before I could come up with the perfect pattern to use it for. Thanks for the chance!

  10. I love the new colors! Love the older ones too. Just cheery! I would use some to make a cute and simple nine patch and some would get put in my American Jane stash for couple of fun ideas I have for scrappy things!

  11. First I would oogle it and pet it, A LOT! Then I would make a pattern I’ve been meaning to make – called Just Between Friends!
    I am crazy about all your new Pez colors! Thank you!!

  12. The PEZZY fabric looks like fun! I would love to make a quilt for myself with it! I need, need, need a new one!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. how fun! love the new colors of those pezzy prints… i’ve loved them for a long time, and am very happy to have a chance to add some new colors to my stash! i’d definitely use the jelly roll for a quilt – something paired with lots of white, probably!! thanks!!

  14. Ayayay, I’m in love with these Pezzy prints!! Sheesh . . . if I won, I would cherish an adore them and contemplate their future . . . but then I’d throw caution to the wind and rip into the JR for a beautiful baby quilt that I’ve been dreaming up! I think . . .

  15. I would LOVE a pezzy jelly roll! I missed the first batch of pez fabrics, and I can’t miss out on these now! I think a simple strip quilt is in my future if I can get my hands on these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Love the Pezzy prints and what fun they would be to make us something bright and cheery! Time spent with my father was also precious to me so I loved your story of the saturday market!!

  17. I have a fondness for caramel corn, people watching (airports are a great place!), and fabric(Moda!)! Thanks for the project, and I think I would make a log cabin quilt with Pezzy also adding some additional fabric.

  18. My daughter has these bright colors in her room. The Pezzy fabric will go perfectly. Probably a throw to curl up with in her chair. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Wow! Pezzy would be fanstastic as a napping quilt for a baby. My daughter’s best friend is having a baby in January so I hope I win your jelly roll. Pick me! Pick me! Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. I would make a quilt for my grandson with it and tell him it was magic beans. Then he would tell everyone it was a magic quilt and believe it was really magic 🙂

  21. What wouldn’t I do with a pezzy jelly roll, such cute fabric so many possibilities. What ever I make I think it would be something just for me!

  22. Love the colors of the Pezzy prints! If I won, I think I’d just open up the jelly roll and admire it for a while! Then I’d turn it into a table runner —

  23. I love the Pezzy prints! I would make a quilt for the RV that would make everyone smile when they saw it, whether we were using it on the camper bed, for a picnic or for snuggling around the evening fire.

  24. I love modern quilts, cool prints matched with solids and whites or greys edged with black. Looks like Pezzy would be a great print to work with – would love to win some!

  25. LOVE all your fabrics! I would be overjoyed to win a Pezzy jelly roll. I have two little granddaughters who would be ecstatic over a quilt made with that fun fabric!

  26. I would love to make a quilt with the Pezzy jelly roll! The colors are wonderful! Thanks for sharing the Bun Basket! It so cute! Thanks for sharing and a great giveaway!

  27. My daughter is also an avid ‘people-watcher’ – she has walked into walls and doors while ‘gawking’ while walking!!
    If I won the jelly roll, I would have to make my little eagle-eye a cuddle quilt!

  28. I always love the bright and cheerful colors of your fabric. With the pezzy prints I would make a quilt to share with my grandchildren. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  29. I’ve become a follower. If I were to win, the quilt I need to make for a granddaughter’s graduation would include some PEZZY. Kathie L in Allentown

  30. I’d love to win the Pezzy fabric. I would make it into a child’s quilt. When working with your fabrics, it brings out a special happiness and memories of times gone by! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. Lana

  31. Love spending my coffee break with great photos. Will love the Henny Penny pattern. When my sons were growing up I kept a copy of the book “Little Red Hen” on our table and once in a while even thru high school we’d have storytime!!!!
    Thanks for all the inspiration

  32. Oh, I love the hen! The Pezzy Jelly Roll is wonderful, so many choices to use it on a table runner maybe, something kinda log cabinish. I would be fun to have to decide!

  33. Oh, I would love to win a Pezzy jelly roll. If I don’t, I’ll just have to make sure I get some in January! I would love to make a big colorful quilt with the Pezzy’s if I won so that when my 5 grands come over everyone can enjoy it.

  34. Oh that is beautiful. I think it would have to go into lots of different projects…right now I am collecting red pink aqua maybe for a pinwheel quilt, maybe something else once I get it all together! Thanks for all the loveliness!

  35. If I won I would love it, and pet it, and call it George…..oh no that was Bugs Bunny….

    Your fabric would be wonderful with a handfull of solids and some JayBird designs patterns.

  36. I was so excited when I found out about Pezzy!
    If I were the lucky winner, I think Pezzy would get turned into a couple table runners. Thanks for sharing!

    And yes, I follow this blog already!

  37. The Pezzy prints are great! If I have a jelly roll of the prints I would make an alphabet quilt for my 8 month old. I have been looking for simple patterns in basic colors….this is just perfect. Thanks.

  38. Oh My Gosh….. I need these now! I’m making a robot themed quilt for a child and these would be perfect. Might have to put this quilt on hold until the PEZZY prints are here. I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect fabric…..Thank you – Thank you – Thank you for your designs!!

  39. Well…if I won the Pezzy jelly roll, first I would take a picture of it…then I would keepit in the sewing room for inspiration for a while…then I’d cut each strip in half and use them in a quilt w/my American Jane stash…the other half-strips I would save…because this is an amazing line!

  40. Wow! Love this jelly roll! Such gorgeous colours! They will look great in a quilt with white fabric!
    I’ve been a follower through google reader for a long time, but am now a regular follower as well!
    Thank you!

  41. Since there is not a lot of pink in this collection, I would make a nine-patch quilt for my two-year-old grandson. Everyone else in my family has one except him. Love these fabrics, they’re so vibrant and cheery.

  42. Love the chicken! Honestly, I could dream up quite a few fun things to sew with a Pezzy roll but if I had one I’d most likely put it up on my shelf of wonderful things and admire it for a good long time.

  43. I fell the same way about fabrics! when i find that one I can’t live without it…I have to get 2 of it so I won’t fell so bad to use one. I would LOVE to win one of the jelly rolls but …take me fabric chopping with you in France!??Pretty Please!!!!!!LOL

  44. Pezzy – seriously? I’m in love! I have lots of your fabric, and love how it all coordinates. It’s my go-to fabric of choice. If I win, I’d probably make another American Jane quilt. Can’t wait to see this fabric in real life!

  45. The Pezzy roll is AWESOME! I think I’d make one of the great projects over on Moda Bake Shop. But it would be hard to cut into it 🙂 Thanks!

  46. Oh wow I love the fabric. I would make a quilt to give as a gift to my grandmother if I won. Thank you for the opportunity – thanks also for sharing your photos x

  47. Pezzy is darling! I haven’t seen it before but I’m newish to quilting. Glad to know that Moda sees the need to reprint a popular fabric. =) I would use pezzy to create a fun set of pillows for my couch.

  48. Oh, Oh, this would be perfect for a quilt for one of my grandaughters! I have taught the one how to quilt and wouldn’t she love this fabric to make another one??!! Thanks for the chance to win! 😀

  49. I LOVE caramel corn too !!!! Actually anything with caramel is a weekness for me :)!!!
    Love your hen as well 11 chickens and their little chicks are a reminder of fairtime for me as well !!!
    ANd I LOVE your pezzy prints. Am working on a fairy Tale Friends quilt for my daughter at the moment. WOuld love to make either a pieced back, or pillows or….another quilt of course 🙂

  50. What fun fabrics! If I won a PEZZY jelly roll I would use it to make a fun quilt, adding several additional fabrics to make the PEZZY fabrics stand out. Thanks for sharing.

  51. I want to make one of the wonderful quilts moda is showing with the prints! They are so cheerful!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of that wonderful fabric!

  52. What a fun post–thank you for sharing 🙂 If I were to win a the Pezzy jelly roll I would make a fun little baby quilt for my cousins baby due on New Years!! Thanks for a chance to win

  53. I am not sure what I would make with the jelly roll but I do love your prints. I had fun making a jelly roll quilt top recently and these print would look great in this design. Your bun basket design is great fun and my sister would love it.

  54. The Pezzy fabrics are wonderful for everything, I´ve used them in bindings and in hexagons. I´m so glad to know there will be more. The colors are great and so joyful
    Thanks for the chance

  55. Than you for the wonderful pattern! I might try it for our big family get-together at Thanksgiving. I would LOVE to make a retro apron using the Pezzy jelly roll — it would certainly be eye-cathcing!

  56. Thank you for the Henny Penny pattern. It’s delightful. My twin granddaughters will be quite taken with Henny Penny. I’d love to win the Pezzy jelly roll. The colours are so bright and cherry, perfect for a little quilt for my new grandbaby who will be born this winter. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  57. The projects for this blog hop have been fun and different and I want to make them all. So happy to see your PEZ back and in an expanded color line. I would use them intermittenly in different projects to stretch it out. LOVE Henny Penny!

  58. I love Henny Penny! For a while the jelly roll would be “art” and sit on the shelf in the sewing room!
    Then it would age a little more until I came across the perfect pattern.

  59. I would love to make some place mats for my kitchen table with your Pezzy jelly roll. The colors would be perfect! Love your hen pattern I have the perfect spot for it it my kitchen. Thanks for the pattern. And Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs are my favorite fair food.

  60. The chicken would be so cute in my kitchen. The new Pezzy is great too. Can’t wait to see it all. Still have a couple strips from first fabrics. Thank you for the pattern and chance to win fabric.

  61. OH!!! Be still my heart!! I LOVE Pezzy prints!! I would so make a quilt for ME with it!! I have lots of quilt patterns for Jelly Rolls (don’t judge!) it would be hard to pick just one!

    Lisa L

  62. With a jelly roll of Pezzy print I would…make a second quilt to coordinate with the first quilt I made for my grandson with American Jane fabrics! I forget the name of the line, but there were lots of bright colors balanced by black and panels of toys; a train, an airplane, a tricycle, a boat, a car… That was one of my favorite quilts and I’d be thrilled to make one to coordinate with it!

  63. I’m so happy that we flickr fabric freaks were successfully instrumental in getting the pez/pezzy/magic beans reprinted, with your help of course. I only discovered my love of pez when it was already discontinued and I had to shell out quite the pretty penny to get all the colors. I’ve been hoarding it but now I can cut into it without fear.

    If I won the jelly roll I would cry, then faint, then probably cry again, wouldn’t stop smiling for days, tell everyone I know and then make tons of quilts, table runners, bags, pillows, and wall hangings out of every single last bit of it.

  64. Oh yes I forgot – in my fun- that I would probably make a really cute quilt for my grandson who is going to be getting his new bigger boy bed-outa the crib. Yeah!!

  65. Love the Pezzy prints. I would love to make my 5 year old grand-daughter a quilt from the jelly roll. Thanks for being so inspiring.

  66. The Pezzy Prints is AWESOME! Thanks for the chance to win something so colorful and happy. I would make a quilt for my middle son with the jelly roll. He loves color…no matter what he’s coloring he uses every single crayon at his disposal to make it super-duper colorful. It always makes me smile.

  67. Sandy, thanks for bringing Pezzy back to us. It would be so much fun to take the winning Jelly Roll to our local quilt store and show them what will becoming their way. As what I would do with it, first just play with it and look it over, then go to the Moda Bakery and check out their ideas. Then play with some more. It is so much fun playing with your designs.

  68. Always love your lines of fabrics! Would love winning the awesome pezzy fabrics! I’m thinking rows of henny pennys incorporated in a quilt!

  69. I think I’d put it on a shelf and admire it for about 6 months, then I’d unroll it and stroke it for another few months, then I’d make a quilt with it.

  70. I would love to try a jelly roll! I’m still rather a novice in the quilting arena and have yet to use one. I think the Pezzy Prints would be perfect for some bright and cheerful floor pillows in my son and daughter’s room. 🙂

  71. OMG!! I would love to win the Pezzy jelly roll. I would make a beautiful quilt with it. I love these prints. Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Oh yeah and your chicken pattern is so cute. Love it!!
    Hugs Ariane

  72. OK I just have to comment how you cleverly included your moda designer friends in the crowd picture. It is a kind of Where’s Waldo game and I love it! I love the Pezzy fabric too. Using polka dots in a quilt is always a must for me but I like this design even better because he colors are so big and bold against the white. I see why so many people like it. Thanks for the contest.

  73. Well, I didn’t even know about this blog, but now I am a follower! And I love those Pezzy Prints…they are so colorful and fun! I loved the quilts shown on the bottom of the ad, so I think that I would like to make a quilt from them if I was lucky enough to win the jelly roll!

    Thanks so much for the great Hen Basket pattern…it’s adorable! And thank you and Moda for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!



  74. I am a follower of Moda’s blog. I love the Pezzy collection! If I win, I will use the fabrics in a future Anita Goodesign’s quilt/redwork design pack to be released in November. The colors and motifs are perfect for this project!

  75. Oh that jelly roll is very fresh and modern looking. I am a traditional, primitive quilter and so if I were to be so lucky to win (and I have never won anything from any blog ever) I think I would try one of the simple, modern quilts that I have been seeing in the magazines-one is never too old to try something new!

  76. Sign me up for the trip to Southern France!!! I would make a table runner and placemats from the Pezzy Print jelly roll. Thank you for the Henny Penny Bun Basket pattern. That would be perfect for my country kitchen!!!

  77. SWOON! Thank you SO much for re-releasing this fabric, I was not sewing the first time around. I can’t wait for January. I would use these prints in all of my sewing endeavors, quilts, pillows, bags and pouches. Plus, how cute would they be as the cuff on some children’s pants or a sweet pocket. Binding, straps, I could go on and on!!

  78. Oooohhh, I love the prints! I might be in love. Since they are so beautiful, I would be entirely selfish and make a throw for myself (which my daughter would immediately steal).

  79. Your bun warmer reminds me of my mother’s stuffed chicken doorstop from long ago. The pezzy jelly roll would be used with AmJane scraps and Bella Solids to make a snowball quilt for my grandson. Your fabrics always make me smile. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. Oh, I, too, love Pezzy. A scrap quilt that I just bought a pattern for. I just had the MerryGoRound quilt top quilted from your class at our guild. Thanks, Sandy!

  81. Your bun warmer reminds me of my mother’s stuffed chicken doorstop from long ago. The pezzy jelly roll would be used with AmJane scraps and Bella Solids to make a snowball quilt for my grandson. Your fabrics always make me smile. Thanks for the giveaway

  82. I love all your fabric lines – for some reason they always remind of grade school. With this latest Pezzy Print line- I would – I would…… cut it up in pieces and sew it back together again.

  83. Love the fabric!! I would make something for my darling grand daughter, Maybe a skirt and a little bag ! Maybe a loverly little blankie for her to carry around. 🙂

  84. Hmmm…. a project for the pezzy fabric…it would be a toss-up between little ruffly-tiered-skirts for my girls or a throw for the family room or some accessories for the kitchen. I think you really can’t go wrong with the fabric! SO FUN!!! THANKS!

  85. Sandy – thanks for the pattern for Henny Penny – so “American Jane!” Your Pezzy prints are jazzy and snazzy! The colors are so vibrant. Thanks for the opportunity to perhaps win a jelly roll.

  86. I am so bad at fabric I pick it out then get it home for a project but sure enough in a few days I find something so different to make that works better with the print I purchased so for now I’ll say a toss pillow but it may change once I get it in my hands

  87. First of all, I think I would just keel over if I won a jelly roll of Pezzy Prints–they are some of my favorite fabrics ever!! They’d definitely be made into a quilt, probably paired with solids so they could stand out 🙂 Thank you for a chance!!

  88. I have some great patterns from Pam & Nicky Lintott just waiting for the right jelly rolls. Pezzy is one of them lol.
    This blog hopping is fun!

  89. With a PEZZY jelly roll I would make an apron with matching dish cloths trimmed with PEZZY….edge cafe-type curtains with PEZZY also.
    How fun! Thank you for the chance to win a jelly roll.

  90. What a great hen! I know someone that would make a perfect gift for! I wanna play in your fabric stash!!! Your new jelly rolls are so cute… I love the fresh colorway you have there as well as your signature colors!

  91. I think you have just made my day by saying there will be a whole Pez line! So excited! I would love some Pezzy prints- I would finally catch up on baby quilts for my kids and make one for my middle son who just turned 2. Maybe I could have it done by the time he’s 3! 🙂

  92. Thanks for the Henny Penny instructions – We raise chickens, so I am always in the market for chicken-related kitchen and dining items.

    I would use a pezzy jelly roll in a purse, a market bag, and an apron. The colors are wonderful.

  93. I’m a follower! What I would do with the jelly roll? I’m expecting a grandchild in a month but we don’t know yet if it’s a boy or girl. I’d make baby a quilt with this because it’s perfect for either sex. And that way it would be finished in time to bring the baby home.

  94. The Henny Penny bun basket is adorable-thanks for the fun pattern! I would love to make a fun colorful quilt with the Pezzy jelly roll–I’m crossing my fingers.

  95. HOORAY for new Pez prints!!
    I would use them to make a fun, colorful quilt for myself- and now I know it’s okay to use the pez prints I’ve been hoarding!!!

  96. You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting for Moda to reprint these!! I’ve been coveting the little bit that I have from the first collection like it’s gold 🙂 Given how much I love the Pezzy print, pretty sure I would have to make a quilt just for me (which would be a first!). Thanks for the article about Sandy Klop – my favorite fabric designer – and thanks for the chance to win.

  97. I would make me a quilt for my chair and if some were extra, some pieces for insert for frames. I love the chicken will make that for xmas for my mom. Thank you

  98. Okay, now that I’m a follower I need to figure out what I’d do with a Pezzy jelly roll…hmmm…lots of options. I’ll start by pairing each strip with a matching solid to make HST’s, then sew them into pinwheels to use in a quilt. I’ll need to audition other fabrics–oh this is sounding like fun!!

  99. Oh my gosh ~ That Bun Cover is adorable! LOVE IT! Thank you so much for that.

    I really love your fabrics and the quilt from the video is beautiful. LOVED the little poem about your adorable little purse pocket. too cute. I’d love to win some of that Pezzy. I’m not sure what I would do. I have a quilt to make for my now two week old Grandson and need a few more fabrics so some could find its way into that. Otherwise, those would make fun things for my kitchen like a table runner or placemats. Thank you for such a fun post.

  100. What gorgeous fabric. I would use it in a baby quilt. I have a bunch of young people having babies and need something other than prims to use.

  101. Hi there
    Love the pezzy jelly
    that is even fun to say 🙂
    I would make a quilt for my new grand nephew
    Thanks so for the opportunity

  102. Pezzy Prints are the perfect choice for a small baby quilt for my grandson Zachary. The jelly roll would work up quickly with an off white border and the line is perfect for the little man.

    Thanks for sharing the chicken pattern. He is adorable.

    Have a wonderful day !

  103. I would definately make something for my young niece – love the bright colours and a quilt for her would be great. I am a follower.
    Thanks for this and the free pattern.

  104. I can envision a couple of throw pillows for the couch in my den – made from the Pezzy jelly roll, so fun!

    Thanks for being a host for this blog hop.


  105. I wasn’t sure at first…a Sky is falling quilt? a simple strip quilt? Then I read some of the other comments and now I do. An I-Spy quilt. I’ve been looking for the perfect sashing. Ta da. Thank you!

  106. love your henny penny

    I would make a flying geese quilt with the pezzy by combining these prints to solids
    or instead of a quilt some placemats and a table runner

  107. Great colors in Pezzy!! If I was the lucky one I would be able to make a great quilt with one of the hundred patterns I collect. One more checked off the list.

  108. I’m thrilled that you’re bringing back the pezzy prints, I’m new to the love of fabric and missed out on all the goodness…now, I’ll be able to get my hands on some! I’d love to use the prints for either a + and X quilt or then a log cabin quilt!

  109. If I had a Pezzy jellyroll I’d make the cutest quilt with it’s own Pez dispenser. Your fabrics are always delightful. Thank you for a wonderful day at the country fair

  110. I would use a pezzy to make a really cute childs quilt then donate it to 100 Quilts for Children. Thanks the bun basket pattern it is so adorable.

  111. LOVE your Pezzy Prints. Thank you so much for bringing PEZ back to us!

    I’d be thrilled to win this jelly roll, and I’d use it to make a fun quilt to snuggle under.

  112. What a fun line! I would use the jelly to make a strippy quilt so each of the fabrics could be shown off. Thanks for the pattern and the give-a-way.

    Margaret B.

  113. Thanks for the fun hen pattern! My kids would love that so much.

    I saw the mono pez on Lissa’s blog (I was eagle eyed!) so I figured it was coming back. I bought every old colorway last year in Houston at the festival and I have enjoyed working it into my projects…it adds a little unexpected oomph.I’d just keep it for working into various things since my stash is 90 percent American Jane.

  114. I am drooling over the pezzy jelly roll!! I would use the fabric in some scrappy pillowcases, and depending on how much was left, as part of a quilt for my soon to be neice/nephew!

  115. I follow this blog to keep up with all the fun at Moda. Thanks for the great project pattern. I love the pezzy prints, which would make super cute kids quilts.

  116. Oh my gosh…I love those Pezzy Prints!! I’d love to tie them on my arms and run through the yard….then I’d make a really fun lap quilt!! Thanks!!

  117. love Pezzy! I’d probably just stare at it for an extended period of time…and then stitch a little bit into every quilt I make for a long time…or just a nice little throw for me…and only me!

  118. I would make a pezzy quilt! There are several Moda Bake Shop quilts I think that fabric would be great for, like the Love Beads Quilt or the Road to Tennessee. The Pezzy line includes brighter colors than I usually work with and it would be fun to stretch my design skills.

  119. I have some fun patterns just crying out for pezzy fabric! Pez is my kids favorite candy, so of course a quilt made of pez fabric would be just awesome.

  120. YUM!!!! l love caramel corn AND kettle corn! Guess I have a sweet tooth! 🙂
    If I won the jelly roll I would make my grandchild a cuddly quilt for Christmas! I would enclose the story book (Jack and the Beanstalk) along with his quilt! What a special memory this Grandma would be making for her little grandson! 🙂

  121. I can see these bright colors paired with a solid to show them off. A nine-patch or a windmill pattern would be perfect for a child. I hadn’t seen these the first go round, but will be watching for them.

  122. I just love the bold and vibrant colors. It is not my usual go to. I am reproduction, dark and traditional kind of gal. It would be a challenge to find a unique use for thee jelly roll most likely something for my grandkids

  123. What can’t you do with a pezzy roll? I would definitely use it for quilts for the boys in the family. It’s got lots of great colors that would go great in quilts for boyos!

  124. I would make a stylin’ tote bag for our picnics in the park and at the beach. It would scream “Oooo Mamma!” 🙂 Love the Pezzy print and can’t wait to see it in stores.

  125. I would make some type of table covering or runner or placemats for my kitchen. Love the colors. Thanks for the chance to win a jelly roll of PEZZY.

  126. Thanks for the cute chicken pattern! Your new lines are wonderful ~ can’t wait to add them to my stash.
    The PEZZY jelly roll would go into several projects ~ from lap quilts to placemats and bitty blocks. Love it!
    Have more fun!

  127. I’m almost afraid to admit it but until I read your posting ,I never heard about “pezzy” prints….but after seeing them here I like them!!!! I would probably make a lap quilt for myself with it.
    Thanks for the chance to win one.

  128. I love pezzy and jelly rolls and I would make some table runners! gifts! and that chicken to so sweet – thank you for the pattern! I am a follower! thanks!

  129. Sandy, I love your colors, fabrics and patterns…so happy and fun!! I guess if I won a jelly roll, I would have to admire it for a while and then use it in one of your patterns–probably one that uses sixty degree angles–another thing that I love!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  130. I absolutely adore the Pezzy fabric!! I would love to make a quilt! I am a new follower of Moda’s blog via GFC! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  131. I think those pezzy prints are calling out to be included in a dresden plate quilt or maybe something simple like a 9-patch. I’m so excited you’re releasing a whole line of them – they’re so much fun!

  132. LOVE this Pezzy print! So very cute. I would have to make some baby items for the 3 new babies we have in our extended family. Thanks for such a generous and desirable giveaway.

  133. Love your Pezzy prints! Thanks for the chance to win. You are very clever watching the other Moda designers in the crowd! Thanks too for the adorable bun basket pattern!

  134. I would love to win a Pezzy jelly roll. I would make something from the Moda Bake Shop that I’ve seen for my friend that’s expecting her first baby.

  135. I LOVE the Pezzy prints!! I would have to make a throw for my recliner in my craft room out of those!! SO very cute! Might weave me a scrap basket out of the leftovers!! LOVE Henny Penny! I’ll be making some of those for Christmas gifts!!

  136. Oh, how wonderful that the fabric is back..I too love caramel corn and caramel candy corn. yummmmmmmmm. I think I would make a lovely bag..I am known for making many,,Mag’s Bags..I am enjoying this hop so much I don’t want it to end..

  137. 200 fabrics in one project? Makes me dizzy! I’m way to OCD to even think about it, but I do enjoy the variety within a charm pack. Can’t say that I am familiar with the Pezzy of the past but it looks fun and would love to try it out. Thanks for all of the fun fabrics you bring to us. Keep it up.

  138. If win the Pezzy jelly then will make a quilt – think it would look good as framed rectangles! That would set off the geometrical design of the Pez. Thanks for the stop at the Fair!

  139. I would do a simple strip quilt that would let the graphic beauty of the babies shine! Can’t wait for January!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway Sandy!!

  140. I missed this line the first time around. I love this and can picture it in a number of projects. Handbag, quilt for my grand daughter, placemats.

  141. Love your chicken! Thanks for the pattern! With your Pezzy jelly roll, I’d make happy coasters to give to my quilting friends at Christmas. Thanks again for sharing your inspirations. Bobbie

  142. I missed the pez fabrics the first time around, I keep seeing in quilts all over the place can’t wait to get some of my own, maybe it will be in a jelly roll!

  143. I am a follower! I love Pezzy prints. They came out before I quilted and my first intro to them was Allison of Cluck. Cluck. Sew. She has a stash of them and uses them all the time. I just love how they can complement so many different styles and patterns. I would bust open that jelly roll and use the pezzies to frame up some fussy cut squares for a super cute toddler quilt. Thanks!

  144. Pezzy oh Pezzy what I would do with you.

    Make a tree?
    Count to three?
    Or make a nifty quilt of dreams?

    I can use this fabric to flirt or just make a nice round skirt.

    I think, I may… I think I might just use them all to my delight.

    I toss a coin and then now I see that I will make all three of these. A tree shaped stuffed pillow, a quilt and a skirt.

    Thanks for bring this back.

    -Danell Elswick.. rabid quilter

  145. You must try caramel corn drizzled with chocolate…the best!
    Would love to try Pezzy in a quilt for my grandchildren…looks like so much fun!

  146. I would use them in my quilt projects as I love to work with prints that are just one color. They would get used in many different projects! Can’t wait until they are released in January!

  147. That is one cool looking chicken. Love the black and white fabric. My cousin just became a grandmother for the first time. I’d love to use the jelly roll to make a quilt that would stay at her house for the grand:)

  148. such a cutie chick! love that! if I win, first it would need lotsa fondling and petting……then try outs for just the right quilt top. maybe even the 1600 jelly roll quilt. been wanting to try one of those.

  149. Ooooh…there are so many things I could make with pezzy! My creative brain is just humming with ideas of throws,wall quilts,place mats,table runners,etc.,etc.!No matter what I decide on,pezzy will make it look wonderful!!

  150. I am a biggggg fan of American Jane. Thanks for the chance to win this jelly roll. My favorite food at the fair has always been candy apples. YUMMMM

  151. Thanks for the drawing! I would make a pillowcover for a big comfy pillow in my living room, and something for my dining room table.

  152. Yay, I love those pezzy quilts! I think I would use some of it to make a table runner for my dining room mixed with some linen. And some would have to go in a quilt!

  153. I love the pezzy fabric! It is such a fun design. I really enjoy making quilts with jelly rolls, I believe I see pinwheels with bella solids.

  154. what fun colors! I would love to make a baby quilt for my baby boy who is coming in December. It would be such a happy fun quilt 🙂 He is the reason I started quilting about a month ago and I am loving the quilting world!

  155. Hi Sandy,

    Henny Penny is so cute. Thank you for the adorable pattern to make. That pezzy jelly roll looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win it.
    Karen M

  156. I am a follower ! and I love pezzy ! I think I would make a beautiful strip quilt for my new grandaughter. Thanks for the chance to win. Oh, I love the chicken so much, I have chickens every where, so this will be right at home.

  157. I have been a follower for a while. :o) I LOVE Henny Penny!!! What an adorable idea!!! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Hum…I think I would make some fun placemats for my MIL’s table as a Christmas gift with a Pezzy Roll.

  158. Thanks for sharing! Love your pezzy prints! Not sure what I would do with the jelly roll, but I’m sure it will go to good use! Maybe a cute baby quilt with matching bag.

  159. I would probably hoard the pezzy prints then do something quilty w/ them. I could use economically (still hoard some) using some of the strips of pezzy prints as accents to make little cosmetic bags for gifts!! Enjoyed you country fair blog today! Thanks!

  160. Hi, Sandy. You wouldn’t remember me, but I always have to visit your booth at Quilt Market because I just love everything you do. I’m a pattern designer, too, and those 2 1/2″ strips would be perfect for my new “Strips and Sparks” pattern. Goes together in a flash! See you in Houston.
    Carol Morrissey

  161. I am new to quilting and love your Pezzy print. Can’t wait to see it in the stores. I would make a throw for my MIL. She would love this print and the colors.

  162. Being new to this quilting thing, I totally missed out on the opportunity to get any pezzy fabric but I’ve admired it from afar, that’s for sure! I’m thrilled it’s being reprinted and I want some of the pezzy goodness to play with. I would make a quilt for sure. For someone special. I don’t know who yet but I know some people who would really love a quilt made with this fabric.

  163. I’ll be honest. I have a few of your patterns that use jelly rolls, and I’d probably end up making one of them, but I’m pretty sure the jelly roll would just sit on my shelf for a while first so I could look at that delicious rainbow.

  164. Hmmm, something for me.. (selfish). I’m thinking a lap quilt so I don’t have to be cold all of the time. My little weiner dogs only throw off so much heat. LOL.

  165. I totally missed these prints the first time, so I’m glad they’re coming back! If I were to win, I’d likely integrate them into my wealth of UFO’s (perhaps motivate some progress). They’d be the perfect size and colors for a little 9 patch I am planning to start soon!

  166. Thanks for the chance to win! I would use the fabric to work on a quilt for myself! – as my husband points out often I giveaway everything I make so Im am thinking about finally making one for myself!

  167. If I were lucky enough to win the Pezzy prints jelly roll I would have a big dilemma as to whether to showcase the whole line in one quilt or whether to treasure it and add just a little to several projects here and there 🙂
    Oh to have such a dilemma! Thanks for the fun project and giveaway.

  168. I’d use the jelly roll of Pezzy for a tablerunner to use on my breakfast nook’s table. Bright,cheery way to greet the day!
    I believe the colors would blend well with your Schoolhouse collection that I used in a small quilt project.

  169. Oh my goodness – a polka dot chicken – do you know how happy that makes me? well that is the name of my blog! I’d have such fun with a jelly roll of Pezzy -there are several jelly roll patterns just calling my name.

  170. What fun! I’d love to win a jelly roll of Pezzy – I think it’d play well into my next several lap quilts – it’s such a good filler print!

    Thanks for the pattern and the opportunity!

  171. Mmmmm, Pezzies. I would be inspired to do a Chinese coin quilt out of them, with an appliqued head at the end of the rows. It would be a Pez candy quilt!

  172. I just love the pezzy fabrics! First I will buy yards and yards of them. Second I will sit and look at them and maybe hug them. Then I will use them in as many things as possible but only for people I love. I follow this blog. I think your bun basket is great thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  173. I love the Pezzy fabrics! If I won the prize, I would use it to make a quilt for my 8 year old granddaughter, Abby. She would be so excited with a quilt made with this fabric. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  174. I’m glad you are doing this simple design again. I bought a bunch of your Recess line to make ME a quilt. I need to get my husband’s quilt done and get on to mine! Strips of the PEZZY would be awesome stiched together to make the the backing. Thanks getting me fired up.

  175. so wonderful and generous- thanks! i’d make a quilt, of course, a small/baby one, maybe a spiderweb? or some string pieced blocks with backing in one of the bright colors in the line, like the turquoise or red.

  176. I would love to do a jelly roll race with the pezzy jelly roll. The chicken reminds me of my mom. She used to make these and sold many of them back in the 1970’s

  177. I just became a follower! I would love to make a bright fun quilt for my new grandchild due in May. I would, however keep it at my house so Baby would have a special quilt when she was here.

  178. Thanks for the great ‘Chookie’ pattern, I have a girlfriend who would just love it. I will be making it for her. Now about the ‘ pezzy’ roll. I would love to make a ‘braid’ quilt with it. Saw the Amish inspired one on the Modabake site, it looks so affective, your fabric would come up a treat.

  179. I can’t wait for the return of the Pezzy Prints they are great. The quilt that I would make is a Mini Merry Go Round quilt, with a few
    added solids it would be great.

  180. Love the pezzy jelly rolls! I think they’d make wonderful yo-yos and hexies (both are my current addiction!) or maybe a little charm quilt. I love being able to play with the colors to make something uniquely my own! Be blessed!

  181. oh gosh — I think I’d make a tote bag and small matching seat pad to take with me to events. I don’t have anything like that and this seems like it would be perfect!

  182. LOVE the hen pattern as I have a chicken collection. The PEZZY fabric is wonderful and so fun! Maybe a quilt using some solids and tiny dot prints. Caramel corn: yummy!!!!!

  183. Both Fairy Tale Friends and Pezzy Prints have some fun fabrics included. If I had a jelly roll of the Pezzy Prints, I would use them in a lap quilt. Maybe a pattern with rectangles — square in a square type pattern. Thanks for the chance to win a jelly roll.

  184. So excited for pezzy to be released, love, love, love all of the new colors. If I was lucky enough to win the JR I think I would use it in a quilt.

  185. I’m a new follower here! Love the jelly roll, and I think I’d use them to frame some solids for a window frame look…or maybe just strips with rows of white…or…

  186. I have a new Jelly Roll book that I would love to make something from! I’m sure it would be for our next family baby! I’m enjoying this Moda hop!

  187. thanks for the post Sandy – I love Henny Penny but I am soooo excited about Pezzy returning – yippee – I’m one of those people who bought some on ebay and you’ve made my day with your news about a whole line of Pezzy – and to win a jelly roll now would be fabulous – thanks so much Sandy and Moda – now for what I would do with it if I won – well after stroking it for some time I’d make a quilt for my bed so that I could see it everyday cause it makes me so happy 🙂

  188. I would use the Pezzy prints to make a cute kid’s quilt with some moda solid white. I would stash it with the many other quilts that are waiting for my first grandchild. That baby will be the warmest and snuggliest baby ever!!!

  189. My oldest son loves Pez. His wife loves quilts. A match made in heaven for a Pezzy jelly roll! Thanks for keeping the fun fabrics coming our way.

  190. I think some little purses and pillows for my grand daughters would be the ticket.
    And by the way I just wanted to let you know that I made a pinwheel baby quilt out of your fabric line “Snippets” and I just love it.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Connie F

  191. If I one this great fabric I think I would make a quilt from the Moda bake shop for one of my two nieces. I enjoyed browsing this blog and am now a follower.

  192. I’m so glad you’re reissuing this delightful print! And thanks for the chance to win some!! I’d love to use it to make a nap quilt for my nephew.

  193. Love the Pezzy line, especially the red and aqua. I would make a coin quilt with the jelly roll and use the solid aqua for the binding and the red print for the backing. Thank you so much for ‘Henny Penny’. Need to find a larger basket.

  194. I am making a bunch of lap quilts for Christmas gifts and would love to use these fabrics in one. I have several books of patterns that use jelly rolls so I would have plenty to choose from.

  195. I’m so excited to see Pezzy again!!! I’d love this jelly roll to make a quilt for my 2 yr old son. Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  196. I would make a quilt for my four year old boy who loves every color of the rainbow as his “Favorite.” I love that Pezzy shape. My oldest brother always gives us Pez and Pez dispensers for Christmas.

  197. I am following now and I printed out the chicken bun basket cover right away. I raise chickens and my favorites are black and white so I will need to make one soon! Not sure what I would do if I win. But I usually think of something quickly when I get a look at things up close and personal.

  198. Love Henny Penny…into chickens as our hens started laying eggs this week. Pezzy fabric is just too cute. Love the colors…would make into something wonderful!

  199. Thanks for the cute chicken pattern. If I won the fabric, I’m not sure of the pattern yet, but I’d make a cheerful lap quilt to use when the weather turns cold & snowy!

  200. I would use it to add bright colored strips to white or black fabric squares and then I would turn the into quilts for our local Children’s hospital

  201. Can’t wait to sew some pezzy prints – I’d use them to make a little stuffed animal for my grandson for Christmas. thanks for the chance to win!

  202. To make a quilt for sure!! I really would love to make a throw. I keep making table runners so if I won I would make make make myself make a bigger real quilt 🙂 Thank you so much for the giveaway. So so cute.

  203. Now how did I miss these the first time they were out???! I would LOVE to make a sizzling sixties quilt out of them. I have the book and the ruler, just need some jelly rolls! 🙂

    Sandy A