Country Fair quilt and Moda Designers blog hop

Hello to all!
This blog  is directed to customers of Moda fabrics and United Notions. However this post has information for Store Owners and Consumers as well, so I wanted to let you know that because some of the details in the videos maybe be confusing without a heads up.

moda designers at spring schoolhouse session

I hope EVERYONE  will join us to celebrate

National Sewing Month.
The moda designers will be having a month long blog hop beginning September 6th featuring a daily post and project from each of the participating designers. Each designer is featuring a fun make it and take style project that is inspired by the country fair theme. STORE OWNERS: The designers that attended spring market also designed quilt blocks for stores owners to use in their stores. If you were not able to attend the schoolhouse session featuring the quilt, please sign on to your customer workstation (via moda fabrics website) to download the information for the quilt. Look for this icon in the upper right hand corner of the customer web page. Only visible once you have signed in with your customer ID and password.

Okay now that the explanations are over, let’s get down to the fun stuff.

Baker’s Dozen (Country Fair) Quilt pic

Look for these quilt blocks, patterns and recipes from the moda designers at your favorite retailer. The quilt shown was a combination of several moda designers newest lines. Many of the shops have taken these designs and featured a variety of collections also. Pick your favorite block, make multiple blocks and have a completely different project. The possibilities are endless.

Sweetwater showing their quilt in schoolhouse

The posts will start right after labor Day, so
Mark your Calenders!

September 6th    Sandy Gervais of Pieces from My Heart
September 13th Sandy Klop from American Jane (Post will be featured on Moda’s blog)
September 14th Liesl from Oliver + S
September 19th Barbara Brackman from Barbara Brackman, of course.
September 20th Bonnie from Cotton Way
September 22nd Deb Strain
September 27th Kate Spain
and the fun continues into October

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30 thoughts on “Country Fair quilt and Moda Designers blog hop

  1. I’m wondering who it is that makes up URBAN CHIKS. Do they have a blog? Can you get them to participate in these blog hops? I’d love to ‘get to know them’!

  2. I’m so looking forward to this – I joined in the blog hop earlier this year and now I have heaps of favourite blogs and designers – thanks so much moda

  3. My thought tonight is that we only have a short time left for the Moda Fair. I honestly have to say I had alot of fun with the designers of your fabric and their ideas of a country fair, and their questions.
    Thanks moda and to all the wonderful designers who took time to think of an entertaining fair, a great project to whip up and fantastic giveaways!!

  4. It has been a lot of fun learning about these designers. Thanks for arranging this.
    I’m wondering if anyone besides me is having a hard time
    finding the updated blog or any blog for that matter for today….9/30???

  5. Nothing wrong with me…duh….I’m a day ahead!! Sorry I inquired about the blog for the 30th! It’s only the 29th!! For heavens sake…..please excuse me while I blush. Sorry!!

  6. I am late to the Fair but dancing as fast as I can to see what the Designers have been doing.

    I am however intrigued about one thing…. this lovely Baker’s Dozen (Country Fair) Quilt I see held up in the photo with the Courthouse Step setting…… I cannot find any further information about the pattern.

    Is there someone who could give me any assistance in this quilt pattern search?

    Thank you in advance,

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