Am I getting younger?

Everything & I mean everything has a cycle.  What’s new is old, what’s old is new.  Take hand stitching for instance.  I’m seeing more & more embroidery, crewel work, basic hand work, etc coming back. This cool book from C &T has some great projects in it for the person who likes to do hand projects. I personally will be doing more handwork as I have gone ‘green’.  (riding the ‘A’
train to work 4 of the 5 days)

For the Love of Hand Stitching by Jan Constantine is a fabulous new collection of 21 decorative applique and hand-embroidery projects featuring some of Jan’s best-selling designs. Alongside her signature pillows are a selection of bags, aprons, and other home accessories such as a throw, quilt, needle case, and placemats. Jan’s modern approach to embroidery, with bright colors and strong shapes in a series of bold, graphic designs, are perfect projects for the summer.  

Cross-sell products include:
Colorful wool felts
Both plain and gingham cottons and linens
Embroidery needles, scissors, hoops, and threads
Fusible web
Stranded cotton thread
Basic sewing supplies
Basic sewing machine

Glossary of Stitches include:
Blanket stitch applique
Blanket stitch edging
Buttonhole stitch
Chain stitch
Zigzag chain stitch
French knot
Cross stitch
Basic satin stitch
Satin stitch
Closed fly stitch
Slip stitch

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2 thoughts on “Am I getting younger?

  1. I, for one, am thrilled to see hand stitching coming back. Now, this doesn’t mean I’ll get back into cross stitching; but, with all the embroidery work popping up, I may just give that a try as I never really learned how to do that. 🙂

  2. Completely in love with the look of Big Stitch. I’m not a hand-work kind of girl but I would love to learn how to do some very strategically placed big stitch on a small project. I love that it begs to be a little crazy and “off”… kinda like myself. : )

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