Tom Matheny

Where did you grow up? 
Toledo, Ohio
How many years have you been in the industry?
Favorite past time / hobbies?
Fishing, wood working and I have to say I miss curling
Tell a funny story about being on the road…
I had a driver side window quit working in Northern Michigan in -30 degree weather with a 4 hour drive home. During the drive I trying to warm my hands inside a fleece scraf with a warm breath and as I inhaled expecting to get a couple of good lungs full of air I sucked in fleece lint. it was like sucking in a bug. Cough all I could it would not come out. I was almost to the point of
 passing out when a final cough release my fuzzy tormentor.
Tell us about your beloved?
She is smart, hard working pretty has a great sense of humor ( she gets my jokes ) makes me coffee every morning has a great decoring ability not afraid to
get dirty and if I want fish for dinner I make sure she comes along.
Name 5 things always found in your fridge?
6 types of mustard, BBQ sauce,
kectchup, Llimeade ( for marghees ), lettuce, cheese, salsa
What was the best thing before sliced bread?
 Peanut butter
What would be the name of three chapters in your auto-biography?
 The good , The Bad The Ugly
Tell us something about you that most people don’t know…
 I have a degree in fine art
Name three things you never leave home without…
Car keyes, cell phone Computer/paalm
My pet’s favorite TV show?
Animal Planet’s Dog whisper
Boxers or briefs?
 Boxer of course..
My motto is…
It is what it is
Is the Hokey Pokey really what it is all about?
That’s about right
If you were not a sales rep, what else would you do?
Charter boat Captain
I collect… 
Too much
If you could create your own bumper sticker, it would read… 
If you make love as bad as you drive the kids ain’t your’s
If gas mileage & space for samples, were not a requirement, I’d be driving…
F750 pick-up
If you choose a career as a XXX movie star & need a stage name, they say; use the name of your first pet & the street you lived on – what would yours be?
Tippy Colima
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