Meet MODA’s Sales Team

Join us during the month of July as we introduce the BEST salesteam in the industry. Kathy and Amy (whom you will meet later) have asked moda’s talented sales team a list of questions. The first 4 questions everyone will answer, but the remaiing questions, we let them choose which onces they wanted to answer. Be sure and read along each day because some of the answers are quite entertaining.
Today we are featuring
Jane Stewart
Where did you grow up? 
 Rosebud, TX    a little town in Central Texas
How many years have you been in the industry? 
  4 years as a sales rep
Favorite past time / hobbies? 
 Taking care of my pets, cooking, playing in “42” (domino) tournaments, yardwork

Tell a funny story about being on the road… 
 I had a customer who lived in a gated community, and I needed to drop something off to her.  After having a bit of a time with the old geezer (I think he was straight out of Mayberry) at the security entrance, I finally gained access, and dropped off the item.  I then hit “Home” on my GPS, and for the next hour, drove round and round and round in this huge maze that only had 2 entrances.  My GPS kept telling me to turn where there was no road, just trees.  I thought I had entered the twilight zone! 
What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? 
What is your favorite childhood memory?
  Fishing with my Mom
Tell us about another job you had…  
  My first career (22 years) was as a pattern-maker and head of clothing design at Gotcha Covered in Dallas.  We manufactured women’s casual sportswear and dresses that were garment-washed. 
Tell us about your beloved?

In addition to Hubby Gene, my pets are part of my beloved family.  Dodger is the kitty I rescued off I-30 when he’d been hit on the road; Missy is a recent adoption from North Texas Cat Rescue.  We also have Squeeky (a Manx) and Jessie (from DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue)  You will meet Gene, Jane’s husband in a future post. He is also a Moda Salesrep.
Name 5 things always found in your fridge? 
Milk, butter, baking soda, capers, onions
If you were a quilt block, what one would you be & why?  
I would be a one-block wonder, because I love the movement of patterns and color in those quilts
What was the best thing before sliced bread?   Homemade Bread, fresh from the oven! 
What would be the name of three chapters in your auto-biography?
  She Came, She Looked, She Left
Tell us something about you that most people don’t know… 
 that I used to be very shy
Name three things you never leave home without… 
my cell phone, my scanner, my purse (which always has a few one-dollar bills for my McDonald’s value meals and a tube of Chapstick in it)
My passion is… 
working, being productive, and helping my customers
My pet’s favorite TV show? 
LOL–we don’t watch any TV–and the pets don’t either
My motto is…
“Finish your work before you play” and  “Nothing bad lasts forever”
You just drove your car through the garage door. What would you say to your spouse / significant other, to convince them that this is good news? 
 Honey, we finally have a garage!
What fashion trend do you wish would come back in style & why? 
Men’s hats–besides making an ordinary guy look more attractive, they also offer sun protection. 
 I’ve known way too many men who have had skin cancers removed from their faces and ears. 
If you were not a sales rep, what else would you do? 
  I’d be busy managing all the money we won in the Mega Millions Lottery
 (but I think I’d still be working!)
I collect… 
Dust Bunnies
If you could create your own bumper sticker, it would read… 
Moda on board!
If gas mileage & space for samples, were not a requirement, I’d be driving…
a cherry-red ’57 T-bird convertible with white-wall tires
Thank you for stopping by. Check back tomorrow to meet another member of the team.

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  1. This is going to be great to learn about some behind the scenes people…..I wish I had a Moda Sales Rep to call on me at my home!! LOL
    tamiquilts at att dot net

  2. We adore Jane here at Common Threads. She’s absolutely wonderful, and this interview is such a delightful example of the Jane we know and love.

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