Laurie Schaff

Laurie Schaff
Where did you grow up?
On a farm in rural South Dakota, near Storla, SD
How many years have you been in the industry?
7 years, the first 6 working for quilt shops and the last year as a sales rep for Moda
Favorite past time / hobbies?
 I love to travel with my hubby, Brian. I also like to sew and quilt however
I don’t make enough time for it now that I am on the road so much.
Tell a funny story about being on the road…
GPS…a great tool but sometimes not the best at giving directions. On a recent trip to Montana I found myself bumping and sliding down a gravel road. I grew up driving on gravel roads so it wasn’t the gravel it was the twists and turns and nearly getting stuck in my little front wheel drive car that had me nervous. Next time I will consider an alternate route. On the up side this little drive displayed some of the most picturesque scenery including snow topped mountains and  beautiful rolling hills.
What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? 
 A nurse like my mom.
Tell us about your beloved?
  Our little yorkies, Hampton & Sophie. They are not typical lap dogs.  Their small size is deceiving, they have so much energy and always want to play! Down side of having such an adorable pet…you can’t stay mad at them for too long so discipline is an issue.
If you were a quilt block, what one would you be & why?
Wedding Ring……We’re both made up of lots of little
 pieces and we both have beautiful curves.
What was the best thing before sliced bread?
The rotary cutter….can you imagine cutting everything out with scissors?
 That must have taken forever!
What would be the name of three chapters in your auto-biography?
 Life on the Farm, The College Years, Married to the Army Guy

Name 5 things on your bucket list…
Drive to Alaska,
See the Taj Mahal in person,
Visit the Pyramids of Giza,
Tour Germany,
Go to the Grand Canyon,
Visit all 50 states….
the list could go on forever.
Name three things you never leave home without…
 Only 3?
Every time I pack to leave I feel like I’m packing for a month….
.they would have to be cell phone, computer, and my handy dandy Moda scanner!
My vice in life… 
Starbucks….my motivation for getting out on the road on those 20 below mornings!
My passion is…
You just drove your car through the garage door. What would you say to your spouse / significant other, to convince them that this is good news?
 Honey, I know you’ve been complaining that there isn’t enough light in the garage and I have solved that problem…… we are getting rid of that solid….,now wrinkled, door and replacing it with a new garage door that has windows in it! Isn’t that great?!
Me & my: senior prom / wedding / bad hair cut / proud moment – with trophy / school photo, etc. (send photo) Explain!
What fashion trend do you wish would come back in style & why?
 Hypercolor shirts, the fabric changed to a different color when it was warm…they were a lot of fun. Maybe I could start a new trend… hypercolor pants???
If you were not a sales rep, what else would you do?
  I would be a quilt shop owner.    I would also strongly consider stay at home doggie mom.
I collect…
Fabric, patterns, kits, books…..I could insulate my house with the nice “little” collection
 I have been working on.
If you could create your own bumper sticker, it would read… 
 Would you like charm packs with that?
Laurie is also a contributor to the Cutting Table blog. Laurie’s coulmn is… On the Road Again, featuring quilt shops on her travels.

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