Jim Salinas

Where did you grow up? 
My father worked in oil exploration…
I had lived in 18 different towns when I was 18 years old! 
How many years have you been in the industry?
 I have been in the industry for 40 years. I started when I was 22 and I am now 62.
Favorite past time / hobbies?
Camping, archery, playing ukelele, bicycling, and reading.
Tell a funny story about being on the road..
I was loading my bags back into my car. The small bags were stowed away but the really big bag was still standing in the gravel parking lot (wet from rain) right behind my car. Just as I was about to put the large bag away, my cell phone rang. I closed the hatch and got into the car to take the call in air conditioned comfort. After an extended call…I put my car into reverse and ran over my suitcase…pushing and grinding it into the muddy gravel. Good grief, what a mess!
What did you want to be when you were 12 years old?
I wanted to be a scuba diver.
What is your favorite childhood memory?
 As I mentioned, my family moved around a lot. I played Little  League and Pony League in every town that we moved to. I always tried out and always made the team. However, when we moved to Beeville, Tx., my name did not appear on the roster when it was posted. I was crushed! My Dad blamed it on small town “politics”. He believed all the coaches picked boys from the families they knew instead of selecting for ability. Well, two weeks into the season, a boy asked me why I was not coming to baseball practice! As it turned out, I had been selected after all and there had been a clerical error….I was on the Tigers!
Tell us about another job you had…
In college, I worked part time at The Brown Ranch…a private institution for mentally challenged boys. These “boys” were ages 10 to 80. As a counselor, I played basketball, baseball, swam, played table tennis, and golf…you name it..we did it. I even got my commercial driver’s license so I could drive the school bus into town for movie night, goofy golf night, and bowling night.
 I have some great stories and great memories from that experience.
Name 5 things always found in your fridge?
 V8 juice,
 unsweetened ice tea,
What was the best thing before sliced bread?
 Peanut butter!
What would be the name of three chapters in your auto-biography?
 The Good—The Bad—and The Ugly!
How would you describe your job to a 5 year old?
 I would explain that I am a peddler!
Name three things you never leave home without

My telephone…my pocket knife…my wallet.

My vice in life…

Shiner beer and Blue Bell ice cream.
My pet’s favorite TV show?
The Bert’s beans commercial!
Boxers or briefs?
Always briefs…I have never even put on a pair of boxers.
My motto is…
Be a merchant…not a shopkeeper!
Is the Hokey Pokey really what it is all about?
I sure hope so…I can understand that!
You just drove your car through the garage door. What would you say to your
 spouse / significant other, to convince them that this is good news?
We could then buy a higher quality door than what came with the house!
If you were not a sales rep, what else would you do?
 I would retire and pursue my hobbies.
I collect…
If you could create your own bumper sticker, it would read…
“No Guts…No Glory!”
If gas mileage & space for samples, were not a requirement, I’d be driving…
A pick-up truck!
If you choose a career as a XXX movie star & need a stage name, they say; use the name of your first pet & the street you lived on – what would yours be?
 Rusty Timberlake.
 Jim writes a column for American Quilt Retailer, Just Ask Jim. A book is also available that includes all his articles from American Quilt Retailer.

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  1. I have heard how AWESOME Jim Salinas, Jim Salinas, Jim Salinas is (said with you best Marsha, Marsha, Marsha voice) from the girls at Quiltin’ Country in Killeen, TX. It is so great to put a face with the fame!

  2. Oh Jim – You know you’re our favorite fabric rep! Even when you try to sell us that “ugly” fabric!! Seriously, he’s the best! We have a lot of fun with him – as well as buy a lot of fabric.

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