2 thoughts on “Got FriXion?

  1. can not keep them in stock. I have been buying them directly from company as no one was wholesaling the 8 pack, or even the pens. I sell them in the 8 pack because we can use them with different color fabrics…We do a lot of applique and embroidery and we love them for many uses!!!! Patricia Hughes
    Creative Patches and Sewing
    Nipomo, Ca. 93444

  2. I just used mine last night and they work great! I used it to mark waist band and hem lines. It made it so much faster to draw a line and turn it under and when i hit with the iron lines were gone! I have blue and black and was wonder last night if it came in any other colors, and what they were called. You answered that for me now all i have to do is find them.

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