Web Tips: Fabric Collections

You may have noticed some new features appear recently on the Moda website.  One of these new features is our fabric collections page.  To get here, simply go to http://www.unitednotions.com/ > click on Fabrics > click on fabric collections > then click on the little green tab labeled collections.
This page has several features that you may not be aware of and can be very beneficial when searching for a collection and images.
  1. Keyword Search: a Designer name, collection name, and even the type of group may be searched here. Simply type in part or all the words in the designer or collection name and the results will automatically pull up by the words you type in. For the type of group, you can type in Basics, Metro, Classic, or Style to pull up the various collections contained within that particular type of group.
  2. Table Sorting: Click on a title header, Fabric Collections, Designer, or In Stores to re-sort the table in A-Z or Z-A order by the column you wish to sort by.
  3. The colored dots in the left hand column represent the following types of groups:
  • Cream = Basic
  • Brown = Classic (traditional, timeless)
  • Green = Metro (retro, funky, modern)
  • Teal = Style (trendy, in style)
  • The colored scissors in the right hand columns represent the different actions you can do for each group.  Refer to the key code at the top of the page to determine which colored scissor to click on for each item.  View swatch pages, download JPG images, marketing tools and more.
  • The arrows at the bottom of the page allow you to go to the next or previous pages.  You can also change the number of items you can view on a single page by changing the entries per page.
  • It’s your one stop directory for everything Moda Fabrics.

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    One thought on “Web Tips: Fabric Collections

    1. what i have not been able to figure out or find is..

      what is new in the shops by month

      and what is coming by month

      and you want to know so what…. well there is alot of fabric out there and if i know something is in the shops then it is worth my effort to go find it….

      and if something is coming in aug they if i really might want it… i can budget, like set $$ aside for it…..

      and if I know none of these things then my fabric buying is what ever hits me first when I go into a shop…and you know it might not be MODA fabric….

      just sayin’

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