Hide & Seek is Not a Game for Quilts!

“Remembering our past and days of old gives us the purpose and reason to create beautiful projects for our loved ones. All to often these projects are not admired for their quality and workmanship because they lay hidden from sight. Display those projects proudly and with the dignity they deserve.”

-From the folks at Ackfeld

This is so true my friends. Do you really think your sweet grandma wanted her quilt folded up in a closet somewhere for safe keeping? No way jose! I will say, with a family full of children I understand not wanting to leave Granny’s quilt out on the couch. That is why I love Ackfeld for creating this unique way of showcasing your beautiful quilts. You and Granny both put alot of time and love into those quilts and there is something so special about seeing them around each corner of your home.

 We, along with most quilters, are huge fans of Art to Heart! With the addition of her new book, Jingle all the Way, we also get new quilt hangers to coordinate! Are these ornament wall hangings not the cutest?

 And here are a few more new hangers just for your everyday use!
How do you display your quilts?
Do you use Ackfeld hangers or do you prefer an alternate hanging method?

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One thought on “Hide & Seek is Not a Game for Quilts!

  1. I have had the Scroll Single Stand for just about a year now and still have not gotten anything made to hang on it. I need to get some patterns so I can make a quilt to hang on my hanger. I really love the Tri Stand Arch so I might have to be looking for that one. Also the Single Stand 24×14 is also really cute.

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