On the Road… with Moda

Store samples and models are your best sales asset. When you display your fabrics in a beautiful quilt or other finished item your customers can visualize how the colors will work together because you’ve shown them. Even if they don’t choose to make the exact same pattern your sample was created in they feel confident the fabrics you have used are complimentary.

If you have groups that are not selling as well as others use those fabrics to create an appealing store sample. Every week I hear store owners say “It isn’t selling well but I haven’t done anything with it yet.” Some groups seem to walk out the door and others need an attractive pattern to show their real potential.

I’ve included pictures from Quilt Essential in Devils Lake, ND. This store has a stunning quilt gallery. I appreciate the time I get to spend there admiring the inspiring projects and displays. Katie and her staff have a store sample completed from nearly every fabric collection housed under their roof. www.devilslakequiltshop.com

Merchandising Tip: I have bags on the brain this week. When creating a display for bags and bag patterns be sure to house all the bag essentials in one area so your customers and staff don’t have to hunt for the items they need to complete the project. Bag essentials include…zippers, buttons, closures, handles, and interfacing…just to name a few.

Display Idea: Bags from the ceiling! What a great way to get your customer’s attention…hang your bag samples from the wall or ceiling. Be sure to hang them with in “reach” so they can inspect all the options…pockets, zippers, magnetic snaps, and buttons.
Terri’s Treasures Iron, MN

Class Option: Speaking of bags….Many stores offer bag classes and have great success! Most quilter’s are comfortable with the straight lines of their traditional pieced blocks and simply need a little encouragement to be introduced to the endless world of bags and purses. Most of us love the feeling of accomplishment provided by bag patterns…you can typically finish one the same day you start it.

Northern Exposure Quilts Warroad, MN

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