New Art Bin

A ton of great new Art Bin just hit our shelves!
Maybe they are trying to tell us it is time for some Spring Cleaning.
Ok, close your eyes for a minute… now imagine the “back room” at your shop, ORGANIZED!!!
Yeah, sure you got them to sell to your customers
but why not get a few for yourself?
Ok, back to your quilters…
Obviously we all WANT to be organized or businesses like The Containers Store
would not be thriving like they are!
Just sit these colorful containers around your shop and
show your quilters how it’s done.
Let them see how perfect these are for storing all of their fabric & notion goodies! 
Here is a sneak peak at these awesome new boxes…
 ArtBin obviously made these boxes specifically for all of our “baked goods” because they are perfect for Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls & Layer Cakes. 
PS- they are stackable & they even have lockable latches!
Great for notions! Removable dividers give great versatility. Love the no-spill latches & sturdy hinges.
Available in Raspberry, Purple & Teal.
*High quality
*Acid free polypropylene
Includes (6) Solutions Boxes w/ matching colored latches and removable dividers.
Love these totes for small sewing supplies, tools, thread and so on!
Includes both large and small compartments and the dividers allow each box to be customized.
Available in Raspberry, Purple & Teal.
 My favorite of all! This new Slim Line Box is Magnetic!
Great for holding pins, needles, bobbins & scissors!
Available in Raspberry.
Hope you enjoy getting organized with these great new boxes as much as I am.
For more info & more products (like the Double Deep Satchels!) click here.

I told you they were great! Soo, how many do you want?

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