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My name is Laurie Schaff, I am a sales professional for Moda Fabrics and United Notions. I spend my working days traveling around five Midwestern states tempting quilt shops with the newest Moda Fabric designs. Each month I have the opportunity to discuss the latest ideas for displays, classes, and merchandising with forty to fifty shop owners and managers. Since many shop owners are constantly looking for new concepts and there are so many great ideas out there… I am here to share a few things I have learned on the road.

I will also share ideas from across the country, with thirty plus sales professionals working for Moda Fabrics all over the United States the quilting, sewing, crafting, and decorating possibilities are endless. Instead of keeping all of this useful information filed in the back of our minds, we would like to share these amazing ideas with our valued customers.

Display Idea: Many stores have success displaying fabric collections as a “family” in a focused area. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance this family of fabrics by adding new “friends” to the same focal area. What are friends you ask? Friends can be basic fabrics or lonely fabrics from previous lines that work beautifully with new collections. Adding new friends to your family of fabrics will increase the selection in that focused area and breathe new life into the great pieces from last season.

Class Option: One word…Twister! If you have not stocked this item in your store you are missing out on a great product. Twister Tool for 10” square works perfectly with Layer Cakes and Lil’ Twister Tool for 5” square is a wonderful compliment for Charm Packs. Worried you don’t know how to use these handy pinwheel making tools? There’s a book to guide you..… “Let’s Twist” by Country Schoolhouse.

Merchandising Tip: Layer Cakes are neat and tidy when they arrive pre-packaged from Moda. To give your Layer Cakes more grab appeal unfasten the label holding the layer squares together, remove the cardboard/paper from the back of the layer cake, roll the layer cake and use the original label to hold the newly rolled layer cake together. Place them in a decorative bowl or other container and display with their fabric “family” or near your checkout stand.

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  1. I love those frogs. My girlfriend is a frog kind of gal. They so look like they are off for a picnic. Now I have to go back and look at your quilt again and see if there is a bunny. That’s my thing. 🙂

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