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We have invited Sandy Klop to be our featured guest. You may all know her from American Jane Patterns.

Here is a bit of history about Sandy:

Sandy Klop had her first exposure to the world of colorful patterns while watching Klompen dancers perform. Every year in May her hometown of Holland, Michigan, celebrated tulip time with a vast array of Dutch costumes.
She was first exposed to quilting in 1979 at her sister-in-laws when she returned from teaching in Iran. She went on to teach art in Saudi Arabia for the next four years. She loved the rich colors and patterns in the tiles and carpets of the Middle East. Back in California, Sandy began to make pattern samples for a local quilt store. From there she moved to machine quilting. She has worked at a local quilt shop and taught many quilt classes.  She has been designing for Moda  since 2003. “Now I have a new fabric range from Moda every six months and I design quilt patterns to feature my new fabrics. I’m truly living my dream.”

Sandy is day 19 on the Moda Pillow Talk blog hop.  All the moda designers were asked o design a pillow that described them. Her pillow and pattern are shown here.
Go to Sandy’s website to see her other patterns or visit moda fabrics to see her newest line of fabrics
available in stores in March.

Click here for a printable pattern to make this pillow.

Sandy and I had the privilege to be roommates for a week at sea. Sandy does not have a blog so her post  and interview are featured below.  The interview was conducted during the cruise. Sorry, no bathing pictures will be included in this post.
When I first found out I was going to be teaching on a quilting cruise, I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I had to make a quilt!

I have always wanted to do animals in clothes and I’ve loved the Noah’s ark story, then suddenly the cruise! Of course the First cruise ship ever!  After the rainbow alphabet, I tried to get something for each letter. And not everyone gets to go so you have to have a ticket!  So the
 (I)  Invitation says ,(N)Noah and his wife , their three sons Shem ,(H) Ham and
(J) Japheth , request the honor of your presence at the (A) Ark in seven days
(that’s when it will start raining) Deluxe accommodations , Double occupancy and ticket required!

The alphabet letters and background fabrics are from my line called Punctuation!

So of course all this was done with great excitement!!! I identified with Mrs. frog who couldn’t wait to read in a deck chair!

Tell me a story about one of the animals on my quilt to win a chance at a Punctuation Jelly Roll.  Use your imagination… where are they going, what are they thinking, what did they bring along?
I asked Sandy some the Pillow Talk blog hop questions.
 Sandy , Tell me a little known fact about you?
……..even I don’t know a little known fact.
Sandy is an open book, sharing her talent, creativity and inspiration with everyone she meets. When we were on the elevator of the quilting cruise ship, she would invite anyone that got onto the elevator to come and check out the quilting classes.
How do you relax?
…….I relax in the hot tub The best time is when it’s cold and raining!
What do you sleep in? Pj’s nightie, etc.
….I sleep in a night gown
Being her roomie, I will add that she is just as fashionable at bedtime as she is during the day. This is a good thing!
What kind of pillow to you sleep with?
…….I have a feather pillow med. weight
Did you sleep with a stuffed animal when you were young?
…… I never slept with a stuffed toy but I did love to roll straight pins between my thumb and first finger. That doesn’t work any more ,but uncooked spaghetti noodles work . Try it!
I didn’t get a chance to have her show me this. If you run into her at any of the shows, ask her to demo this.
Do you read, watch TV, or sew in bed?
…I don’t eat read or watch TV in bed when I hit the pillow I’m gone.
This is another reason we were such good roommates. We did stay up past 10:00 a couple nights laughing and planning what we could do to harass Robert Hagmeier from Kansas Troubles.
Who would you have a pillow fight with?
….. no way I wouldn’t fight anyone
The cruise is over and I feel like a…..

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to see the entire list of pillow talk authors, click here.
Be sure and stop by Primitive Gatherings on the 20th and Laundry Basket Quilts on the 21st.


The winner of a Puncuation jelly roll is:

Ralph and Roberta Rabbit were So surprised and excited when they received their tickets for the cruise on the Punctuation Cruise Line!!! They hadn’t had a weekend away from the kids in forever and were much in need of some relaxation. They immediately pulled out the world map to show the little ones where they would be traveling to— Amerijan– a beautiful tropical getaway off the coast of Modaco. Ralph and Roberta couldn’t wait. This would be like a second honeymoon for the couple, complete with the most delicious food on every buffet (even breakfast would be a feast with the most delectible candy bars, jelly rolls, honey buns, layer cakes and turnovers you can imagine!) , opportunities to swim in one of the many refreshing pools onboard, enjoy dancing the night away at the Disco Fever lounge, luxuriate at the spa with full-body massages, manicures, pedicures, mudpacks.. the works!! Roberta instantly began making lists of all the items that she would need to bring (swim suit, ball gown, stilleto heels, brag book with pictures of the babies- because she *knew* she’d want to show them off!-, and of course, her quilting bag to give her somethinig to keep her hands busy during the “just relax”ing times.) Ralph wasn’t as worried about *what* to bring– just as long as he remember to pack his elastic waist pants, because he planned to partake of every good thinig on the ship — and he’d been told that there are always a LOT of good things to be had on a curise with the Punctuation Line! 🙂

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200 thoughts on “American Jane’s Pillow talk

  1. I love the Walrus couple – immediately brought to mind ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ — Lewis Carroll. All the added luggage and the lady with her umbrella, hat and shoes, and he in his bow tie ready to assist his lady. They look like a couple ready to enjoy a cruise (I would love to).

  2. Here is one of my favorite stories:A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump up out of the pit with all their might. The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead. Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died.
    The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again,
    the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die. He
    jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the
    other frogs said, “Did you not hear us?” The frog explained to
    them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the
    entire time.
    This story teaches two lessons:
    1. There is power of life and death in the tongue. An encouraging
    word to someone who is down can lift them up and help them make it
    through the day.
    2. A destructive word to someone who is down can be what it takes
    to kill them.
    Be careful of what you say. Speak life to those who cross your path. The power of words… it is sometimes hard to understand
    that an encouraging word can go such a long way. Anyone can speak
    words that tend to rob another of the spirit to continue in difficult times. Special is the individual who will take the time
    to encourage another.

  3. I think Mrs. Zebra must be very pleased with herself for coming up with such a smart-looking striped (of course) sailor suit for the cruise. I suspect there are more of those outfits, in a variety of colors, in Mr. Zebra’s bag. DARLING QUILT! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Love ALL your animals! I used Noah’s Ark as my baby theme…almost 30 years ago, and I love the idea of this theme for a quilt. My favorite of your animals would be the Froggies. I think he’s going a courtin’ and he’s got his picnic gear for Mrs. Froggy-to-be in his hobo bag. He’s taking his sweetie out for a lunch date!

  5. What a fun quilt and a beautiful pillow.
    Have loved reading about all the designers
    Thanks so much!!

    pam roever at yahoo dot com

  6. I noticed the quails right away. They remind me of me and my husband heading off on our first cruise as a retired couple. Not too flashy, but ready to go and thrilled to be having a great adventure.

  7. I LOVE everything quail and though everything about this quilt is precious, Mr. And Mrs. Quail caught my eye first. They are on their way to board the ship pulling their cart which holds their exercise mats. We all know how fast quail can run so they plan to keep in good shape while cruising.

    What a wonderful piece of art Sandy.

  8. What a neat quilt! I enjoyed Mr and Mrs Frog with Mr Frog carrying the load, lunch and stuff and seeming a to trudge or drag along while Mrs. frog is all excited and carrying a somewhat lighter load. Lovely pillow too.

  9. I love this quilt. I have collected Noah’s Ark stuff for quite a while. I love the Turtles. I think that they are going as fast as they can to make it to the boat on time. They have packed their bags very lightly because, after all, they are packing their whole house on their backs.And, since they are so slow, they will be carrying those bags for quite a while. Mr Turtle is still sure that Mrs Turtle packed nothing but rocks,of course.=)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  10. I enjoyed reading about you and seeing your Noah’s Ark quilt. I think the zebras are especially cute. Mrs. Zebra is saying to Mr. Zebra. “DO you think these stripes make me look fat?” THey have some solids in their bag to make a new dress just in case.

  11. I noticed that Mrs Owl, Mrs Pig and Mrs Walrus actually stopped to put shoes on before they hopped on the ark with the threat of the flood coming. They are most impractical women, however, I have a few shoe diva women in my life life so I will not judge harshly. Tee-Hee. Perhaps they used their beautiful shoes as barter for some other valuable article while on the ark. Perhaps they felt that if this was going to be the end of the world, they might as well go out looking good. Please note that their husbands were too smart to argue about the impracticality of their gorgeous shoes, and their marriages prevailed!

  12. Love your Fabric especially Punctuation! Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit brought along a lot of diapers in their bags on the Ark. Because the Good Lord blessed them with the gift of mass reproduction. I am sure by the time the Ark found land that there were millions of little bunnies running amuck on the Ark.

  13. What a cute quilt! My favorite are Mr. and Mrs. Pig. They’ve been worried sick about their three boys out on their own building houses with that big bad wolf on the loose. This little cruise has been a much needed getaway for them!

  14. I love your happy colors and prints and can’t get enough of them!
    From the joyful looks of those frogs, I am sure they are on their way to the Ladybug’s picnic (where I’m afraid the ladybugs may be lunch!).
    Karen in Breezy Point

  15. I love Ozzie and Harrietta Owl, better know to their family as Grammy and Pop pop as they embark on their first cruise, given to them by their children on their 50th wedding anniversary, see the Golden ticket Pop pop has. Grammy not sure of what the trip will be like had packed her quilt she was working on so she can sit and stitch in the sun.

  16. my favourite is the elegant giraffe couple – i believe they are both well educated (scholars of classic greek texts, maybe) and serious, but still very much in love. it must be one of their first travels together after many years of good work – now they can have few months in peace in some quiet seaside village on some greek island. they chose their favourite months for their vacation, september and october, and had their beautiful coats made especially for the occasion.

  17. I am not a quilter, just a quilt appreciator!! And I really appreciated your Noah’s Ark quilt. The most fun I had was blowing the picture up to find all the different places the animals stuck their tickets – wonderful!!

  18. I like the Giraffe’s looks like they have everything they own in their suitcases. Having such long necks they had to make sure they had extra scarfs. Love your fabrics and patterns.

  19. Such a beautiful quilt…Hard to pick on set of animals they all are so charming… Mr and Mrs Pig are doing a jig….great way to start the cruise…..

  20. I like that all the animals look like they are dancing – DWH and I love to dance and if we were on a cruise we would dance everynight. Everyone is so carefree and happy. Don’t you just love happy? I love this quilt.

  21. Love the Ark quilt. I’m sure the turtles had to start early to make it.”Oh my”, said Tommy Turtle, “We have to hurry”. “You know I am hurrying as fast as I can”, said Tillie. “We certainly don’t want the cruise to leave without us.” “I certainly appreciate the Cruise Director letting us bring our homes with us. You know how I always sleep better in my own bed”, Tommy replied. Jeannene

  22. Mr and Mrs Lion are so happy to be invited on the cruise, you can see them doing the happy dance on the quilt. The Lion’s are graceful dancers, and have been practicing all their best steps for the dance marathon that will take place on the cruise! I think they just might win! (After all, you have to keep busy on a 40 days and 40 nights long cruise, not to mention working off those buffet calories!)

    Such a charming piece of folk art, this quilt. I love it so much!

  23. Ralph and Roberta Rabbit were So surprised and excited when they received their tickets for the cruise on the Punctuation Cruise Line!!! They hadn’t had a weekend away from the kids in forever and were much in need of some relaxation. They immediately pulled out the world map to show the little ones where they would be traveling to— Amerijan– a beautiful tropical getaway off the coast of Modaco. Ralph and Roberta couldn’t wait. This would be like a second honeymoon for the couple, complete with the most delicious food on every buffet (even breakfast would be a feast with the most delectible candy bars, jelly rolls, honey buns, layer cakes and turnovers you can imagine!) , opportunities to swim in one of the many refreshing pools onboard, enjoy dancing the night away at the Disco Fever lounge, luxuriate at the spa with full-body massages, manicures, pedicures, mudpacks.. the works!!
    Roberta instantly began making lists of all the items that she would need to bring (swim suit, ball gown, stilleto heels, brag book with pictures of the babies- because she *knew* she’d want to show them off!-, and of course, her quilting bag to give her somethinig to keep her hands busy during the “just relax”ing times.) Ralph wasn’t as worried about *what* to bring– just as long as he remember to pack his elastic waist pants, because he planned to partake of every good thinig on the ship — and he’d been told that there are always a LOT of good things to be had on a curise with the Punctuation Line! 🙂

  24. After the invitations from Noah and his wife were mailed, everyone invited began to watch the sky. They were all excited and chatting about the tickets, who got them and of course, the weather. The skies were clear the first two days;on the third day clouds changed;everyone noticed the thin whispy thin ones high in the sky. The fourth day brought a steady wind and the clouds piled into one another and grew thicker. On Friday the clouds covered the sky like a thick,heavy weight cotton batting. Friday night brought high winds and no one could see any stars or moon in the darkness. “What will we do?” the animals muttered. “We supposed to leave Saturday night for a cruise. What if there’s a storm or cyclone? Where’s the sunshine?” God had other plans.Noah forgot God’s sense of humor.
    Early Saturday morning after a good breakfast of freshly laid chicken and emu eggs, homemade bread toasted with fresh creamy butter and black cherry jam, which his wife made for him (his fav), Noah went out on his early morning routine of feeding and checking on all the animals (There were a lot by then). Just as Noah was stepping outside, a north wind howled and God changed the weather. Snowflakes came lazily down,then faster and faster soon covering all the green grass. The snow laid a blanket of snow over all the land in a very short time.As the waters started to freeze, Noah smiled up at the heavens. “Thanks, God,” he thought. He was thrilled to have more time to catch another rerun of “The Love Boat” late that night after enjoying another family feast with fresh bread and jam followed by a good night’s sleep in his own warm bed, snuggled in under 3 cozy flannel quilts. The snow kept falling all night; God smiled as everyone learned one more important lesson when all awoke to see large drifts of snow piled up around the ark. They gingerly stepped outside to marvel at the snow and God’s wisdom; everyone clearly heard Noah shout it out:
    “Don’t eat yellow snow!”

  25. I think that Mr and Mrs. Elephant are graduates of the University of Alabama and want to make sure that there is future Elephant mascots at the U of A!! Roll tide! Great quilt!

  26. For some reason the frogs look to me like they’re off to a square dance. The girl frog is carrying her square dance skirt, although I have to wonder how she got a big poofy skirt in that little bag. The boy frog is of course carrying snacks, because snacks are an important part of any gathering of square dancers. Cute quilt, so original! Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. That quilt is one of the cutest thing’s I’ve ever seen … it looks like the quail couple have just hit a quilt store!

    Thanks for the opportunity and the wonderful fabric lines … LOVE them all!

  28. I love pink pigs! (Ask Anne at Bunnyhill!) All I can think of is “To market, to market, to buy a fat pig.” I think they’re on their way “home again, home again, jiggety-jig”!! Look at them a-dancing!!

  29. Mr and Mrs Quail are bringing along their favorite fabrics and quilting supplies. As Mrs Q often says, a family that quilts together stays together!

  30. Stanley and Sara Sheep were on their way to the Ark but it was slow going because Stanley, as usual packed wayyyyy to many clothes for the trip and the cart he had loaded was so very heavy. Sara kept telling him to hurry, she didn’t want to be late because she knew her husband was so slow and usually late. “Oh, baaaaa,” said Stanley. “We’ll make it in time, we always do.” “Please hurry” Sara bleated back, “this could be the trip of a lifetime, on the new floating hotel they call the Ark.” After much pulling & puffing on Stanley’s part, they arrived at the Ark just as the gangplank was going to be lifted.

  31. We are the sheep and we are headed to the Ark, of course. We have our wagon of food, but not sure if it will last long enough. We bring no clothes, we don’t need any we come fully dressed in beautiful wool! We are a bit concerned that they will be taking our beautiful wool to use for themselves but it will grow back – it’s just that it’s been such a cold winter and we get cold when we are sheared. We are happy to give to keep everyone warm – maybe they will make a wool quilt! We hope to enjoy the cruise and arrive safely on land after the great flood! Baa, Baa

  32. Tha ark quilt is adorable! Sandy is SO creative! Thanks for a glimpse of the woman behind the quilts (and fabrics and patterns…)

  33. Mr. and Mrs. Yak are embarking on a cruise to Alaska. Mrs. Yak will be taking quilt classes on their days at sea and Mr. Yak will occupy himself with the scenery. They plan to go whale watching in port and they are looking forward to seeing eagles in the wild. This is the trip of a lifetime for them and they can’t wait for the sailing to begin.

  34. Love the quilt – will come back and read all the stories – see how many people get the same impressions. I loved the Lions. Surely they have researched and found out about the nightlife on a cruise ship. They are looking forward to dancing the night away under the southern stars (must be going to a warm spot this time of year). I look forward to the new collections every season – keep up the good work.

  35. What an adorable quilt! When I look at the letter “O” and see the two owls, I think of grandparents going on a trip to see their grandkids. The grandma owl has a quilt in her bag that is made with lots of love for her family. It brings back many memories of when my grandparents use to come visit us. Thank you for an enjoyable blog and for the wonderful memories.

  36. I decided to use S since that is my first name also…Sandy. The sheep are heading up the ramp of the ship…that is my hubby pulling what should be our luggage but it is mainly fabric with all of the notions and hardware I need to sew. He is such a dear! H said I could just buy new clothes on board.

  37. I suspect that Mr. & Mrs. YAK
    will be taking their PACK
    on a trip down the MERRIMACK
    in their KAYAK on an excursion during the cruise.

    Lovely quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  38. This alphabet and Noah’s ark quilt is absolutely wonderful! I like seeing animals dressed in clothes too 🙂 Not sure I have a great story but I love looking at giraffes and last year I got to take an applique class and stitch a picture of one. I am still amazed looking at it!
    Thanks for the chance to win fabric!

  39. I *love* this quilt, Sandy. All the animals are adorable!! The pigs are DEFINITELY heading straight for the buffet line. Double desserts all week long. 😉

  40. Oooohhh, the frogs! They’re on their way to my oldest daughter’s home. When she was little, she was afraid of frogs so we’ve always teased her about it.

  41. Hi Sandy,
    It was great getting to know you on the cruise. Love your pillow and the free pattern we are all winners now. Mrs.Turtle”Hurry!Hurry!We must get there before Mr&Mrs Rabbit.Lettuce buffet here we come.” Mr. Turtle ” Areee Weee Thereee Yettt..”
    Have a fun day.
    Its cold in ND

  42. How wonderful to be able to live your dream. And how fun to be able to do it on a cruise. I love the rabbits in your quilt. I think they are out for a day in the country. Mr. Rabbit is a very elegant gentleman and loves to wear his top hat and carry his cane. Mrs. Rabbit has a picnic lunch in her bag with lots of lettuce rolls and carrot sticks. She also has a little alphabet quilt to stitch on after lunch while Mr. Rabbit reclines in the shade of an apple tree.

  43. Love your pillow! I grew up in Grand Rapids so have been to the Holland Tulip Festival and always enjoyed it. Noah’s quilt is delightful. Mr & Mrs. Quail are very quiet getting ready for their adventure. I noticed that they were quite quick about getting their quilts packed and ready. Everyone needs a cozy quilt wherever they go.

  44. I love the turtles. They look like they are in a hurry so they won’t be slow and miss the boat. I picture fabric for sewing quilt blocks in Mrs. Turtles bag! What a fun quilt.

  45. Mr. and Mrs. Hare of Hollybrooke Lane were thrilled to find themselves headed off first class on one of the newest Moda lines. Their luncheon was packed and they had both worn their finest spring outing wear. Mr. Basil Hare had even brought his top hat, but then any gentleman of worth would. Mrs. Amaryllis Hare had packed her handwork and her favorite new novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. They had heard the news that there would be many people of high renown aboard and Ms. Beatrix Potter may even make a showing. They hopped aboard in as dignified a manner as two such lowly creatures could, nodding and curtsying as the occasion arose, glad in heart that they were part of such a distinguished group.

    Beautiful quilt. How did you applique the animals and such?

  46. I am the frog with the knapsack on his back heading out into the cornfield when I was eight years old. My sister said “I know something you don’t know” and “it’s the best surprise for you”! Well she knew I was going to the hospital to have my tonsils out and my parents hadn’t told me. I packed up some clothes and some food in a bandanna and headed off to the cornfield to hide. Well, after a few hours, I was hungry, came home, had my tonsils out. The end.

  47. I’m pretty sure Ham’s wife looked at him at about day 38 and said, “I thought we were going to the Caribbean. This isn’t it.” I would have to bet there was a fair amount of griping amongst the wives. They weren’t liking the location or the smells or the food!

  48. This quilt is adorable! I’m sure they are all going to quilt shops or quilt shows! And stopping to eat at all sorts of fun places along the way! They have to pick new fabrics for all the rest of us to buy! I love all your fabric and patterns!

  49. Mr and Mrs Zebra look like newlyweds to me… Perhaps Mr Zebra thought a cruise would be a lovely way to spend their honeymoon. That being said, Mr Zebra looks like he’s having a bit of a hard time convincing Mrs Zebra that the cruise is as safe as houses… perhaps she’s concerned if she gets a little wet her stripes will run?
    Lovely quilt… Love your fabric. Thanks!

  50. Sandy: The kangaroo couple reminded me of my son and daughter-in-law, who just recently had to pack bags and go to the hospital to bring into the world my lovely granddaughter Lila Ann. I can just see the two of them, in their excitement and wonder of the whole process of birth- then packing the tiny baby in the pouch and coming home! Fabulous quilt!! Thanks for sharing!

  51. Ed and Edna Elephant are talking about the room they will have for their trunks!

    The cruise quilt is so much fun, I enjoyed looking at the different pairs and their luggage..

  52. It’s a cute take on Noah’s Ark. The letter that caught my eye was the “B”. The baggage. I always take a lot of stuff when I go anywhere…could you imgine how much they would have to take? Everything!

  53. Quilly & Quincy Quail, from Quebec, saved quarters for quite a quiet trip. Stopping at quilt shops along the way, pulling a quaint wagon of quilts and stash!! They find a long queue of other pairs all boarding the “Awesome Amish Ark”! Their question: Will they qualify to make a quick quilt for the Queen??

  54. Elmer and Elmyra Elephant had waited so patiently for the date of their cruise to arrive. They plodded along though the days until finally it was time to embark and set sail. At last they were going to visit their cousin Babar and his family. With Babar being a king and all they had to pack lots of fancy clothes. Elmyra had several gowns made by her favorite dressmaker and Elmer had his tailor whip up two new tuxedos and some elegant cruise wear. But being very wise elephants they had their wardrobe made at size or two larger, because after all they were planning on enjoying all the wonderful food and dessert buffets on board the ship. And of course they would be attending several gala events in their honor once they arrived at Babar’s.
    They had a wonderful time and being the smart elephants they are, as soon as they arrived home they went immediately to the gym and started working off the weight they gained on their trip. Then they stopped at the farmer’s market for some fresh organic produce and had a lovely salad for dinner.

  55. I love the frogs and I know exactly where they’re going! They’ve packed up for a weekend trip to the City for spring shopping. Since I’m sure that spring is not long away, they need to get some new spring/summer clothes and need a weekend away from the cold and snow!

  56. Mr and Mrs Lion are so happy – -finally something besides meat to eat on this cruise!!! We can graze the buffet and kick up our feet at all of the dances they’re sure to have – no more chasing down supper for us —and no other lion to critize them!!!! Oh Happy times we’ll have. Let’s get onboard and party!!!

  57. Mr. Walrus, Mr. Yak and Mr. Crocodile are sending their wives off for a high society cruise. Mr. & Mrs. Crocodile are laughing becuase he is teasing his wife because he had to sit on her luggage to make the bag close. Mrs. Yak is irritated because her husband said she packed to much. Mr. Walrus doesn’t dare say a word because the wife can do no wrong.

    Really cute!

  58. It was unfortunate, it was sad. Though they had a ticket Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Elephant could not decide what to take on this most important of cruises. As time was ticking, and the elephants were kicking up a dirt storm of words Mrs. Patchilla Elephant wanted to fill half the bag with fabrics and notions for the trip. Cornelius argued for logic and wanted to pack snacks, clothes and toiletries. After nearly missing the “gateway up” last call, they were hustling and bustling up the ramp as happy as could be. Mr. Elephant waving his hat and Patchilla smiling and laughing away. Could it be because half the bag was filled with fabric and notions? or was she just soo happy to have made boarding time. We’ll never know, will we.

  59. The Frog’s, Fanny and Fred are almost giddy with excitement as they sneak away for a few quick moments to themselves. Perhaps they are getting away from the tadpoles for a little while, or just anxious to spend time together. They packed their lunch and blankets and are going to have a picnic in the woods and go for a walk. The look of anticipation on their faces is evidence of their love and enjoyment of spending an afternoon together.
    Nancy L.

  60. Sam & Sheila Sheep are newlyweds. Their honeymoon is going on this cruise for the first time.
    Sheila Sheep gasped in embarassment “Sam I told you I didn’t think this was a cruise for all natural dressware! Turn left there is a restroom where we can change. Good thing I packed some clothes anyway. I think you told me this on purpose”
    Sexy Sam Sheep replied “Yep” as he trodded towards the restrooms with a sheepish grin on his face.

  61. Mr. and Mrs. Kangaroo are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a deluxe cruise. But, as usual, Mrs. K. has overpacked. Mr. K. has everything he needs in one suitcase, but Mrs. K’s suitcase and her pouch are full. He’s not sure why she needs so many pairs of shoes on one trip!


  62. Mr and Mrs. Crocodile are exvited about visiting family in Egypt. They will be touring the Nile River and sunbathing on the riverbank in view of the pyramids. Thanks for the giveaway, your pillow and quilt are gorgeous.

  63. Bill and Zelda Zebra have left their colt with his grandmother, and are on their way to a second honeymoon on tha Moda cruise ship. My, they remember what it felt like to be newlyweds! They are looking forward to sipping water and dining on hay together. Perhaps they will enjoy a stroll on the popular poop deck before it starts to rain!

  64. I think the elephant couple looks like me on my way out of the quilt shop this morning, delighting in my purchases, with husband following behind me patiently!

  65. His beautiful quilt brings to mind the verses of the poet’s Stroller Tadpole Rafael Pombo, which begins:

    Rana’s son, Rin Rin Tadpole,

    came out this morning, very stiff and very nice.

    With shorts, fashion tie,

    Curb hat and waistcoat wedding.

    “Boy, do not go!” Mom yells.

    But he makes a gesture and will plump …

    It’s a bit long to write it all, but I invite you to read it.

    Congratulations on your beautiful blog. Always return.

    Hugs from Colombia.


  66. My favorite animals are the crocodiles…I think they are asking who brought the tickets…you did…no you did…and then “That’s a croc”

  67. The stately and regal Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit, in formal attire, intend to dine at nine in a room so fine. Impeccable habits will they display sipping chilled carrot soup. Silver ladle, Waterford goblets, Limoges china, and crisp linen napkins are tucked away in Mrs. Rabbit’s basket – just in case. The Rabbits expect the utmost in and luxury. The only hesitation they hold is the horrid possibility of being seated too close to a lowly rat or ill mannered cat.

    The quilt is a masterpiece. Happy quilting!

  68. Wow…beautiful quilt and so much wonderful work you put into it! The elephants remind me of the Babar book series. When I was young I felt like I was transported to a different country when I read these…nothing like California! Great memories.

  69. I love the elephants and I think Mrs. Jumbo is very excited to be going home for a visit (to Africa). She’s packed her bag for a long extended stay but Mr. Jumbo thinks it’s only for a short visit. Mrs. Jumbo is thinking of all the fun she’ll have catching up with her sisters, aunts, neices, cousins and mother.

    Though Mr. Jumbo is happy for his wife to be returning home, he’s a little apprehensive about being the only male in a matriarchal society, especially since his mother in law has never really approved of his less than serious views on responsibility.

    This has been a “trip” thank you.
    Gail 🙂

  70. Mr. & Mrs. Bird were all atwitter to go on their first cruise. All their other vacations they had to “wing it” and fly. Because of their nesting instinct they brought their own down bedding. Mr. Bird was overheard tweeting on his iPhone…”I’m hoping it will be a real tweet for my little love bird.”
    I just love your quilt!

  71. I love the Noahs Ark Quilt!!!! I like the pigs in her calico apron and big pocketbook. I noticed they were wearing what looks like wooden shoes. So I, of course, imagine them with Dutch accents and living in a house with blue and white Delft dishes and quilts. They are saying “Yahh good Papa – let’s hurry to be first in line for the buffet. lol Loved the pillow hop!

  72. LOL, cute quilt! The two rabbits remind me of the story of a Momma rabbit who only wanted to be an Easter bunny, she had a LOT of kiddlets and raising them taught her all the things she needed to know, in order to be the best Easter bunny….now here she is on your quilt, getting a well deserved cruise with her hubby…LOL

  73. The Kangaroos sensed that the rain was starting to fall. The galahs and rosellas had all taken flight and moved to higher ground. Mr and Mrs K, packed their bags with Vegemite, Tim Tams and Milo and hopped off as quickly as they could. They joined the Mob down the end of the ridge and made for the mountains before the dams were released. Fortunately, they were safe up on the top of the sandstone outcrops but the poor ark had been scuttled so it would not collapse the Gateway bridge.

  74. Mr and Miss Lion are going to get married on the ark. They are very much in love and are very excited. They can’t wait until the big day. The suitcase has Miss Lion special wedding outfit.
    Lovely quilt, very nice and humouristic.

  75. Noah didn’t invite the Pigs – he’d heard they tended to overindulge at the buffet, and Noah had to consider costs.
    Primrose Pig was distraught at the thought of missing out on the event of the Millenium (as it was being billed). “Don’t worry, pumpkin” said her resourceful husband, Percy “you shall go to the cruise!” The Turtles had touted a couple of passable “tickets” but just to be certain, Percy and Primrose sneaked up the fire exit while all the passengers were celebrating their good fortune, prepared to stowaway for a couple of days.
    “Quick, noone’s looking – and JUMP!” hissed Percy. Primrose held his hand tightly as they flew through the air – her other hand clutching the cavernous bag that contained a few snacks to keep them going until they’d mingled and been accepted……..

  76. Oh how cute! I love the Elephants, I think they were going to visit family in Africa after a long time away. So they packed their trunks full of goodies to share with all their family members back home. I think they packed peanut butter, both creamy and chunky, as well as cookies and cakes and circus peanuts, of course! It’s along journey, so they packed lots! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sandy A

  77. The kangaroos decided that they should have just packed their pouches. They never even used what was in the suitcases. Everyone always overpacks. Kathie L in Allentown

  78. These are so whimsical. The pillow is amazing too. Thanks for the introduction as knew nothing about American Jane prior to this stop on the pillow tour. Here’s the story.
    Frogies Jacques and Jillie hopped to market with their goods to sell Along the way they became hungry and stopped at the pond Jillie told Jacques I am so very hungry and just must eat a snack Jacques said We have to sell these so we can buy fabric from AmJane To which Jillie replied I wont eat all we have to sell So Jillie opened the sack and her longgg tongue flipped here there and everywhere Alas when Jacques looked in the sack all the flies were gone Sadly he said no punctuation today

  79. I like the quail. All dressed up in their Sunday best and carting a load of goodies. Pehaps they have just gone to visit some friends and are bringing them some food and presents. I do hope they have a good time. Thanks!

  80. Are those Yaks for letter Y? I think Mr. Yak is saying to Mrs. Yak : “Do you really need all those bags? We are only going for a week. Look, I have bag.”

  81. Well, it seems to me that Mr. and Mrs Pig are expecting, and not just one baby mind you, they will soon be welcoming 6 little pink piglets into their family. They want the very best for their little ones, so they have boarded this transport to start a new life in the sunny south of France. Packed away safely in Mrs. Pig’s bag is a little outfit for each baby coupled with matching bonnets.
    By the way I’m hording my Breath of Avignon, it’s gorgeous, don’t yet have any puncuation, but would absolutely LOVE to win some!! Thanks for the chance.

  82. What a wonderful pillow and one I might have to make for my MIL. She would cherish it I’m sure; my husband moved to be with me but was born and raise in Holland, MI so he’s VERY familar with the Tulip festival and the Klompen dancers. As a young boy his Mom and he would go dress up and do some things in the parade each year.

    vburr at charter dot net

    I love the quilt. Just adorable. I saw those adorable frogs and right away I coul see Mrs Frog telling Mr Frog as they were cheerfully heading toward their cruise that he did not have to worry if he caught no fish. As she’s always been, this was no different and she was always prepared with other ingredients to make their dinners. You see, Mr Frog just LOVED fishing, but a secret Mrs Frog never let out was that Mr Frog wasn’t always the best fisherman so she had to improvise on her cooking in order to feed the love of her life. But, that’s why Mr Frog loved her so much….she never let out the secret about him not being such a good fisherman and let him continue his stories to his buddies about what a fantastic fisherman he was. It was what kept him happy; that and her wonderful cooking skills, of course.

  83. What a great quilt! I love the story of Noah’s Ark, too, and I love all your animal creations. I think the elephants (Daisy and Lewis) and are on their way to visit their cousin Babar. Having only read and heard of Babar’s exciting travels and escapades, our elephant pair is excited to finally meet their famous cousin, in hopes that they may share in a new adventure with him.

  84. Do you see the scarf around Mr Elephants neck? Well that is to keep Mr Elephant from sneezing. He has hay fever, you see, and the reason he must keep from sneezing is because if he were to sneeze, the mice would lose their tails, the sheep would lose their wool, the hippos would lose their teeth, the frogs would lose their green, the rabbits would lose their hair, the pigs would lose their squeal, the owls would lose their hoots, the kangaroos would lose their pouch, the turtles would lose their shells, the quail would lose their feathers, the lions would lose their roar, the bees would lose their honey, the giraffes necks would twist into a knot, the yaks would be yakless, the walrus would lose their ivory, the zebras would lose their stripes, the alligators would lose their snap, and the people would be in a boat without water. So please Mr Elephant, please DON’T sneeze!

  85. Lovely quilt.
    Mr and Mrs Patchwork Pig are cruising to Holland, they’ve brought their clogs already and Mrs Polly Patchwork pig is very happy as she remembered to bring some applique and patchwork projects to work on in her large bag.

  86. Mr. Quail: We’re going on a CRUISE, not a quilting retreat. Why are you bringing along all these projects?
    Mrs. Quail: I heard the weather forecast from NOAA. They are calling for nothing but rain in the foreseeable future.
    Mr. Quail: You could never finish all of these projects, even if it rained for 40 days and 40 nights!
    Mrs. Quail: Good – you can help me!

  87. Mr. and Mrs. Crocodile are Celebrating by going on a Cruise because they are done paying for their Children to go to College. One Child studied Chemistry at Colgate, one Child studied to be a Chiropractor at Cornell, and the last one studied Calculus at Carnegie Mellon. The Crocodiles are Cheerful and Carefree! The Cruise is taking them to Cancun then on to Caracas. The other Creatures are Considerate, the Cuisine is Creative, and the Captain is Charming. This Cruise is Cool!

  88. I like the frogs — it was cold and windy here today so I’m imagining that they are headed to some place sunny, warm and tropical – with fruity drinks by their sides and sand in their toes! Thanks for a chance to win and have a grand day – Laurie

    llsbaskets at comcast dot net

  89. I think Mr and Mrs Frog are slipping out on a romantic getaway, look at the smiles on their faces. They have finally found a babysitter and are so afraid they are going to wake their darling children. See the little bit of a hurry that appears in their step?

  90. Mr. and Mrs.Lion couldn’t wait to get on the cruise and try out their new dance moves! They had had several lessons and were ready to Promenade on the Poop deck and in the beautifully decorated ball room.

    Mrs. Walrus wasn’t really looking forward to the dancing events.

    After a few drinks, Mr. Walrus was always resigned to show off his signature dance move–the caterpillar. Always a crowd-pleaser but, Oh Dear, did Mrs. Walrus dread it!

  91. This is such a sweet quilt – there are so many I like…the Rabbits, the Turtles, the Quails, but specially the Zebras, holding hands, who are obviously on a second honeymoon. AWWW. Thank you for sharing with us.

  92. Adorable quilt and the giraffes are my favorite. We went on a cruise with my parents and we had _so_much_ luggage! We needed a cart like that giraffe.

  93. I feel the vibrating wind through my feathers as I glide up and around our Ark. My constant mission is to make sure all my fellow animal-couples are safely staying within the ark. When I know this in one circle I then glide past my girl-mate to signal the “all is well outside” sign, as she, too, reports the “inside all is well” back to me. As I glide back up I pass over our master-boat-buider to give him the same signal just as He lifts his hands to wave his thanks. She & I take turns at night, to allow our own needed ‘shut-down’ time. We’ll continue our ark flying mission schedule until the rainy-flood finally stops and all our animal friends safely walk the plank to solid earth once more. Who are She & I? We are the two lovely white Doves flying over the ark’s roof.

  94. Beautiful quilt. I love all the animals. Here’s my story
    Mr. and Mrs. Owl are excited to be going on this cruise because of the night life on the cruise.Being “night owls” they plan to watch over the ship at night. They are the night watchpersons.
    I have liked the story of the flood and have been looking for a baby quilt on the story. Is there a pattern available for this quilt?

  95. Mr. and Mrs. pig are so happy to be going on the cruise of Noah’s Ark for their anniversary. They are so much in love after all these years and they will have a great time! love your pillow

  96. Larry and Lisa Lion are doing a happy dance as they embark on a journey to see their first grandcub, little Leslie Lion. Of course, they have a beautiful quilt packed in their bags to wrap the little bundle when they arrive.

  97. Sandy let me blather on to her in her booth at the International Quilt Festival, smiling, while my sister chatted with her husband. It was a fun thing! Love the Dutch inspired pillow and the whimsical Noah’s Cruise Ship quilt!

  98. Forgot to say something about the animals! I like Mrs. and Mr. Quail. He’s a dutiful companion, toting her rolls of fabric while she carries her sewing workbasket. Inside she has cherished pincushions and scissors fobs made for her by the Quail Quilt Guild members; she was president last year, but stepped down so she could devote more time to making quilts for her grandbabies. Mr. Quail is quite proud of her skills.

  99. The little girl froggy is skipping her way to the LQS with the cutest little bag on her arm. And she is thinking, “Maybe I should have brought my Moda bag from quilt market!

  100. Your pillow pattern is lovely.
    I think that Mr & Mrs Edward elephant were delighted when they received their ticket. They skipped onto the ark, relieved that they would not have to learn how to tread water.

  101. Poor Mr. Hippo, he is always waiting on Mrs. Hippo. She spent all afternoon packing the perfect outfits. He waited and waited. Finally she had everything packed. When she made it to the door Mr. Hippo gave her a kiss. She asked him if he was ready and with the biggest smile he could muster he waved the big blue ticket.

    Thank you for the give away!

  102. G is for Giraffe, and not Mr. and mrs. Giraffe, but brother giraffe and sister giraffe (because my soon has this stuffed giraffe that barely looks stuffed anymore that he must sleep with every night that he got the day he was born, he is 6 now and my 4 year old has one too, a little stiffer, but still much loved). Brother and sister giraffe, heard lots about Noah and how much he loved God and obeyed what God asked him to do, that when they received their invitation it was a no brainer that they would DEFINATLEY be attending the first cruise! They would certainly grow closer to God which would make their parents so proud! They would stick together through all the “rough waters” of life and be there for each other til the end! lissaneyhartpc@yahoo.com

  103. The handsome and loving Owl couple are ready to go, but Mr. Owl is worried about Mrs. Owl being able to walk far in her beautiful high heels and ask her “are those shoes are okay for walking or should we fly for a while dear?” They lived a long and happy life having many many owl babies.

    what an adorable quilt!
    thanks so much for a chance to win

    Happy Sewing

  104. Your pillow is beautiful! Your Noah’s Ark quilt is something to behold. What an amazing job you did. I think that Mr. and Mrs. Elephant are getting ready to go on a nice trip. Perhaps they will take a nice cruise on a really big ship where they will meet a lot of their friends. Not sure where they’re planning to go, but I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time.

  105. Sandy, this quilt is amazing! I would like to imagine that the animals are taking a cruise to Hawaii – or some other warm place I’d like to be right now! Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. Mr and Mrs Giraffe are just beginning their vacation. As with every vacation planning has taken place, and now they will relax and enjoy their stay on the ark. I hope they have sea legs, as I am not sure that they know their ark will be at sea for many a day. Ah, the adventures we face as we go thru life.

  107. I love these animals and so would my grands. The frogs have travelled from the Farmland swamp to the party and will be dry for awhile and then back to the swamp.
    Hope to get the alphabet.

  108. I can’t decide whether I like the elephants or the yaks best–I’ll take them both! Love your pillow, too! I have no grandchildren; I’ve borrowed my sister’s two great-grandsons to quilt for. This summer, they will turn two and three. An alphabet quilt would be just perfect for them!

  109. I love the quails and wonder if they are going over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house. They are always in such a hurry.

  110. It looks to me as if the lions have eyes only for each other. I imagine they are happily anticipating another shared adventure, and that their love and enthusiasm would make everyone else’s voyage a bit cheerier.

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  111. Mr Frog said to Mrs. Frog lets get out of here before the rain comes. Mrs. Frog says what is rain. Mr. Frog says I don’t know but we are going on the 1st cruise in history. So they go and live happly after.

  112. I love the elephants! Eletants(his pronunciation) are my grandson’s favorite animal right now. I would like to think that I could pretend to be “Nana” elephant going to California to see my grandson. Hey, maybe he could pretend to be an elephant too!

  113. The quilt is absolutely amazing! I just love the frog pair, her big smile is just so happy! I imagine Mrs. Frog is just thrilled to be heading out for some special time with Mr. Frog, and she brought her favorite luggage full of her fashionable outfits! Mr. Frog is smiling because it’s been a while since he’s seen Mrs. Frog this cheery. In his tote, Mr. Frog brought along his favorite comfortable clothes, and in the small handbag, he’s brought a special picnic lunch, because who knows if the ship will serve fresh fly sandwiches!

  114. Mr. Mouse is ready to go, he travels light. Mrs. Mouse told him to pack for himself for the trip, so he obliged. He packed his toothbrush, a dinner jacket, and a lump of his favorite stinky cheese. It is vacation, after all. Mrs. Mouse is more of a “pack rat.” It’s not really her fault. She has never been on a cruise before, and has no idea how to dress. It would be terrible to get on board and not be able to fit in with the other passengers. Now that they are boarding, she is glad she came prepared. Look at how elegant the Rabbits and the Crocs are! If Mr. Mouse would just help her carry the luggage, she would be prepared to mingle with just about everyone. Something tells her that Mr. Mouse and Mr. Frog are cut from the same cloth….

  115. It was nice reading a little about your life. Our family spent 3.5 years in Cairo, Egypt in the mid 90’s. It’s so wonderful to be able to experience a different culture and really learn what it means.

  116. How cute to have you do this pillow talk in person! It’s like a double pillow talk, one for Sandy, and then some insight into your friendship! 🙂

  117. I love, love your darling pillow and quilt. Quails are my favorite birds and we have a covey living in our pine tree. Their little topnotch is so darling the way it bobs up and down as they walk. The male bird always watches from a higher point of vantage to protect the female and their little ones. Here’s my story about them. Quida and Qualter Quail were really excited to go on the cruise and they were surprised that they received tickets. It was a dream come true. Quida knew that if it rained long enough to cover the whole earth (40 days and 40 nights) that it would take much longer for all that water to evaporate and dissipate. She didn’t want to be without enough fabric to keep her busy during the long months on board so she left all her clothes and toiletries at home so she would have enough room for her quilting supplies. Qualter couldn’t believe how much stuff she had so he bought a cart and helped her pack her sewing machine in the bottom and several bolts of fabric on top. He didn’t complain because he knew that “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” and quilting is what makes her happy–and when she’s happy–she makes sure Qualter is happy, too.

  118. I have loved the whole blog hop over this Pillow Talk but this has to be my favorite stop yet!! Your pillow is very pretty but I LOVE your quilt!!!

    My hubby and I collect North Carolina pottery from the western part of the state. We are trying to collect a pig or set of pigs from every potter that we collect from.

    Pigs are very dear to my hubby’s heart so we eat very very little pork. If I didn’t like bacon so well, we wouldn’t eat it at all…but we limit bacon to 2-3 times a month. sometimes less than that…

    We have always said we would love to have a pair of miniature pot bellied pigs as pets…They would be named Porky and Petunia…so with that in mind…and I know you can guess which of the animals is my favorite…

    The pigs!!! and their story would go like this…

    Porky is pulling Petunia along telling her to hurry up!! You are late everywhere we go and I don’t want to miss our cruise!! Pick those feet up Petunia! One in front of the other…Come along now… I smell homemade rolls and I am hungry!! oink oink!!! 🙂

  119. Hi, loved your blog, fun to find out about Moda designers (favorite fabric). All I can think of is nursery rhymes or songs when I look at the pix. Elephants: Christopher Columbus now what do you think of that, a big fat elephant sat upon my hat, my hat she broke, now what’s the joke? Christopher Columbus now what do you think of that? Something I remember singing as a kid. Don’t know where this came from?

  120. Love the whole quilt. It looks like Mr and Mrs Mouse are talking about their luggage. Mrs Mouse says: Are you going to help me with the bags. Mr Mouse replies: If you need to take all this quilting stuff and fabric with you, you can hold them yourself, I have my cheese right here in my tote.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Alda, Fl

  121. I love the elephants. They look like they are going on a big adventure. She has the winning ticket! They have their luggage and they are off for parts unknown! Thanks for creating and sharing.

  122. Hi Sandy, thanks for sharing such a wonderful quilt. the frog couple caught my eye right away. They are off on a fun adventure to some tropical location with the added advantage to dip into a pool now and then.

  123. Hey! People! We just flew over land. Go a little more starboard. People! Can you hear us cooing? Don’t make us drop the olive branch to get your attention.

  124. I’m such an American Jane fan. I’m working on a Recess yoyo quilt at the moment and am so sad that it’s now so hard to come by an yardage in that line.

    Clever and detailed animal quilt. Pigs …

    “This little piggie went to market. This little piggie stayed home. This little piggie had roast beef and this little piggie and the last little piggie packed up their best vacation clothes and skipped off to a cruise ship and then they laughed and reminisced … allllllllll the way home – and brought home souvenir quilts for their hapless family who were stuck at home .”

  125. A cruise? Facinating to meet Jane, without a blog, that must save alot of time every day. I am Catholic & your wee Noahs ark is so adorable :>) reminds me of many bible stories I created in my mind.
    Such creative work.

  126. so cute,reminds me of so many night of reading books with my children. I see sooo much in every look..\
    Lok this blog so much to read..
    great idea a sales rep blog? a sire with all thats new and what to do! I lvoe what I have just browsed thru

  127. Mr and Mrs Yak received their invitation and Mrs. Yak began the conversation we all know as yakking. She was concerned that she not have the perfect clothes so she picked her favorite dress with matching coat. Mr Yak would wear the very best jacket he owned. The more nervous she got the more she yakked.

    She asked Mr Yak repeatedly if he had the invitation, did he remember to pack everything, were they on time, did she look all right. She yakked and yakked and yakked until Mr. Yak finally said that he loved the way she yakked, he loved the way she looked and most of all that she was perfect for him in every way and she didn’t need to worry what anyone else thought about her.

    They headed off with new found confidence for a wonderful trip with Noah on his ark.

    I bet you always wondered why that constant stream of chatter was called yakking – well now you know.

  128. Oh Gosh!!! I adore this quilt, it is just wonderful. I wrote a lengthy story about the two little mice Abigale (she didn’t like to be called Abby) and Phineas (who like to go by Phin). I’ll try once more as the first version disappeared when I hit the preview button *sigh*. So here goes…Two mice on Noah’s Ark, Abigale and Phin (short for Phineas) had three dear friends who were blind and had lost their tails in an unpleasant incident with a ‘farmers wife with a carving knife’. They had known these friends for years, and taken care of them while they recovered from the loss of their tails. They found out their friends Tom, Dick and Harriet were not going to be on the Ark, but due Abigale’s tears of grief, Noah told Phin that he and Mrs. Noah would be way from their look out post for lunch. Well, the two little mice ran to find their dear friends, waiting at the end of the ramp, hoping against hope they would be saved. Abigale and Phin took their hands and carried all three of the “seeing eye beetles” to allow them to run as fast s they could. While hiding the three blind friends and their seeing eye beetles, Abigail and Phin were attacked from behind and their tails were cut off. Tom, Dick and Harriet of course couldn’t see who the attacker was … but other witnesses, the giraffes, the rhinoceros and platypus all said they had seen a middle aged woman in an apron, running way with what appeared to be a carving knife in her hand. Though she was never found, there were no more attacks. BUT, after the Ark was afloat, every Sunday, each creature on the Ark, often saw five little mice, three, blind, with no tails, dressed in clean but worn clothes, walking with the aide of seeing eye beetles (named Pop, Pip, and Fritz)…and the other two dressed in their Sunday best with bulky bandages on their bottoms where once their tails had been. In spite of their problems, they were always smiling because they were with the friends they loved so much. Noah, and Mrs. Noah both knew there were three too many mice on board but the smiles on the little faces of the mice made it all worth while. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it! LOL

  129. I love the pigs. She has a bag full of cookies and quilting books with her. I have been known to travel with cookies and quilting books myself…so I relate to her.

  130. Cute quilt! My daughter would want me to write about the giraffes, but the mice remind me of myself. I’ve NEVER been know to be a light packer and I’m very organized… so, I can just hear Mrs. Mouse saying, “Hold on! Did we get everything? Do we have the tickets? Rain jackets? Umbrellas? What about sunscreen? Eventually the sun will come out! Now, who’s going to help me with all this luggage?!” Mr. Mouse just has the bare essentials and is telling his wife to hurry or they’ll miss the boat. She’s trying but no one seems to understand that she has packed for EVERYONE! Toothpaste, shampoo, flashlights, and on and on. They all take for granted that momma mouse is watching out for them. Sure she could pack light if it was just her… okay, maybe not! But would someone please just help with the suitcases?!

  131. I went to the animal fair. The birds and the beasts were there. The big baboon, by the light of the moon, was combing his auburn hair. The monkey, he got drunk, and sat on the elephant’s trunk. The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees. Now what became of the monk?

  132. Love the animal quilt!

    The first thing that caught my eye were the quail. Mr. Quail does not know that she has sneaked into their luggage several fat quarters, her scissors, fancy threads, etc as someone needs to keep up the quilting tradition!

    I also loved he walruses as my guess is she’s fussing did they forget everything. He’s going yes dear as he’s trying to carry the heavy bags. She’s also worried if they brought enough sun screen!

    The elephants are a hoot as they are obviously rushing to the boat so that they can be the first at Karaoke! Can’t you just see them being first in line for all of the fun activities?

    The giraffes are very dignified and are looking forward to having dinner with the captain of the ship.

    Mr. Rabbit is planning on putting on a magic show later that night and Ms. Rabbit is making sure that she has her costume ready as she is going to have to jump out of that dang hat again.

    I think I’ll stop for now though it’s been a lot of fun telling their stories. 🙂


  133. Hi Sandy – great post (thanks Moda Lissa for hosting) – my story follows:

    Mr and Mrs Zebra are going on the cruise to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Mrs Zebra wanted to go on a cruise for their honeymoon but unfortunately the money didn’t stretch that far so Mr Zebra decided to surprise his wife with this cruise for their anniversary.

    They are still so much in love and intend to do as little as possible and spend some quality lovin’ time together – which with six kids is always a bit hard to do !

    They are a little concerned about spending time on the water as they really are land lovers but figure as long as they have each other they will be fine.

    Mr Zebra is giving last minute instructions to the babysitter while Mrs Zebra is checking out Mrs Alligator’s gorgeous coat and hat and wondering if she has remembered to bring her hat!

    thanks for that little “challenge” it was fun !

  134. My story is about the pigs and their shoes, which are very uncomfortable. The pigs are so excited to kick off their shoes and cruise. Hopefully the cruise will go to a sandy beach where the pigs can walk bare foot together hand in hand. The end.

    I love your fabrics – so happy and bright. Well done.

  135. Mr. & Mrs. Sheep (Merino Sheep and Leicester Sheep, or Lei for short) are looking forward to sun baaaa-thing when the rain stops. In the meantime, they’ll be frequenting the grass baaaa-r and enjoying spa treatments (except for the sauna!).

  136. Mr. and Mrs Giraffe are all dressed up and ready for a wonderful adventure but, they’re also really concerned about their accommodations.
    “Are you sure they will put us on a cabin with a very tall ceiling, Honey? Or do you think we might have to stay on the deck?”

    I’m waiting for my first block of the month to make this quilt. Should get it any time on the mail!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. Mr & Mrs Frog are going for a picnic after a very long time.
    Mrs Frog : I am so excited & and happy today, Let’s Hurry up! Why are you so slow?
    Mr Frog : hmmm… you will know, If you try to carry this and walk.

    Thanks for the chance!

  138. K is for Kangaroo, and for Kathleen – me! It’s my birthday, and so the kangaroos have packed their quilting supplies in their handy pouches – and have their party frocks in their suitcases. Altho, I do believe that mr kangaroo is carrying the trusty sewing machine in his bag – leaving mrs. kanga plenty of room for fabric gifts that she will buy herself for her birthday from the many wonderful vendors on said ship. Happy Day!

  139. Mr and Mrs Lion are very excited to be getting away Dom the den for the first time since the cubs were born. The children have been left in the living hands of their aunts. Mrs Lion is looking forward to dancing the nights away then sleeping away the day in the sun.

  140. Oh, Mr & Mrs Pig are on their way to market, of course! But first Mrs. Pig has to stop at her favorite quilt store to purchase fabric for her next quilt. Mr Pig is happy to oblige……only in a fairy tale.

    Love your stuff – Mahvelous!

  141. Katie & Kenny Kangaroo are heading off on their adventure of becoming new parents to the little one that Katie is carrying in her pouch. This is this first trip since the little one has arrived & they are so excited to be getting away & relaxing. They can’t wait to lay around in the deck chairs & visit with all of the other new parents.

  142. Such a cute Noah’s ark, you are amazing! The First cruise ship ever…that’s right! I guess I’ve never thought about it that way. I wish I could see your quilt in person. Thanks for sharing!

  143. Mr. and Mrs. Giraffe are very excited and a little bit nervous to be going on their first cruise. They are putting on a bit of a show for the other passengers though – notice how calm they appear, walking slowly with their heads held high (very high). Now and then as they wander along the deck, you may catch Mr. Giraffe slyly winking at his lovely young bride as she quietly giggles. Doesn’t she look pretty in pink? They are newlyweds you know and this is their honeymoon. It’s quite obvious actually, as you will often find them standing quietly together on the aft deck in the moonlight… necking.

    Such a sweet quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  144. Frog went a courtin’
    He did go mm hm mm hm
    Frog went a courtin’
    He did go, she had her fabric and he had her thread, they went home and made a quilt for their bed..
    mm hm mm hm….

    And her fabric was Moda of course…

  145. Oh, no! I forgot my story about the Noah’s Ark animals. Mr. & Mrs. T.H. III Walrus are contemplating if they have all the luggage they need. Lovey, of course, can think of more outfits she would love to wear on the 3-hour cruise, but all Thurston sees is the number of bags he will have to transport onboard. He wasn’t as wise as Mr. & Mrs. Owl who were the only ones to buy luggage with built-in wheels! In the end the Howell’s agree to one piece each with an additional cooler for fish snacks and an umbrella in case of rain. So this is the tale of the castaways, they’re here for a long, long time. For 40 days they’ll make the best of things, ’cause this is the end of my rhyme! The end. 🙂

  146. All of the animals couples are darling… I can see where it would be hard for a little one to have a hard time falling asleep under this quilt… they would want to be looking at the quilt all the time!
    They are all sooo hard to choose from… so cute! But the couple that I want to write about it the little mouse couple; She is telling him that if they don’t hurry that they will get stuck down in baggage… and well, we all know that those aren’t the best accomadations! She is hurrying him along also so that she can get to the quilting bee she has heard sooo much about on the leado deck!(have no clue how to spell that!) What with all these animals… there may not be room for her and her little portable sewing machine!

  147. I love your pillow. I think all of the animal couples are heading to the ship to go somewhere warm! After this winter in the Midwest, even the animals want to go to the beach.

  148. Well I did visit Sandy’s web page ut could not fu=ind her pillow so it is great to see it here Looks like the animals are dressed to the nines in all of these pics. thanks for sharing!

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