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When I first heard of this ruler, my first thought was REALLY????
 Who needs a ruler for binding?
The answer is EVERYONE.
This is a fantastic tool. Cut and sew binding as you normally would.
This ruler helps with measuring and joining the 2 ends of the binding.

FACTOID: Judges at many of the major quilt shows will run their hands along the edges of a quilt. They feel for a consistent, even binding. This means having batting in the binding and also that the seams are joined with a bias seam. The judges also look for a flat even binding. The binding tool helps with all of these prize winning atributes. The instructions are printed right on the ruler.

(blue paper is a protective coating- it peels right off when you buy your ruler. The Ruler in the demo is clear.)

1. Sew on your binding leaving a 12″ opening. You will need a 10″ tail on each side.

2. But the flat edge of the tool up where you stopped sewing. Bring the binding over the top of the tool and mark as indicated.

Rotate the ruler 180 degrees and repeat with the binding on the other side.

3. Open the binding, laying the right side up and cut from the marks you made. Use the tool to make your cuts, be sure to cut the 1/4″ straight line also.

4. Sew ends together. Press seam open. This works perfect every time.

 Notice how the edge of the ruler has the point trimmed off. If you cut the point off your fabirc also they line up wonderfully. (sorry for the busy picture)

TIPS: Make sure the words on the ruler are always right side up. This will help keep the ruler going in the correct direction.
Mark with a pencil and double check the angles before cutting.
Make sure you mark where th line is on the ruler not the tip of the ruler.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video must be with a million.
Visit Missouri Star Quilt co. for a How-to video.

Check out Missouri Star for an additional video using this ruler. We were so inspired by it that we have created a pattern handout for your use.

I am making one from assorted jelly rolls. No sashing for me. Love it!! Can’t wait to make one with bright fun fabrics also.

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