MODA– in style, fashionable
PILLOW- (throw pillow) small pillow for decoration: a small decorative pillow placed
on a couch or an armchair
TALKto reveal information, especially when being pressured to do so
Welcome to the  Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop!

Those of you that attended the Moda schoolhouse during Quilt Market fall 2010, you had a chance to see some of the moda designers show off their PILLOWCASE CHALLENGE. Each of the designers were challenged (by me) to make a pillow that describes them. It could be their design process, their history of textiles or just as simple as something that makes them happy. The definition above for talk seemed fitting since I did pressure them to talk about themselves and stand up in front of people.  The pressure has continued because now I have asked them some intriguing questions. They are going to reveal some answers during their “Pillow Talk”.  I promise nothing to risque. Oops, I can’t promise anything with this bunch of gals except that you will WANT to follow along. 

Find out about their current fabrics, patterns and other projects and….. 

Just one of the questions the moda designers will be answering during the blog hop…..
How many nights
have you or
spouse spent on the couch? 

 This will also give you the opportunity to follow all of their blogs, join them on twitter or just be entertained.

Beginning February 1, zip over to the UK to hear from Aneela Hoey.
Feb 2.  Visit the charming ladies from  Blackbird Designs.
Feb 3  Jan Patek is sure to entertain.
Feb 4th Hop on over to Anne Sutton and visit Bunny Hill Designs.
Feb 5th Cotton Way will be featuring some of her wonderful projects.
Feb 6th Joanna from Fig Tree has it all buttoned up.
Feb 7th  Kansas Troubles will amaze us all with her warmth and hospitality.
Feb 8th  Find out what Kate Spain has to share. Any pillow talk secrets?
Feb 9th Kathy Schmitz has something wonderful stitched for you.
Feb 10th Camille Roskelley wants some pillow time (sleep) after having a new baby in the household.
Feb 11th  Me and My Sister will energize you with the creativity oozing out of every orifice of their body.
Feb 12th  Hear what these two retired librarians (Minick and Simpson) have to show and tell.
Feb 13th  Liesl from Oliver+s has been so busy creating fun stuff.
Feb 14th Sandy Gervais, the queen of hearts, is featured today.
Feb 15th Lauren and Jessi Jung , one of our mother and daughter teams.
Feb 16th Sweetwater is so-o-o-o inspiring.
Feb 17th  Visit this noted historian who probably can tell you when pillows were invented.
Feb 18th Deb Strain has just joined the blog world. Stop by to see her creations.
Feb 19th Join American Jane back here to talk about her design inspiration.
Feb 20th Primitive Gatherings is joining in on the fun as our newest moda designer.
Keep your calendar open just in case we have a few more people designers joining our pillow talk.

I hope you enjoy their playful humor, casual anecdotes, and stories from childhoodas they speak through their pillow and design. (especially while being pressured to do so! )

Here is some randomness. Did you know that April 4th is official pillow fight day?
Have a million pillowcase event in your store to celebrate this national holiday.
 no fighting please!!!

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  1. DEB STRAIN doesn’t have anything on her age, all you get is a message to come back another time …… & to sign up for email updates…… how do we see her design

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for all the fun that “Pillow Talk” has provided for me! Meeting the designers was especially great and I have bookmarked several that I especially liked. You have a great set of people working for you … no wonder Moda has been my favorite fabric since I started quilting!


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