Moda Certified-Happiness is Quilting

Is this a great name for a shop or what? Happiness is Quilting is located in the quant historic town of McKinney, Texas. Laura Kay was one  of the first stores to send in a picture of her “moda Certified” team.

We will be posting pictures to our Facebook and Twitter accounts along with a link back to you store when you send a picture of you or your staff. If you are not moda certified yet, click on the red moda certifed button and fill out the questionaire. Please send your pictures to Include store name, names of people in the picture, web adress or any other pertinent information.
I wonder if Laura has T-shirts. I think the world needs a Happiness is Quilting t-shirt!

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One thought on “Moda Certified-Happiness is Quilting

  1. I visited this shop this summer and it was very inspirational! The employees were very friendly and helpful, the building was great fun and their fabric collection was absolutely wonderful! Shaula

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