The Lollipop Tool

Lollipop by Sandy Gervais will be in stores in October.

Halloween candy is in stores now! Print this front and back on colored paper or take it to Kinko’s and print it two sided on colored card stock. Punch two holes across the top and insert a Lollipop of your choice. (My choice-Tootsie Rolls in Halloween colors)

Click the link to see all 13 ways to use your lollipop tool.
Here are the first seven:

The Lollipop Tool

The newest tool for quilters!
Here are 13 ways to use your Lollipop Tool!
1. Stiletto: Hold the ball in the palm of your hand and use the stick as an extension of your finger when
sewing at the machine.
2. Temporally, water soluble, adhesive. Just lick it and stick it!
3. Emergency piece of freezer paper for applique.
4. Thread Spindle: Break off the stick and use as a emergency replacement on your sewing machine.
5. Hera Marker: Use the tool as a stylus. Draw your design on the fabric.
6. Pressing Tool: Leave the wrapper on if you don’t want your pieces to get “sticky.”
7. Wrapper makes a great bookmark.

This is also great to use at Valentines!

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